What do you drink while gaming?


Whiskey(peach mostly) and green monster.


When i played hc47 i drank nectar because the game was a divine invention. My second game was hcontracts. I refused from drinking coz the game was like an old cold borsh from Urishka. During my third game h2sa I gulped water. The game was like a fresh cup of it. Blood money forced me to drink some purgative. It was impossible to play in ha without vodka Absolut.


An ice cold IPA, Dr. Pepper, or coffee.


Awesome sauce. :mage:


Vodka and redbull. 2


NO please that thing is ruining the bartender job, it is not even a cocktail.


I got pretty wasted off of that in a casino once. Good times…


This is a marvelous example of things that I will never ever willingly do.


So half of you people are alcoholics while gaming? I should try this…


Agua or swiss coffee.


May I recommend this.



Only two times I played while drunk, and that was at new years eve. I remember me and my best friend couldn’t aim :joy:


Water, tea (now that it is colder) or cheaper versions of Club Mate (not sure if this is known outside germany, it is a carbonated mate tea with high ammounts of coffeine).


These are quite obviously conflicting statements!

Maybe you were (as we call it in my country) “happy” but you certainly weren’t drunk if you remember what happened.

I had that happen once. Drank about 3 jars of cuba libre in a barbecue with the homies. I was still very much conscious and remember what happened, but my eyesight was so blurry I couldn’t possibly play fifa.


I’m pretty sure I was drunk. Some how I remember almost everything while under the influence. Then I know people who doesn’t remember nothing. I can’t say I’m a drinker, I occasionally like to get drunk on vacations. But its a rare moment.


Then you were likely not really drunk lol.

But well, I already feel kinda bad for assuming I know your body better than you. However, that is pretty accurate.

In my book you are not drunk unless you don’t remember anything, probably puked once or twice, and fall asleep randomly. And some other stuff that I won’t mention because it will likely grant me flags.


How? You cant be drunk and remember stuff? I think you can. It just depends on how drunk you are. lol


Lol had one last night. Very hoppy beer but good.


It’s nothing like the 90 minute and the 120 minute. Very hoppy beers in comparison.


The blood of the innocent.

So, Pepsi.