What do you drink while gaming?


putting nerd glasses on

Alcohol intoxication has multiple stages. The second (depending on definition), includes amnesia, throwing-up and passing out, is which you are talking about. The first one has weaker symptoms like impaired coordination and euphoria, which you dont seem to count to “being drunken” but others like me do. :slight_smile:


And I’m pretty sure the cops pulling you over would agree as well. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

As for me, it’s one of these two drinks. They probably account for 90% of my liquid intake.


That’s what I ment by “being happy”.

Maybe there is a language or cultural barrier in which the connotation for drunk is softer for me.


Lean/purple drink whatever




Is that what you mean?


I’ll show the officers this post next time I’m pulled over for drunk driving :+1:


Drink to feel like a super powered clone!


I don’t have a habit of drinking nor eating while gaming. If I get thirsty or hungry I’ll just pause/exit the game, go to the kitchen and drink a glass of water. But if it happens that I haven’t finished my cup of tea before my gaming session, I’ll drink it up while gaming. (I’m not British, but I love tea!)

However, there is one game that I almost can’t play if I don’t drink. It’s SingStar. :smiley: I have to drink something after every few songs, either something alcoholic or non-alcoholic (but we all know we sing with more heart when we’re drunk :rofl:).


I’d say either beer, coffee, or water :stuck_out_tongue:


Tea and coffee mainly


arizona iced tea either ginseng and honey or watermelon


When you ask this question to 47 and you are hyped for the answer: