What do you think are the canon kills for each target in 2016-H2?


I’ve been really thinking about this, ever since I first started playing. While I agree that Silent Assassin, Suit Only with Fiber Wire is super bad-ass, there are a few targets where the Fiber Wire seems like an awkward kill (and you can’t even do it with Soders).

Looking at the past games, IOI seems to quite enjoy the Irony in their assassinations; that serendipitous nature of whatever condemns you being the very thing that kills you.

With that in mind, this is my imagining for the “canon” kills of each target:

Viktor Novikov: The Showstopper (killed by his ego)
Dalia Margolis: Poisoned by Helmut (killed by her own spy)

Silvio Caruso: Smothered by Psychiatrist (killed the same way he killed his mother)
Francesca De Santis: Poisoned by Roberto (killed by her lust, trust, and “distraction”)

Virus: Increased Temperature (destroyed by the very thing keeping it stable)

Claus Hugo Strandberg: Moose during interview (killed by a symbol of Sweden for the world to see)
General Reza Zaydan: Prisoner (killed during his “advanced interrogation”)

Ken Morgan: Pushed by Jordan Cross (killed by his client in the very manner he defended)
Jordan Cross: Pushed by you right after (killed just like Hannah Highmoore and Ken Morgan)

Sean Rose: Watch Bomb (killed by his OCD and the bomb he designed)
Penelope Graves: Interpol Agent (killed by the organization she betrayed)
Ezra Berg: Laboratory Explosion (killed by his own experiments)
Maya Parvati: Battering Ram (killed by her own strategy)

Yuki Yamazaki: Fugu Fish (killed by her hubris and “guidelines”)
Erich Soders: Destroy the Donor Heart and Reveal Yourself (killed by his failing heart and betrayal of the ICA)


Marco Abiatti is meant to be crushed by a church chandelier because it is missing in the main mission.


Awww yeah, it can be quite the sweet kill since it can actually be sniped.

  • Novikov: Poisoned drink
  • Margolis: Garroted/executed during Helmut meeting, though I also love that you can kill one target WITH the other target
  • Caruso: Explosive golfball since it’s even in 47’s apartment
  • De Santis: Poison in virus chamber (seems fitting to kill her in the place where she’s helping to create a deadly DNA virus
  • Strandberg: Massage neck snap
  • Reza Zaydan: Prisoner neck snap
  • Cross: Either electrocuted by mic OR pushed off balcony while dressed as the drummer for a more poetic kill
  • Morgan: Drowned in his bathroom
  • Rose: Explosive phone… it was just an unfortunate accident that took place with his own assassination plan; he should have been more careful…
  • Graves: Slurry pit
  • Berg: Garroted
  • Parvati: Battering ram
  • Yamazaki: Fugu fish
  • Soders: The majority are all ‘synonymous’ with one another in that a bunch are somehow connected to simply screwing with the operation machinery in some way. Whether you overcharge the defibrillator or cause KAI to malfunction isn’t really a whole lot different when it comes to the actual kill. And while it’s cool to make sure he knows who’s ending his life, it’s also wildly impractical and next to impossible to achieve with an SA rank though I’m sure it’s definitely possible but I also assume it wouldn’t feel natural. I haven’t played the level enough yet to know for certain how easy it is to really pull off. Caninically speaking, we also know 47 starts off without any equipment brought in though.


After reading Overachievers, it shows that 47 mostly do creative kills so I think these kills are canon

Viktor Novikov: Light rig.
Dalia Margolis: Crushed by chandeliers when she’s delivering the speech.
Silvio Caruso: Explosive golf ball.
Francesca de Santis: Poisoned by the biolab gas.
Dino Bosco: Eaten by the robot.
Marco Abiatti: Electrocuted on the stage.
Claus Hugo Strandberg: Moose drop.
Reza Zaydan: Explosion gas canister in his office.
Kong Tuo Kwang and Matthieu Mendola: poisoned when smoking the shisha pipe during the meeting.
Jordan Cross: Branson MD-2.
Ken Morgan: Tuk-tuk.
Sean Rose: Explosive watch.
Ezra Berg: Explosion gas canister in his laboratory.
Penelope Graves: Slurry Pit.
Maya Parvati: Rammed.
Erich Soders: One of five: drained blood, electrocuted, poisoned stem cells, heart destroyed and robotic operation arms.
Yuki Yamazaki: Fugu.


