What do you think are the canon kills for each target in 2016-H2?


Mine are:

Kalvin Ritter: Garrotted during Norfolk meeting.

Jasper Knight: Drowned in toilet.

Viktor Novikov: Poisoned drink.

Dalia Margolis: Garrotted during Helmut meeting.

Silvio Caruso: Kicked off cliff.

Francesca De Santis: Garrotted in Silvio’s office.

Virus: Heated up.

Claus Hugo Strandberg: Crushed during interview.

General Reza Zaydan: Neck snapped by Prisoner 47.

Jordan Cross: Pushed off roof by Abel De Silva.

Ken Morgan: Drowned in suite toilet.

Sean Rose: Demo accident.

Penelope Graves: Slurry drowning.

Ezra Berg: Experiment gone wrong.

Maya Pravati: Training accident.

Yuki Yamazaki: Poisoned fugu fish.

Erich Soders: KAI malfunction.

Alma Reynard: Smothered in bed.

Sierra Knox: Kicked down elevator shaft.

Robert Knox: Shot down by PALLAS.

Rico Delgado: Crushed by statue.

Andrea Martinez: Crushed by statue.

Jorge Franco: Poisoned by cocaine souvenir.

Dawood Rangan: Shot by Kashmiran.

Vanya Shah: Shot by Kashmiran.

The Maelstrom: Fiber wired by Kashmiran.

Janus: Poisoned tea.

Nolan Cassidy: Blown up in vault.

Zoe Washington: Burned in effigy.

Sophia Washington: Kicked off Constant’s tower.


I would say 47 uses the fiber wire for all of his targets. Maybe some exceptions could be Jordan Cross, with confronting him. Also, with Soders, I would say revealing yourself to him, while in his signature suit.


TBH, I’m not really a fan of the confronting Jordan Cross kill. It’s awesome, yeah, but it feels out of place for 47 to reveal himself like that. What if Jordan’s guards look into the room? What if Jordan screams for help when he sees 47?


Yeah, I was thinking about that. Would technically ruin the “no witnesses” idea of SA. Then I would say he just fiber wires him, while Jordan is singing in the sound box.


How about the bonus missions?


Dino Bosco: Chewed up.

Matthieu Mendola and Kong Tuo-Kwang: Poisoned after meeting.

Marco Abiatti: Impaled on spire.


Mostly I agree, but there are some exceptions:
Silvio - Golf ball explosion (the damn golf ball is in 47’s apartment)
Sean Rose - The watch explosion
Dino Bosco - Burned with the fuel (he nevers shuts up about the fire)
Marco Abiatti - On-stage electrocution

I also thought about poisoning Ken Morgan with food, but there isn’t poison in Bangkok and I don’t think poison belongs to the canon equipment (that’s why I also disagree on Silvio). I wouldn’t still say the tuk-tuk is canon.


He would obviously use a duckie


Just a little correction:

There IS poison in Bangkok:
On second floor in the studio wing you can get the all-access keycard, and use it to get in the room at the end (north) where there is a lethal poison pill jar.


I don’t really think there is a canon kill per say, the kill itself is canon. But not how you go about it. Or one can turn it around and say all kills are canon for your playthrough. Well that at least my view on the matter.


Really, I never knew that. :0 Seems like I haven’t still explored enough. So Sapienza is the only one where you can’t find poison (in main missions).


Viktor Novikov: in seine neck snap.

Dalia Margolis: poisoned during Helmut meeting.

Silvio Caruso: therapy suffocation.

Francesca De Santis: Poisoned as Roberto.

Virus: Heated up.

Claus Hugo Strandberg: Neck snapped during massage.

General Reza Zaydan: Neck snapped by Prisoner 47.

Jordan Cross: Shoot him from the chair

Ken Morgan: Pushed out the window by Cross

Sean Rose: Drown in the bin in backyard shed

Maya Parvato: Crushed by ram

Ezra Berg: fiberwired in the basement

Penelope Graves: pushed in slurry pit

Yuki Yamazaki: Yoga kill.

Erich Soders: Poisoned stem cells.

Bonus episodes:

Dino Bosco: killed by robot teeth

Matthieu Mendola: Crystal ball to the head

Kong Tuo-Kwang: Poisoned pipe

Marco Abiatti: pushed on church pin


Judging by cinematics and ingame text:
Viktor Novikov: Dropped rig.
Claus Hugo Strandberg: C4 after interview.
We unfortunately don’t have male target in hazmat suit and a photographer, yet.
For the rest I guess it’s:
Dalia Margolis: Shot through the window, when she in the bathroom.
Silvio Caruso: Poisoned pasta with old sauce and pushed.
Francesca De Santis: Poisoned with toxins after heating up virus.
General Reza Zaydan: Dropped toilet.
Jordan Cross & Ken Morgan: Snapped neck after putting them to sleep in atrium.
Ezra Berg: Explosion in his lab.
Penelope Graves: Killed during the meeting at Slurry Pit.
Maya Parvati & Sean Rose: Ram.
Yuki Yamazaki: Sauna.
Erich Soders: Poisoned Stem Cells.
Dino Bosco: Fibrewired in his trailer.
Matthieu Mendola & Kong Tuo-Kwang: Poisoned pipe.
Marco Abiatti: Explosive in confession booth.


I kind of agree with Mads47, but if you could talk about canon ways to do it,
I would say it is the way the developers intended the kills, and that must be
the opportunities. That is: multiple ways for each target.

My way of doing the kills (mostly what I find is the easiest way) is:

Victor Novikov: Emetic poison in drink, then barehands/fiberwire/pistol in bathroom.

Dalia Margolis: Lure with coin into her own bathroom, then barehands/fiberwire/pistol.

Silvio Caruso: Emetic poison in food, fall accident.

Francesca De Santis: Electrocution on the patio.

Virus: Shut down with dongle from scientist in morgue.

Claus Hugo Strandberg: Electrocution with stagelights on rail.

General Reza Zaydan: Poison food.

Jordan Cross: Lure with coin into Dexy Barats room, then barehands/fiberwire/pistol.

Ken Morgan: Poison food.

Sean Rose: Barehands/fiberwire/pistol in his bathroom.

Penelope Graves: Poison waterbottle in greenhouse.

Ezra Berg: Barehands/fiberwire/pistol in basement.

Maya Parvati: Burning by the oiltank by the garage.

Yuki Yamazaki: Cooking her in the sauna.

Erich Soders: Pistolshot to the replacement heart in the morgue.


The virus is poison, but it only works on Franny


Yeah, that’s the only one and also it isn’t consumable.


I think 47 completes every contract suit only, and rarely uses disguises, and that too which are lying around in staff areas(eg. Palace staff disguise in the trailer in paris, waiter disguise in the basement of the hotel in Bangkok) If he KO’d people, took their disguises and hid them in containers/closets, everyone will notice the pattern and will be very aware of their surroundings and the people, making 47’s job harder.
In BM after completing Curtains Down mission 47 lefts the opera house in his suit, no matter which disguise you’re wearing at that time. And if go to the story tab in HITMAN and click on the in-game cinematic after Colorado/Freedom Fighters mission, 47 is in his tactical gear(default) suit, which most probably means he infiltrated the compound and eliminated all the targets in his suit.
At least this is how I think 47 carries out his contracts. Opportunities are made for showing how 47 can blend in in any location(fashion show, song recording studio, coup) and for filling content in missions :stuck_out_tongue:


A mix of fiberwire and pistol kills. 47 does all his kills with the default equipment.


This thread really reminds me why I enjoy this Hitman game so much. I felt in nearly all the other games that there was usually only one or two really interesting way to kill a target and then a few standard others (such as sniping, fibre wiring etc.) But the fact that people are posting so many different answers in this thread really shows how much there is to do in the game.


Just going to do the story characters.

Novikov: Light Rig - the irony to get killed on the show he’s hosting.

Dalia: poison drink with helmut - cuz she gives you the poison for a job

Causo: fibre wire - while he’s visiting his mothers grave when you bring the flowers and it’s only fitting he gets killed near the one whom he killed.

Di Santis: fiber wire - while dressed as the private eye after the meeting because she never been truthful with Caruso and trying to eliminate him but needing some info first

Virus: overheat - just having the machine that takes care of it to actually be the reason to kill it.

Zaydan: prisoner - neck snap off a guy that went rogue and had a personal vendetta for getting his brother killed

Strandberg: moose drop - cuz during the interview, he gives the people who he basically robbed a big middle finger and an F-you, so giving the people a way to see him get killed during the interview is quite the perfect kill for them to get their justice.

Morgan: getting pushed by Jordan because Jordan hates his father so this is a big F-you to him for sending someone to him.

Jordan: getting pushed after Morgan - because of again, the irony of doing the same to his gf. Karma kill.

Maya: ram - getting killed by her own setup

Rose: watch bomb -,because he’s so paranoid about everything so taking his watch off is his one mistake and second cuz he’s a bomb specialist so the plan to having a watch bomb kill him is again quite ironic.

Berg: lethal syringe - just cuz he’s drugging the prisoner.

Graves: dumping her in the slew pit - just cuz she gives her trust but should she really trust anyone?

Yuki: fugu - she likes to live dangerously so her fun becomes her death.

Soders: heart in the garbage - cuz he backstabbed the ICA for a new right sided heart so destroying what he’s there for automatically kills him. Take away his only means of living.