What do you think about DLC so far? Any special Sales or offers in future?

Basically this. I ever buyed everything Hitman related by day 1 until now. This 7deadly sins to me seemed a little scummy and low effort. Now that we are at 5 sins what do you think about It? And do you know If there are plans on a price drop or offer for the package sooner or later? Thank you all guys


What about 7DS is scummy?

So aside from that, of course theres going to be Price Drop… someday. Could be next Year or in Five of Years though.


The consensus seems to be that each one improves on the previous one. I’m not sure what makes you think they’re scummy? Because of the price-to-content ratio? A metric that is, by all accounts, very subjective. I’ll let you judge, but 7DS are custom-made escalations as DLC’s with a bigger budget, and it clearly shows. Each DLC gives you a themed escalation with more voice clips, a partially redecorated map, usually a gimmick of some kind, such as Sloth’s vitality meter mechanic, a new suit, and a new weapon. None of that really sounds all that scummy, just not what anyone expected. I don’t find escalations by themselves a bad thing. IOI even stated they use escalations to experiment more with gameplay ideas (which even Hitman 2 did with objective-based escalations instead of actually killing people).

I plan to buy these later on down the line because the price is simply out of my wheelhouse at the moment, but saying these are “Low effort” is honestly very insulting to the devs who made it, because these clearly aren’t.


Honestly it depends on how you want to perceive the seven deadly sins.

In a IOI Insider they said 7DS should be compared to the Requiem pack (Rp). That was one suit and two items. They added an escalation, who are better and better (Greed is still bad in term of value ironically, Lust is worth it)

Now, as many have pointed out then, the Rp was in addition to the bonus missions, seasonnal contents and challenge packs of Hitman 2016. More importantly at the annoucement and until august we were under the impression that 7DS was going to be the only permanent content made for the game.
So it was compared not to the Rp but to the season pass of hitman 2, where it is lacking.

The scummy reputation of the 7DS comes mostly from crystallisation of the disapointment of the first months (who were quite empty between the smaller budget and COVID). It was compounded by the one wondering why it was not part of the deluxe edition. (honestly both are still most of the discourse under the trailers on youtube)

And if the relative price is akin to the Rp, the absolute one can be too much.

But if I look at 7DS in isolation, as a true cosmetic bonus ? Well, I have 800 hours on hitman since 2019 so I am good with it.
I was at first disapointed in the lack of other new content, but since the Dartmoor Summer Garden Show I’m in wait and see.

As for sale, Marketing will gladly tell you that 7DS pack is one seventh cheaper than individual buy… Otherwise I think the cosmetic packs of Hitman 2 were sometimes in sales. In your case I will advise to wait for a GOTY edition or to just pass by them.


I second with GOTY but don’t expect a sale when still have two more months and then have that grace time so would say at a guess 20% off at Christmas.
Personally find 7DS run of the mill DLC to fill the gap for the bigger stuff, so decent at best, meh at worst (and after Greed has been getting a lot better).

With talk of the Requiem suit, kinda wish they would retroactively add an escalation for that. Could start in the middle of the Sapienza church at night and use something similar to the ICA assassins and take them out in the area.

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With this 7DS DLC,IOI has the opportunity to implement some new and unique gameplay mechanics to escalations as well as doing changes to the already existing maps both visually and gameplaywise,which is a pretty nice idea in my opinion.However,the problem is that these new gameplay mechanics that are introduced don’t always appeal to everyone so there is a high chance you won’t like some of the escalations because of that.

My advice would be to search a few videos on Youtube with these escalations and see if any of them interest you.You can also put in balance that you can unlock new items.Sometimes,they have just cosmetic use,but there are some items which have new properties like the snail or bubble gum and can be very useful sometimes.

If you like most of these escalations then buy the whole pack and if you like only one or two then you can buy them individually(like I chose to do).

There’s also more content arriving in 2022 but we’re still waiting for the final details.

The re-worked levels with escalations in Hitman III is less than the bonus missions or supplementary maps of Hitman2016 and Hitman 2 – true. But it really depends on what your expectations are for Hitman.

