What do you do in real life? (profession/occupation)

Let’s get to know each other on a level beyond video games.

I’ll start:

I’m working a basic part-time job in sales while I am in college to stockpile some cash. I also do freelance web design which is GREAT for some side cash but the competition is stiff-as-fuck.

After I graduate (soon), I will be going into the advertising field.

Note: you don’t have to share anything you’re not comfortable with. Company names, exact cities, your salary, etc.

Im a metal fabricator. I make metal fittings that go around insulation

If I might ask, what country are you from?

Here in the US, trades pay very well. I know guys who went to school for years and fought in the cut-throat business world for fancy titles like “Account Executive” or “Project Manager” and their salary isn’t too much more than another guy I know who does a trade in “Underwater Welding”.

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Im from the US. I actually haven’t been to any school for it and i make pretty decent salary. Much better then my old job. Same hours every week and just the best owners

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I graduated business school a few month ago, and is currently unemployed and looking for work at a men’s clothing store :confused:

But! My hobby/side job as a magician allows me to have a bit of income.
I’m currently booked for a show on September 2nd :open_hands: Hope to be able to do it full time one day, but that’s way in the future!


Retail slave



Thanks for bring up traumatic memories from my 2-year slog at Walmart.

I left high school at 18 and went straight to work as a Hotel night porter. I did 7 years in the same place in a 3 star Hotel and then went to a 4 star superior Hotel (had one huge luck here) ended up becoming a secretary.
Well after 8 years I’m still doing this job and I love it.

If I had to choose another profession I would had loved to work in a factory. You have free days, payed holidays and don’t have to deal with peoples shit.


In a supermarket retail chain the past 10 years, supervisor the past 2 years,
although my pay is still a measly 9.48 euro an hour D’X

EDIT: Actually @badeaguard I’ve been told by tons of customers and family and friends to get involved
in hotel work, particularly anything involved with guests or at the front desk, thought about it :confused:

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Don’t expect a high salary in the front desk. I have a decent pay because 1) I work nights and 2) I have no free nights/days so this adds the €.
A waiter or a bartender makes a lot more adding tips which they do make a lot (from 100€ a week to 600€ a month). Another good part about the Hotel industry (at least here in Italy) is that you work seasonal.
For example. I work from December to May, then from June to mid September. This gives me 3 months of holiday lets say. When I’m not working the state/province pays me 60% of my salary for those months that I’m at home. These money comes from taxes my boss payed for me or something like that.

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I’m a waste of space


An old similar thread. Just in case a link here so, both things can be shared.


i shoot birds at the airport


I’m a struggling student.

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I stayed at a Holiday Inn Express last night.




I’m a C-5M mechanic. I change electrical components.


I work in a college, as a janitor, even though I feel like I’m smarter than most of the people that go there. Sometimes, I’ll see and equation, like half an equation, written on the blackboard, and I’ll just… Figure it out.


Sounds like you just need someone to help you find yourself

Oh wait nvm wrong joke…was thinking of finding Forrester.

you talking about Good Will Hunting


Nah, this sounds an awful lot like the plot of Good Will Hunting

Well, anyways… My best friend is Ben Affleck…