Since it has been established multiple times in HITMAN and in the new short story “Overachievers”,47s MO is accidents without leaving a trace,and every now and then,very rarely,normal deaths by fiberwire or by using a sniper. It has also been established that he kills only his target. No trace,no tapes,no evidence and no witnesses. He is a perfectionist. Having said that,he,in constrast with his shy and quiet personality,is quite the showman and it has been stated that he loves challenging himself with complicated kills,especially when he has the chance to impress people (I mean,he is obviously an exhibitionist,when he was a kid he shot smiles in practice targets!)
Having stated that,here are what I think are definitely the canon kills,atleast to me:
The Showstopper
Viktor Novikov: Light Rig Collapse(Challenging,accident,makes a good show without requiring too big of a risk)
Dalia Margolis: Poisoned with a waiter disguise(A lot of people said Helmut but it makes more sense for him to steal a disguise to do the trick,leaves less evidence)
World Of Tomorrow
Silvio Caruso: Explosive Golfball(Easy,is in his appartment,hard to explain for the cops)
Francesca DeSantis: Fireplace explosion(Impressive kill that will make the death look like a gas leak)
Marco Abiatti: Fireworks,definitely fireworks. The best one for making it look accidental
The Icon
Dino Bosco:Got no clue,every kill is worth the other.
A Gilded Cage
Reza Zaydan: Prisoner Kill (Prisoner is who is blamed for it,perfect scapegoat)
Claus Strandberg: Flying Moose
A House Built On Sand
Mendola: Shooting down the bars light rig with a sniper crushing him
Kong: Electrocuted
Club 27
Jordan Cross:Broken Mic Electrocution
Ken Morgan:Explosive Tuk-Tuk
Freedom Fighters
Sean Rose:Explosive Watch
Maya Parvati:Ram
Ezra Berg:Explosive Lawnmower
Penelope Graves:Thrown In The Dump
Situs Inversus
Yuki Yamazaki:Fugu Fish Poison
Eric Soders:Destroying The Heart By Throwing It In The Dumpster

All this deaths are accidental,mostly achievable by stealing left overs disguises instead of knocking people out.
They fit 47s character,and his MO too.


I already answered in this thread but I think I have changed my mind. Here are the “canon” kills, IMO. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Novikov: Oven Explosion

Dalia: Light Rig

Caruso: Church Bell

De Santis: Clock Tower Fall

Zaydan: F-Bomb

Strandberg: Printer Press

Jordan: Pier Fall/Drown

Morgan: Cake Smothering

Rose: Drum Fire Explosion

Parvatti: Fall Through Roof

Ezra: Ram

Graves: Car Crush

Yuki & Soders: ICA Phone (2 Birds with 1 Stone)


For me:

Viktor: Light rig

Dalia: Drowning in her bathroom

Caruso: Fall off cliff

De Santis: Dies in the lab from the toxic gas after the virus is destroyed from being heated

Zaydan: Shot in the head with silverballer while in his office

Strandberg: Shot in the head with silverballer while drinking his wine

Jordan: Killed by electrocution from the Branson microphone

Morgan: Poisoned in the hotel restaurant

All targets in Colorado are fiber wired

Yuki: Dies in the sauna

Soders: Heart for his transplant is destroyed

Abiatti: Silverballer elimination

Bosco: Explosive accident on set

Kong and Mendola: Both poisoned while taking a hit from the shisha pipe

Nabazov: Burns to death

Yulduz: Drowns in toilet

Craig: Poisoned

Akram: Drowns in toilet

All guys in the vector are sniped and hidden

Liebleid: Fiber wired

Cage: Neck snapped while seated

(assuming no one else gets infected)

The Christmas guys: idk, fiber wire?


My opinion:

Viktor Novikov - Getting Dalia thrown on him or Bare knuckel boxer poisoning

Dalia Margolis - Getting thrown on Viktor or Fiber wired in her own officce after Kruger meeting

Silvio Caruso - Poisoned by his spaghetti or Sniped from the church bell tower while looking through his observatory

Francesca De Santis - Lab poisoning by the gas or Exploding with the propane flask near the fireplace

Claus Hugo Strandberg - Moose falls on him while being interwieved or Turetted down by the vehicle

Reza Zaydan - Prisoner neck snap or Toilet fall

Jordan Cross - Microphone accident or getting pushed down after killing Morgan

Ken Morgan - Getting pushed by Cross or Tuk - Tuk kill

Sean Rose - Stopwatch explosion or rammed by Parvatti’s mechanism

Ezra Berg - Exploded by lawnmover or Silently shot while interrogation is happening

Penelope Graves - Pushed into the slurry dump pit or getting poisoned in her own shed

Maya Parvati - Getting kiled with her won ram along with Rose or Being silently Fiber wired while still choking on her fresh water (Gosh I made that sound brutal)

Erich Soders - Shocked after revealing as 47 or KAI mainframe terminated

Yuki Yamazaki - Poisoned susji or being pushed down while being the Director

All the ET’s - Fiber wired or for Adeze Ojiofor (The warlord) exclusivelly (she got x-tra treatment from me) Brutally meeled down by her own machete (Nna Obara Machete)


Marco Abiatti - Electrococution on stage or Impaled from the church tower

Dino Bosco - Silently Axe - Meeled in his apartment van or Getting rumbled by the monsters teeth

Kong Tuo Kwang - Electrocuted or Poisoned by the same shisha Mendola is piping from

Matthieua Mendola - Killed by crystal ball as the fortune teller or Getting poisoned from the same pipe Kwang pipes down


Oybek Nabazov - Fire and Vodka burned to death or getting exploded in full view of his cult along with Yulduz

Sister Yulduz - Poisoned wine or Getting exploded in full view of her yet to be 2nd in commanding cult along with Nabazov

Craig Black - Pen kill or Ghostface set murder

Brother Akram - Silently shot in his apartment or lawnmowed

Bradley Paine - Fire accident or getting hidden

Infected - Sniped and hidden

Owen Cage - Posioned while while disguised as Klaus Libleid or shot in the Hazmat room silently

Klaus Libleid - Fiber Wired in his office or burnt to death while investigating Cage

The first infected nurse woman - Sniped from sauna passageway or shoot her from far aways silently


You are all wrong. Its obviously rubber duckies for each and every target


Goddammit mendie, stop hacking forthe’s account


Here is all the methods i think were used:

Jasper Knight (Training)
Method: Tampered Ejection Seat
Suit: Mechanic
Location: Hangar

Jasper Knight (Real One, killed by Erich Soders)
Method: Poisoned Vodka
Suit: Soviet Soldier
Location: Knight’s Room

Kalvin Ritter (Training)
Method: Fiber Wire
Suit: Terry Norfolk
Location: Ritter’s Cabin

Viktor Novikov - The Moneyman
Method: Light Rig
Suit: Tuxedo
Location: The Stage / The Attic

Dalia Margolis - The Mastermind
Method: Fiber Wire
Suit: Tuxedo
Location: Margolis’s Room

Silvio Caruso - The Genius
Method: Lethal Poison Pasta Bolognese
Suit: Rocco’s Kitchen Assistant Suit
Location: Caruso’s outside food table

Francesca De Santis - The Scientist
Method: Fiber Wire
Suit: Sal Falcone’s Suit
Location: Tunnel at the Pier

Claus Hugo Standberg - The Banker
Method: Moose dropped after he says “Fuck You” during interview
Suit: Camera Man Suit
Location: Filming Room

Reza Zaydan - The General
Method: Neck Snap
Suit: Prisoner
Location: School’s Prison Room

Jordan Cross - The Rockstar
Method: Silverballer Fade to Black
Suit: Recording Crew
Location: Cross’s Suite

Ken “The Brick” Morgan - The Lawyer
Method: Pushed off by Jordan Cross
Suit: None. Killed by Jordan Cross
Location: Morgan’s Suite

Sean Rose - The Commander
Method: Explosive Watch
Suit: Militia Elite
Location: Rose’s Room / Elsewhere

Ezra Berg The Interrogator
Method: Gas Canister Explosion
Suit: Militia Elite
Location: Berg’s Lab / Elsewhere

Maya Parvati - The Instructor
Method: Ram
Suit: Point Man
Location: The Ambush Training

Penelope Graves - The Analyst
Method: Thrown into Slurry Pit
Suit: Militia Technician
Location: Near Slurry Pit

Erich Soders - The Herald
Method: Killed by Chief Surgeon
Suit: None. Killed by Chief Surgeon
Location: Operating Room

Yuki Yamazaki - The Watchman
Method: Fugu
Suit: Chef
Location: Hospital Restaurant

Oybek Nabazov - The Cult Leader
Method: Vodka Boosted Fire
Suit: Cult Initiate
Location: The Penthose

Sister Yulduz - The 2nd in Command
Method: Amputation Knife
Suit: Militia Soldier
Location: Planning Shed

Craig Black - The Author
Method: Pen Kill
Suit: Ghostly Fan
Location: Church

Brother Akram - The Courier
Method: Shot with Silverballer
Suit: Ghostly Fan
Location: His Apartment

Bradley Paine - The Researche
Method: Sniped
Suit: Colorado Suit
Location: The Water Tower

Owen Cage - Patient Zero
Method: Modern Lethal Poison
Suit: Head Scientist
Location: The Lab

Klaus Liebeld - The Developer
Method: Fiber Wire
Suit: Hazmat Suit
Location: His Office

Harry “Smokey” Bagnato - The Sticky Bandit
Method: Silverballer
Suit: Tuxedo / The Winter Suit
Location: Anywhere in the Sanguine

Marv “Slick” Gonif - The Wet Bandit
Method: Silverballer
Suit: Tuxedo / The Winter Suit
Location: Anywhere in the Sanguine

Matthieu Mendola - The Architect
Method: Crushed by the F
Suit: Suit
Location: Near the Cafe

Kong Tuo-Kwang - The Contractor
Method: Reflection Pool
Suit: Waiter
Location: On the Cafe / On the Wall

Dino Bosco - The Thespian
Method: Pyrotechnics Accident
Suit: SFX Crew
Location: Film Set / Near the Cafe

Marco Abiatti - The Politician
Method: Electric Shock from Mic
Suit: The Crew
Location: Onstage / Backstage

Sergei Larin - Forger
Method: Fiber Wire
Suit: Crew Member
Location: Looking at the show from Floor 2

Anthony L. Troutt - The Congressman
Method: Drowned after Rat Poisoned
Suit: Mansion Staff
Location: Wine Cellar Wc

Adalrico Candelaria - The Prince
Method: Fiber Wire
Suit: Church Staff
Location: The Crypt

Jonatan Smythe - The Sensation
Method: Lethal Poison Vodka
Suit: Palace Staff
Location: The Party

Vito Duric - The Gunrunner
Method: Fiber Wire
Suit: Elite Soldier
Location: Tunnel

Dylan Narvaez - The Twin
Method: Neck Snap
Suit: Italian Suit
Location: Bathroom near the well

Gary Busey - The Wildcard
Method: Sniper Rifle during lockdown
Suit: Italian Suit
Location: Shed in Graveyard / Balcony in the apartment with Mansion Guard Suit

Howard Moxon - The Broker
Method: Electrocution
Suit: Tech Crew
Location: Puddle Near Outside Party Area

Owen “The Protagonist” Wagner - The Blackhat
Method: Lethal Poison Jam
Suit: Tuxedo
Location: The Attic

Nila Torvik - The Pharmacist
Method: Chandelier
Suit: Tuxedo
Location: Dalias Office

Xander Haverfoek - The Fixer
Method: Silverballer
Suit: Summer Suit
Location: The Backroom of the Cafe

Brendan Conner - The Identity Thief
Method: Electrocution
Suit: Tuxedo
Location: Puddle Near Outside Party Area

Richard Ekwensi - The Ex-Dictator
Method: Fire Extinguisher + Breaching Charge, along with Inez
Suit: Bangkok Suit
Location: Dining area in the Northeast Floor 2

Inez Ekwensi - The Gold-Digger
Method: Fire Extinguisher + Breaching Charge, along with Richard
Suit: Bangkok Suit
Location: Dining area in the Northeast Floor 2

Gabriel Santos - The Chef
Method: Lethal Poison Caviar
Suit: Tuxedo
Location: Northwest Floor 2 Kitchen

Etta Davis - The Angel of Death
Method: Lethal Poison Syringe
Suit: Elite Soldier
Location: Headmaster’s Roof

Richard J. Magee - The Guru
Method: Chandelier
Suit: Italian Suit
Location: Townhall Office / Townhall Security Room

Wen Ts’ai - The Food Critic
Method: Poisoned Cake
Suit: Hotel Waiter
Location: Kitchen

Richard M. Foreman - The Chameleon
Method: Pushed off the Balcony
Suit: Militia Elite
Location: The Balcony of the Main House