There is a lot of available content in Hitman. I probably spent more than most on Hitman III playing all ten pages of the available Feature Contracts. I have completed all contracts silent assassin, and have two Feature Contracts left out now to complete out of the ~300, one of which is that damn Houdini’s Great Escape and the other being Fall Season Preview 2020. Both are doable although precise timing is necessary for the former and the latter is a long slog.


I think for the people that played them, the 7 Deadly Sins content has been pretty well received overall. Yes, there are some who disagree and didn’t like them, but most of the people who bothered to comment seemed to enjoy them. They showed that escalations don’t have to just be doing the same thing on repeat. They showed that there are game mechanics that can really liven up the game and make for interesting challenges. They showed that even an escalation can be engaging and quality content.

The unlocks that have been part of the DLC have generally been worth it too. There have been some interesting and unique items and some good suit alternatives. The changes to the levels that the sins have taken place on show good attention to details and creativity on the part of the developers.

To say that the 7 Deady Sins DLC is “scummy” is not only inaccurate, it’s unfair to the developers who have created some good content here. You can argue about whether you think the price is worth it, but “scummy” isn’t the right word for it.


I feel like the scummy criticism comes from them launching another DLC pack so soon after the Deluxe escalations were released which were mostly pretty basic (Satu Mare Delirium and Proloff Parable were decent though) and every single item was a reskin of an existing item (except the Guru’s Emetic Grenade had better range). I think the deluxe pack left a sour taste in several people’s mouths, and when Greed and Pride came out it seemed like the 7 Deadly Sins would’ve been the same as most of the normal and Deluxe escalations: not much interesting changed for the levels, no really unique item unlocks, and tasks that can be replicated in contracts mode relatively easily.

It was only because of people criticizing the quality of the first sins that IO put more effort into making changes to the maps, having more standout item unlocks, and having more unique gameplay changes. Thank goodness they did, I’d say even if the last two sins are terrible at least the 7DS collection will be more enjoyable, more worth the full price, and more replayable than the Deluxe Pack.


Yes i have not explained well what i meant with “scummy”. The price compared with other DLCs in the series content Wise seemed a little off. But it’s only a theory so this Is why j created this thread, for understanding Better.

When you put half of the main game price in a DLC i’m expecting something really good like completely new Maps but again i could be wrong.


They did mention that their pricing for the 7DS was based on what they charged for the Requiem Pack (right? :thinking: ) So buying each suit is like buying 7 Requiem Packs.

So far the ‘Sins’ that I like the most are Sloth and Lust for their suits and the items they come with.

Do you buy the 7DS more for the Suit/Items or Escalation?
  • Suit/Items
  • Escalation

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The Deluxe edition is the real sham, not the 7DS.

Well, Greed sucked, but mostly due to coin-related bugs and a “don’t get spotted” instafail condition.

I stand by the belief the 7DS should have been at least $5 off for those of us who pre-purchased the Deluxe edition.

And finally I’m just happy for IOI’s well earned success because I’ve played these games to death and the more people play the better.


I’ll go on record as disagreeing with the pricing complaints but there are other threads that go into much more depth on the economics and the value of both the Deluxe edition and the DLC. Both offered quality content.

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To be fair the deluxe edition was discounted for ps+ users, and I’m a huge supporter of the developers, so I never felt cheated.

Except by that “art book.” I expected a deep dive into concept art and design, but it was a hastily thrown together “storybook” delivered late.

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Over nine months ago, I pre-ordered the Standard Edition of Hitman 3 for £49.99, assessing the Deluxe Edition to not be worth the extra £25. Since then, the Deluxe Edition has been offered to new players with 50% off at £37.50. That’s already lot cheaper that the base game I purchased before launch.

During this sale, the Deluxe Pack remained at £29.24. The most I am willing to pay is half that price. Yet such an offer has not been made available to me. The message this sends to players: either stump up the cash at launch for the full price Deluxe Edition, or abstain from the game entirely for about 7 months waiting for a sale (and miss Elusive Targets in the meantime).

It is unacceptable that fans who pre-ordered the base game are not able to upgrade during a sale when everyone else is able to buy the Deluxe Edition at 50% off. I’m not even asking for equality here. The Deluxe sale price was £37.50. I paid £49.99 for the base game and would, hypothetically, pay £14.62 for a half price Deluxe Pack. My total spend would still be £64.61.


We don’t know yet so let’s keep it civil.

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