What do you guys think about the color,lightning changes and bloom effect do you prefer the older or the new ones?


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qx6LieL8Qjc there is a comparison.I think the old Marrakesh and Sapienza are looking better


I don’t like the current graphics in HITMAN 2, but I suppose it will be tweaked in the future.
I hope, at least


Yes i hope so too…Maybe at the HITMAN 2 Goty edition or something


Definitely prefer the old style for the most part. New [legacy] missions look less vibrant and bright, yet have more problems with ridiculous bloom and lens flares, which makes my eyes hurt half the time.

Plus a lot of the new color grading (on top of being dimmer) is more dull and sickly looking, and removes some of the personality I liked about the missions from 2016. At worst, there’s also a big glare over the whole environment (especially visible in the intro to Paris in 2) that washes out a lot of detail and crispness that it could otherwise have.

After playing more of the missions of 2, I can also safely say, though it relatively isn’t as bad, the bloom/lens flares are still way too intense in most situations, and I’d still really like the option to reduce or disable them. And as for the color grading? I’d like a return to the GOTY settings for the Legacy maps if at all possible (except for Colorado, that should return to its launch colors IMO).


For me
Color- Old
Lighting- Shadows new, skybox old.
Bloom- New.


I don’t really know what the exact changes are but I definitely prefer the look the first game had. Paris and Sapienza were incredibly distinct but from what I remember the lighting and overall look of each mission fell flat after that, most maps had obvious filters like Bangkok or just no effort at all like Colorado - the worst map ever.


Definitely i agree! (20 characters)