Walter Williams - The Blackmailer
Method: Lethal Poison Sushi
Suit: Palace Staff
Location: Near the West Staff Entrance

Adeze Oijofor - The Warlord
Method: Nne Obara Machete
Suit: Hotel Staff
Location: Adeze’s Room

Pavel Frydel - The Doctor
Method: Hemorrhagic Virus Syringe
Suit: Surgeon
Location: The Garden Cliffside

Akane Akenawa - The Surgeon
Method: Hemorrhagic Virus Syringe
Suit: Surgeon
Location: The Lab

Pertti Järnefelt - The Bookkeeper
Method: Propane Flask + Breaching Charge
Suit: Explosives Specialist
Location: Outside the Main House Yard

Kieran Hudson - The Paparazzo
Method: Speaker
Suit: Tech Crew
Location: Outside Party Area / Balcony Above

Bartholomew Argus - The Badboy
Method: Lethal Poison Water Bottle
Suit: Kitchen Assistant
Location: The Fan Meetup Spot

Ji-Hun (Otoplasty) - The Fugitive
Method: Scissors from 47 Room
Suit: VIP Patient
Location: The Patient Bathroom

Mr. Giggles - The Entertainer
Method: Lethal Poison Coffee
Suit: Waiter
Location: Carpet Shop Roof

The Virus - World of Tomorrow
Method: Overheating
Suit: Hazmat Suit
Location: Virus Lab

The Ivory White Egg - Broker
Method: Safe Key
Suit: Auction Staff
Location: The Meeting Room

Bag of Diamonds - Fixer
Method: Subdue
Suit: Elite Soldier
Location: The Middle School Entrance

The Laptop - Chameleon
Method: Hacking
Suit: Militia Elite
Location: The Main House Hacker Room

USB Stick - Blackmailer
Method: Picked up from Walter’s Body
Suit: Palace Staff
Location: Near the West Staff Entrance

USB Stick - Warlord
Method: Safe Key
Suit: Hotel Staff
Location: Security Room

The Tablet - Bookkeeper
Method: Lockpick
Suit: Militia Elite
Location: Rose’s Room

The Tablet - Entertainer
Method: Emetic Poison + Subdue the Courier
Suit: Waiter
Location: The Cafe

Order of the Kills (The Elusive Targets are mainly before and after the date of the mission they are based in, or some such as Walter Williams and Kieran Hudson, who were killed during the Fashion Show, and i assume the show lasted multiple days too)

Kalvin Ritter
Jasper Knight
Bartholomew Argus
Dino Bosco
Marco Abiatti
Matthieu Mendola
Kong Tuo-Kwang
Mr. Giggles
Sergei Larin
Owen Wagner
Nila Torvik
Howard Moxon
Kieran Hudson
Walter Williams
Brendan Conner
Gabriel Santos
Dalia Margolis
Viktor Novikov
Jonathan Smythe
Anthony L Troutt
Gary Busey
Francesca De Santis
Silvio Caruso
The Virus
Adalrico Candelaria
Dylan Narvaez
Richard J Magee
Vito Duric
Claus Hugo Strandberg
Reza Zaydan
Xander Haverfoek
Etta Davis
Wen T’sai
Ken Morgan
Jordan Cross
Adeze Oijofor
Richard Ekwensi
Inez Ekwensi
Penelope Graves
Maya Parvati
Ezra Berg
Sean Rose
Richard M Foreman
Pertti Järnefelt
Pavel Fryden
Akane Akenawa
Yuki Yamazaki
Erich Soders
Oybek Nabazov
Sister Yulduz
Craig Black
Brother Akram
Bradley Paine
Klaus Liebeld
Owen Cage


I have never thought to play Club 27 with this particular setup, thank you for the idea it sounds amazing.


No Problem, Glad if it gave you an inspiration.


For me, canon kills would probably be those that do not rely too much on luck and overly complicated setpieces (how could 47 know that, for example, Dalia would fall directly on Novikov, or that Cross would push Morgan out of the window?). I also don’t see chandelier kills as plausible because, once again, too much luck involved. With that being said:

Viktor Novikov: Poisoned drink (Showstopper is too messy)

Dalia Margolis: Poisoned or garroted in her toilet. While Helmut opportunity is cool and kind of fitting (you can use her own poison against her) I don’t think 47 would really pose as Helmut Kruger and walk on stage. Because real Helmut will eventually wake up (or his body will be found) and it will become clear that targets were killed by someone impersonating him, and there’s a lot of footage and photos of 47 on stage that we can’t possibly steal, so basically police will start looking for a Helmut lookalike.

Silvio Caruso: Golf Ball

Francesca De Santis: Golf Coach meeting. Although I would tweak this a bit, and make 47 text her instead of calling (obviously she knows Roberto’s voice)

Virus: Heated up.

Claus Hugo Strandberg: Killed after massage. (I don’t think a fake moose can kill anyone, he would probably just get a concussion)

General Reza Zaydan: Neck snapped by Prisoner 47.

Jordan Cross: Confrontation option, but without actually confronting him (fiberwiring him while he’s trying to turn off the recording).

Ken Morgan: Fiberwired or poisoned in the Queen Suite after escorting him there.

Sean Rose: Explosive watch.

Penelope Graves: Slurry drowning.

Ezra Berg: Experiment gone wrong.

Maya Pravati: Poisoned drink (I f-cking hate that battering ram. Why does it even exist? I mean, obviously, it’s there to represent a car ramming another car, but do they REALLY need it for their training? Very implausible)

Yuki Yamazaki: Poisoned fugu fish.

Erich Soders: Destroyed heart is probably the neatest option.


Very late to this thread but I’m wondering can you tell me exactly where this conversation takes place Pitman?

I have been searching endlessly for it. Is it in the Club 27 mission or another one of the bonus missions in Bangkok?

I badly want to find it.


Spodey can you tell me where about that conversation takes place please?

I have been searching for that and the conversation about Strandberg, which apparently takes place in Bangkok like crazy but can’t find them.


it’s been ages since I played so I have no idea 🤷 I’ll post here if I find it though


Thanks bud. That’d be much appreciated. Just getting back into the game myself. Warming up for Hitman 2 ha


My opinion on these:-

Dalia Margolis: Wired after 47 attending auction. A huge deal is made about the auction in the story so it makes sense for 47 to take a look first hand and this in turn creates an opportunity to wire Margolis as she goes to the bathroom to ask for a background check on Mr Rieper.

Viktor Novikov: Poisoned via bare knuckle boxer using the poison that Margolis drops. It’s very poetic and makes us of 2 opportunities - the poison she dropped and the bare knuckle boxer and it still results in Silent Assassin. It’s also the most flowing method.

Silvio Caruso: I always simply pick the side lock to the room where he does his diary and wire him there as he’s talking to himself as well as subduing his 2 guards. All other methods seem either too long winded or silly.

Francesca De Santis: Again I wire her in Silvios office straight after the previous kill. Other methods seem too silly or long winded. Killing her via the virus seems poetic but it takes her sooo long to get down there

Virus: Heated up. Dropping an icicle on it seems silly.

Claus Hugo Strandberg: Unsure on this one because apparently there is a conversation which confirms which method is canon for him to be killed but I usually wire him when he is walking around upstairs.

General Reza Zaydan: I wire him as he is checking up on the guards who are saying things about him. The prisoner method also seems good but the annoying part is getting the elite guard/major disguise because the guy you get it from drops a weapon and then you have to drop that weapon somewhere which I find tedious.

Jordan Cross: Fade to black in the default casual suit. Just seems like too good a kill to miss out on and the only time in the game when the real 47 talks to the target as himself

Ken Morgan: Drowned in toilet after cleaning up suite for him. This kill is handed to you on a plate and it almost seems like they wanted us to do it that way. It’s the only time in the game you can drown someone in a toilet without poisoning them first I think.

Sean Rose: Wire. I always do a suit only run of this mission because we see 47 leaving in his suit in the cutscene following the mission and there is no chance to leave the house and retrieve your suit if you got changed earlier and I have a great method of wiring all of the targets in this way.

Penelope Graves: Wire as above

Ezra Berg: Wire as above

Maya Pravati: Wire as above

Erich Soders: Killed by sabotaging KAI. In the cutscene following the mission the Providence guy says to Dianna “You could’ve just fired the poor guy” which suggests he was killed brutally and this is by far the most brutal and direct method. You can also do it in the suit/robe only

Yuki Yamazaki: Sauna kill. Timing wise you can do this just after killing Soders using the above method in the suit only so it flows well. The other methods seem too long winded too.