What do you think are the canon kills for each target in 2016-H2?


I liked the Sarajevo Six briefings. Animated and lively, yet not too over the top. Perfect middleground.


Alma Reynard: Smothered with a pillow
Sierra Knox: Blown up by Robert with the car bomb
Robert Knox: Pushed after blowing Sierra up
Rico Delgado: Killed with the tattoo gun
Jorge Franco: Ground by the coca machine
Andrea Martinez: Pushed off the balcony and eaten by piranhas
Dawood Rangan: Shot by Kashmirian
Vanya Shah: Shot by Kashmirian
The Maelstrom: Fiber wired during the meeting as Kashmirian
Janus: Smothered with a pillow
Nolan Cassidy: Blown up by the vault’s security system
Sophia Washington: Pushed off the Constant’s tower
Zoe Washington: Burned alive inside the effigy


Well Soders was not killed by just destroying his heart, dats for sure


Most of your canon kills are things I didn’t even know were possible. lol


Maybe that’s why he put “canon” in quotation marks lul


We think along the same lines.

I haven’t fully considered what my canon kills are, but there’d definitely be a few understated, practical ones in there. Probably nothing too implausible or excessively messy (not that I have anything against players who prefer the loud-‘n’-proud approach).


The Canon kills for, Silvio Caruso & Francesca De Santis?

With those Old Giant Static gun things, I forget what they’re called :slight_smile:


Ritter with a silence pistol to the head while Norfolk looks away as per the tutorial.

Margolis is pushed onto Viktor.

Caruso gets haunted and DiSantis is garroted in her room.

Cross pushes Morgan out the window and then 47 pushes him

The general gets a toilet fall on his head and stransbourg killed by falling Moose

Colorado I just don’t care for these characters… why is there a guy dressed like Halloween… just why…

Yuki trapped in sauna and Soders gets to wake up to see 47 put a bullet in his head.


I thought the Cinematic for Andrea Martinez with the love letter was way more canon, he doesnt just shove her off the balcony, he grabs her by the back of the head, slams her face before she screams and then lightly picks her up and tosses her in the river where Piranhas turn her in a cloud of red… I wasnt expecting that when I did it lmao.


you mean the canons? haha the canon kills were “canon” :wink:


well, if you think about it, Diana is really 47s emotion… shes really relaying how she feels… since he himself has zero conscience, 47 himself doesnt care…


Novikov: Neck snap + Thrown in river

Margolis: Poisoned during meeting with Helmut

Caruso: Throat slit

De Santis: Suffocation in virus containment lab

Virus: Heated up

Strandberg and Zaydan: APC Turret

Cross: Pushed off balcony

Morgan: Pushed off balcony by Cross

Rose: Drowned after taking hallucinogens

Graves: Pushed in slurry pit

Berg: Gas explosion

Parvati: “Clipped by a ram or somethin’”

Soders: Killed by Dr. Laurent

Yamazaki: Pushed off balcony by hospital director

Not doing H2. Too much work :expressionless:


A little late to not include season 2.

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