What do you drink while gaming?


I like myself some turkish black tea or coffee with no sugar and actually have been thinking of getting one of those thermos mugs because they get very cold very fast.
So, what do you drink?


Pepsi Max


peppermint tea or ice tea.


Nothing, can’t get distracted. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Energy Drinks mostly the Green Monster or a standard cheap Energy drink. That said 90% of time it just plain old tap water, I only drink 1-2 Energy Drinks on the weekends when playing with friends.





i drink water to live


Coffee and soda but I’m trying to switch to water and tea in general. Harder said than done tho :neutral_face:


A medium dry martini, lemon peel. Shaken, not stirred.


Either some flavor of Crystal Light, Arizona Tea or ice cold water.


Roid juice…




Tea, water, juice or soda


I’m a big boy ok?


Beer, liquor of some kind.

I usually just smoke wile gaming so ill have a little brew with me to stop cotton mouth


Ice tea.


Mostly RedBull, Gatorade or Coca Cola and some times water when I feel disgusted about my self of all the shit I’m drinking.

I also like to eat M&M’s from time to time while gaming.

A new drink I recently discovered I like to drink is fruit yogurt. I will buy a 1 liter bottle and drink it in 3 hours while playing :heart_eyes:


I fucking love tea - I’m British, go figure. But if I’m popping outside for a nice smoke throughout the evening then I get real excited about boiling the kettle and making a nice cup of Yorkshire Tea to enjoy while I’m stalking my enemy or repeatedly replaying contracts, trying to hit dat strat.


I drink to forget, so I can’t help ya there.

Jk usually Diet Coke cans, because I got a bunch of unopened cases from parties that I’ve never had to open them for.


Being British, I don’t drink anything but tea :tea: (not that tea though, that one is too green)


Whisk(e)y (neat) and water.

Sometimes beer or cider, very occasionally a red wine -depending on time of day, strong black coffee (no sugar) or cappuccino.

But mostly whisky :yum: