What do you do in real life? (profession/occupation)



I play el hitmano


I am chickenthrower. Before a jet engine is greenlighted, I have to make sure it can deal with minor objects in the air, possibly getting sucked into the engine. So I throw live chickens in the air, and the engine sucks it up. If the engine keeps working, he’s greenlighted.

No jet engine can handle a goose, so in the Netherlands, gooses are being caught and end up being gassed to death.


I hunt Cats that killed their owners, especially fat ones.


I’m killing people for money.


Do you have a website? Or can I order in the privat chat?


I’m a student who occasional tries to make a bit of cash by doing part time catering and waiting work.


I was an unhappy employee in a bus company, untill 3 months ago. I was dismissed and now I’m happily without a job. I’m only work as a journalist in a local newspaper. Nice job but I have only a too little retribution… I’m looking something else, as a journalist, and in the meanwhile I’m studying to be able to run other ways. I’m studying game design and I’m trying to write a book


Can I join?


I’ll ask my boss.



Interesting topic I guess. I’m the European Project IT Manager & Coordinator for a logistics company. Climbed from 1st line support when I was 16 over the past 4 years.


Really? You’re best friend is Ben Affleck? That is some coincidence.


I push buttons


There’s so many…I would need to see what each one does.


I’m from Ariona, I work in a kitchen as a line cook.
The kitchen knife is my tool of trade. Suffice to say that in any Hitman mission containing a restaurant or kitchen my assassination fantasy will take on a whole new meaning the moment 47 takes the chef coat.


22, managment graduate, used to work as an assistant manager at an IT firm. Now, i’m looking for a job, just to pay my bills. My true passion is in making music and video games :blush:


Websites and chats are for friends, so I don’t need one.

But to be serious, in one week I’m starting to be a student of acting school in Polish city -
Cracow. Can’t wait to learn what I love doing the most and prepare to entry exams in Drama Schools in Poland. :blush:


Enough joking with your acting school, how can I order you?


You just turn everything up to 11 and the magic happens :wink:


I get these weird phonecalls telling me to go places and take care of a few… chores.
I would like to quit my job, but let’s just say you don’t want to disobey their orders…

I work in a supermarket, I mostly check for expired product all day long. Boring. :chicken: