What do you think are the canon kills for each target in 2016-H2?


Accidents would be very convincing as Agent 47’s “style” of killing, but personally I like the idea of 47 facing his targets before shooting them with a Silverballer, or choking them out.

The newspaper in Blood Money seems to compliment that, as 100% of your shots hitting multiple targets confirms the accuracy of the “legendary Agent 47.”

So I’ma not post all the targets here; that would be a waste of my time, but personally i believe Agent 47 killed most, if not all targets with his Silverballer(s), Fiber Wire, Walther WA 2000, and other trademark gear ect, ect, and using accidents if they’re convenient.

These two images usually (if not always) pop into my mind whenever I think of Agent 47 killing a target:


Alright, let’s reboot this for Hitman 2.




viktor novikov: light rig. i know you can’t get SA with it without causing a panic, but it’s the coolest kill in the game.

dahlia margolis: poisoned her champagne as auction staff

silvio caruso: chef marcello serves him spaghetti with expired sauce that you made, making him sick, and allowing you to push him.

franny de sanny: electricution

claus strandberg: drowned after drinking wine with rat poison

reza zaydan: pushed out the window on the second floor

jordan cross: shot in head with pistol after being left alone with birthday cake. body dumped in container

ken morgan: fire extinguisher and breaching charge. lmao fuck this target.

sean rose: fibre wire, suit only (body dragged into the basement to scan his face)

ezra berg: fibre wire, suit only (in that little garage where he does experiments. body dumped into the locker)

maya parvati: fibre wire, suit only (beside the garage where that guy is fixing the car. body dumped into that green container)

penelope graves: fibre wire, suit only (while she’s admiring the clock. body dumped into the wooden box)

yuki yamazaki: badly prepared fugu fish sushi

erich soders: i can easily imagine any of the cinematic scripted kills cannon.

dino bosco: right after he finishes his whiny rant and says “action”, you blow up a rubber duck somewhere. he stands still for a couple of seconds, before getting run over by the robot. lol

mattiew mendola: fortune teller opportunity

kong tuo kwang: blown up with oil lamp

marco abbiatti: electricuted on stage

Oybek Nabazov: gas tank

sister yulduz: circumcision knife

brother aardvark: blown up with scooter

craig black: chandilier in church

bradley paine: blown up with suv

owen cage: pistol

klaus lieblied: pistol

robert knox: robot. it makes sense he gets a taste of his own medicine after diana told me he commited a WAR CRIME in big red bold letters.

sierra knox: car sniped.

didn’t play the other missions yet.


In “The Finish Line” Heidi talks about how Abel de Silva (the drummer), did an amazing drum solo but later woke up in his hotel room with a headache and couldn’t remember a thing. This implies that canonically 47 disguised himself as Abel and throw Jordan of the roof.


Do you remember when Briefings where…well, briefings? looking at maps, pictures of your targets, videofootage and so on?

Now its more like watching an advertisement of your Target.


I prefer the new briefings they are able to tell better stories than staid images, gritty surveillence footage and blueprints. Besides the new one feel like a bit of both (to a detriment)


diana telling me how fucking evil the targets are is pretty absurd


I guess the briefings are just as you say plot-wise, but for the player of today it has to be fancier.
Just like PIP view is nothing 47 actually sees but we do.


Yeah why do we complain about the clarity Diana’s voice over the radion in HITMAN but we wanted PiP back? I mean the screens are nowhere near the camera.


i’m glad we still have target bios though. it’s basically like the old school briefings.


Whats PiP?

I have only played once through Contracts and Blood Money from the older games, and i havent quite finished the first two, tho i have played some Blood Money missions, a dance with the devil, a new life and a vintage year today, so i these things dont stick in my head


Picture in Picture, the cutaways you see when a body is found or when a clue pops up during mission stories in the new game


Here are mine:

Viktor Novikov: poisoned by a bare knuckle boxer.

Dalia Margolis: Garrotted while checking on Tobias Reaper’s Identity.

Silvio Caruso: Golf Ball. Hilarious.

Francesca De Santis: Offed by a private dick.

Virus: Stalagmite.

Claus Hugo Strandberg: Neck snapped during massage.

General Reza Zaydan: Neck snapped by Prisoner 47.

Jordan Cross: Shoot him from the chair (I have yet to do this one, but it sounds like the coolest one. I usually poison his cake)

Ken Morgan: Pushed out the window by the help

Sean Rose: Watch Explosion

Maya Parvato: Crushed by ram

Ezra Berg: Garrotted in the basement

Penelope Graves : Slurry Pit

Yuki Yamazaki: Um, excuse me, can I ask you for some fugu roll?

Erich Soders: Poisoned stem cells.

Bonus episodes:

Dino Bosco: I love killing this sad fuck in his trailer with the battleaxe

Matthieu Mendola: Crystal ball to the head

Kong Tuo-Kwang: Poisoned pipe

Marco Abiatti: Can be anything, as long as you’re dressed as the preist

Patient Zero:

I’ve played this so little and do not care to look up the target names, this “bonus plot” along with its targets were rather lame imo

Mission 1: Poison both.

Mission 2 - Brother Akram: Bullet to the head in his bloodied ritual room apartment

Mission 2 - The other guy: Garrotted and shredded to bits in the church graveyard while waiting for his cult friend

Mission 3 Everyone sniped, obviously

Mission 4 Incinerate both simultaneously


Because it was a stylistic choice in BM and nobody implied that 47 actually sees what we as players see. But briefings are different. 47 is supposed to be watching them himself so it does not make any sense the way it is at the moment.


Hmmm I guess.

Well I am not bugged by it, maybe 47 skips the briefings and goes straight for the written bios.:joy: That is now where the meaty parts of the characters are


This was one of the first things i disabled. no one needed the return of PiP, its just back because it was in Blood Money and IO thinks all we want is shit from BM - see Another Life.

Also i consider PiP in Hitman 2 as broken, while it showed things in BM that you couldnt see, it shows me how i throw Andrea over the Balcony, while i’m doing it.


You can imagine in a film version, 47 actually removes the suppressor from his Silverballers and fires out a few rounds before triggering the light rig and leaving the location with the other panicking people.

In a film version, Dalia would probably be on the runway as well… for expediency. :stuck_out_tongue:


Alma Reynard: pillow smothering

Sierra Knox: victory stage explosion
Robert Knox: car engine explosion

Rico Delgado: Eaten by the hippo
Andrea Martinez: Pushed to death while reading love letter
Jorge Franco: Fall from cliff while reaching for flower

Maelstrom: Barber throat slit
Vanya Shah: killed with the tape as tailor
Dawoon Rangan: Big fan kill

Janus: pillow smothering
Nolan Cassidy: vault explosion

Zoe Washington: Burned alive/stabbed during ceremony (can’t choose)
Sophia Washington: spike trap kill

Some are hard to choose from since there are multiple great cinematic kills for the same target which are on par with each other


I think IOI noted the big positive reaction from the “World of Assassination” trailer and mistakenly thought that’s how everybody wants all the briefing videos to look like.

The moving key art video style used in HITMAN 2016 was more business-like.