What do you think are the canon kills for each target in 2016-H2?


Never really thought about what would be the canon kill method for each target. I think that the closest thing to canon kills are the ones we saw in the trailer/ cut scenes.

Hayamoto Jr.: Dressing as Sushi chef and serving poisoned Susih
Fritz Fuchs: Drowned in the pool
Fernando Delgado: Fiber Wire
Dom Osmond: Bullet into the head through the mirror
Viktor Novikov: Light rig
Silvio Caruso: Poisoned wine
Claus Hugo Strandberg: Briefcase bomb

Personally I believe 47 would kill most of his targets by poisoning their food/drinks, with the sniper or explosives instead of relying of complicated plans. It also means that he’s either far away when the target dies or at least isn’t immediately suspicious because he’s standing next to a dead body with a fiber wire in his hands.


Here’s the ones I’ve picked out for those story focused playthroughs

Viktor Novikov - Sniper rifle (like in one of the trailers)
Dalia Margolis - Fiber wire (best option in my opinion)

Silvo Caruso - Lethal poison in his food (fitting for a scientist)
Francesca de Santis - Silverballer headshot (47’s personal message from the Agency)

Reza Zaydan - Kitchen knife from behind (how I believe 47 takes care of military targets)
Claus Strandberg - Remote CX Demo Block (also in one of the trailers)

Ken Morgan - Sniper rifle (the balcony spot just begs for this)
Jordan Cross - Silverballer confrontation (47’s way of delivering justice)

Maya Parvati - Silverballer elimination (for variety)
Ezra Berg - Modern lethal syringe (fitting)
Penelope Graves - Fiber wire (after posing as Interpol)
Sean Rose - Doomsday Watch (heavily ironic - terrorist getting blown up from his own clever weapon)

Yuki Yamazaki - Fugu poison (homage to Silent Assassin level Tracking Hayamoto)
Erich Soders - Destroyed donor heart and KAI corruption to stab him repeatedly (just to make sure)


I thought the rule of thumb was that SA SO is the cannon way of killing any target. As log as it is, anything goes.


Silvio Caruso - cannon



I’ve been thinking of this thread for a while. Without looking at anyone else’s:

Ritter: Shot, in the same way it happens in guided training

Knight: Ejector Seat

Novikov: Light Rig

Margolis: Garroted during Kruger meeting

Caruso: Smothered during therapy

De Santis: Garroted during the detective meeting

Strandberg: Massage kill

Zaydan: Prisoner kill

Cross: Fade to black kill (confrontation)

Morgan: Oops I did it again (killed by Cross)

Rose: Exploding watch

Berg: Gas canister

Graves: Pushed into slurry pit

Parvati: Rammed during training

Soders: Heart destroyed (thrown in trash)

Yamasaki: Poisoned with fugu fish


FakeKnight was probably killed that way, but I think Soders killed real one by shooting him through the roof.


I myself always aim for accident kills. So insert accident kill here for each mission.


We had a lot of exact answers. Lol.


That’s uncanny. Must be because ours is true :smiling_imp:


Just replayed Landslide and A House Built on Sand and did them SA/SO. I like the idea of 47 being so badass he operates like that, so these are what I will toss in as canon:

Landslide - Abiatti is crushed by the chandelier in law office before meeting
A House Built on Sand - Mendola is crushed by the café sign after it is shot with a sniper. Tuo-Kwang has his neck snapped in the café’s VIP bathroom after investigating the overflowing sink.


Viktor Novikov: Poisoned drink.

Dalia Margolis: (Cyanide in her champagne) Poisoned during Helmut meeting.

Silvio Caruso: Poisoned pasta bolognese.

Francesca De Santis: Fibre wired by the Private Detective.

Virus: Heated up.

Claus Hugo Strandberg: Neck snapped during massage.

General Reza Zaydan: Neck snapped by Prisoner 47.

Jordan Cross: Confronted by 47.

Ken Morgan: Killed by Cross.

Penelope Graves: Interpol drowning.

Sean Rose: Exploding smartwatch.

Yuki Yamazaki: Poisoned fugu fish.

Erich Soders: Heartattack from confrontation.

Marco Abbiati: Church spire.


Besides Soders, obviously (Confront him)

All story mode targets were obviously killed by

I mean… Come on! :smirk:

Overachievers - A Hitman Expanded Universe Story

i am sure 47 “canoically” killed viktor novikov by dropping the light rig on him. they showed off that kill thrice in their trailers


I want to believe so too, but it kills innocents if you don’t cause panic before it. :confused: Canon way should be SA.


i like to imagine that only novikov is on stage when you drop the light rig


Abiatti’s canon kill is the church tower kill. An NPC in World of Tomorrow mentions something about Padre Francesco surviving the “Abiatti incident” without therapy, which can only mean Abiatti almost killed him before being killed himself :stuck_out_tongue:


That or Francesco was subdued, stripped and impersonated. After Abiatti was assassinated and 47 escaped, the guards eventually found Francesco, woke him up and he returned to his priesthood.


In Bangkok one NPC also mentions the interview with Strandberg and how it seemed like he was trying to provoke the protesters. That would imply that 47 infiltrated the embassy as cameraman and Strandberg got at least a few sentences out before he was killed.

So 47 infiltrated the consulate as cameraman and either killed Strandberg during the interview (the moose seems the most likely scenario) or at some point afterward.


Personally, I though that the prisoner kill from Marrakesh was the coolest opportunity.


These are the ones I have a strong opinion on:

Viktor Novikov: call in a lockdown, take out him and dalia at once.

Dalia Margolis: see above.

Silvio Caruso: kill as the psych. Giving him the pillow right after he confesses to doing the same to his mom is incredibly fitting.

Francesca De Santis: no oxygen in the virus container. Leave her with her project.

Virus: Heated up.

Claus Hugo Strandberg: after the interview.

General Reza Zaydan: Neck snapped by Prisoner 47.

Jordan Cross: confrontation with pistol. Come on, its the coolest scene in the game.

Ken Morgan: no opinion

Sean Rose: no opinion

Penelope Graves: no opinion.

Ezra Berg: Experiment gone wrong.

Maya Pravati: Training accident.

Yuki Yamazaki: sauna definitely.

Erich Soders: whichever one results in you confronting him beforehand.