What do you drink while gaming?


Water and sugar free soda.


Twinings Lemon & Ginger Tea


The sweat and tears of my enemies


Depends really. The only drinks I ever have are Tea, Coffee, Beer and Protein shakes I hardly ever drink water bad for me I know but there’s water in all of the above drinks :stuck_out_tongue:


I just go with a Bare Knuckle Boxer


Ahhh,a man with my same taste in drinks,you should add white wine to that list as well,just trust me.


Depends on the genre. With singleplayer games I usually drink tea or alcohol(beer,wine,whiskey),like during ETs,during them I usually calmly sip some wine while I plan how to do them,it’s kind of a ritual by now!
On Multiplayer games that are competitive(Like Rainbow Six Siege) I don’t though because I can’t afford my aim going to hell. I did once and my mates wanted to rip my head from my shoulders ahahah


Coffee. Keurig machine makes it too easy to have cup after cup after cup after…


I have no problem with the taste, but I always seem to get headaches whenever I drink white, having said that, I’ll probably have something sparkly at Xmas -it’s traditional lol.

Excellent choice sir, but I’ll see and raise you some Yamazaki…



(Don’t listen to Amos Dexter, he’s a fool… Japanese whisky is good… very good!)


Agreed,especially Suntori! Really?White Wine gives you headaches?What a shame,maybe it’s due to the quality of it or do also the price-y ones do that to you?'Cause that’s too bad man


And yeah unfortunately, it’s all white that does it, even the good stuff lol.


Ahaaha,damn,now I wanna get some whisky!
Anyways,that’s too bad the white does that to you but to be honest red is better anyways eheh


Alcoholic - Cider
Non alcholic - Coke Zero


homemade beer or coffee


So much respect for a fan of the Japanese Whiskey. You cannot go past a fine Yamazaki or Hibiki Whiskey, and I’ll second that comment about Amos Dexter. I would take Japanese whiskey over a more common Western Jack Daniels or Wild Turkey drink. The Japanese stuff is primo.

My go to drink is a ‘Cuba Libre’ (coke, rum and lime) or just a plain old ginger beer while playing, but if I can afford some higher range stuff I’ll definitely pick them.

Anyone here have a specific cocktail they enjoy drinking. I sometimes make up a Japanese Slipper while playing Hokkaido or a Negroni in Sapienza to immerse myself (I’m a real cool guy eh)


Still can’t sniff out a Thatcher’s anywhere in dk


Mostly coffee with sugar, is pretty much the national drink here, but i’m planing on quitting it. I also drink tea, of any kind.


Being russian the answer is obvious. Vodka.


Coffee, beer, whisky


Cocktails but not if playing Hitman. Need to have my wits about me.