What do you do when your're bored?

What do you do when you’re bored?

I figured I’d make this for those who are bored, and then they come to this forum looking for interesting topics, so share what you do when you’re bored so others can get some ideas.

For me, I start a game, then instantly close said game, then start YouTube, I look around but YouTube just recommends the same old boring crap, including stuff I don’t watch. I then proceed to Discord, and when all hope is lost I resort to the worst possible thing imaginable to

physical activity

Not like sports though. More like…

Poking a piece of styrofoam tons of times with a toothpick until it produces a glorious, bumpy and lumpy surface.

Yes I’m weird ik.

edit: I also just eat when there is nothing else to do, TMI, I know.

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Yeah that about sums it up and I cook and do home improvements. Sometimes I take things apart that are working perfectly fine just to see what makes them tick.


I just don’t get bored anymore. As a kid I would but now there’s just so much to do that if I’m not playing one of the hundreds of games I own I’ll watch YouTube,Netflix,Amazon,Twitch. All with hours more content than I could ever possibly watch.
If there’s still nothing to watch there’s hours upon hours of podcasts about subjects I’m interested in to listen to released everyday.

Then there’s books & music.

All that before I even get to drawing, playing guitar, playing an old fashioned board game or cards or dominoes.

Then there’s social stuff like talking to a friend, seeing family.

I guess I’m fortunate to not have to deal with boredom.

Plus when you add in work & house work & spending time with my partner I’ve no time left.


If we are talking about stuff at home, I usually watch youtube/netflix, and play video games (which lately it has been exclusively H2). Out of the house, it is either going to the movies or going for a run.

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I mostly go to a cafe or something, get a coffee and just chill and look at ppl lol :joy: Or I go shopping but turns out this bores me now as well. Been rare tho that I have time to be bored nowadays :thinking:

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I only ever get bored at work sometimes. Can’t very well play games here, can I?

So I come to post and read stuff on HMF and browse news sites.

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Bored? That’s my default mood and thus i have no issue with it. I’m always on my laptop doing boring, useless shit like surfing the internet, creating retarded videos, playing games, and sleeping.