What do you think are the canon kills for each target in 2016-H2?


mate you’ve spent the last two years making troll accounts on a videogame forum


For this list, when there’s an -OR-, it means I couldn’t make up my mind because all the listed options are too good to choose and any one of them might be canon. Also, I have not yet achieved all possible kills in the latest game, so some others might be added or substituted in the future.

Calvin Ritter: Garrote

Jasper Knight: Ejector seat

Harry and Marv: Exploding propane tank

Dino Bosco: Shredded in robot teeth

Kong Tuo Kwang: Electrocuted with light rig and pool

Matthieu Mendola: Fortuneteller crystal ball

Marco Abiatti: Electrocuted on stage -OR- pushed onto church spire

Viktor Novikov: Crushed by Dalia Margolis

Dalia Margolis: Pushed onto Viktor Novikov

Silvio Caruso: Stabbed with amputation knife while watching slides as Plague Doctor

Francesca De Santis: DNA specific virus vial shattered near her work station

Reza Zaydan: Toilet kicked onto his head -OR- pushed into printing press -OR- neck snapped as prisoner

Claus Strandberg: Electrocuted with second floor railing -OR- neck snapped during massage

Ken Morgan: Garrote in basement -OR- pushed out window by Jordan Cross -OR- exploding tuk tuk

Jordan Cross: Shot in the heart with Silverballer -OR- thrown off roof -OR- faulty microphone

Sister Yulduz: Drowned in toilet -OR- garrote

Oybek Nabazov: Fire during demonstration

Craig Black: Pen through the eye

Brother Akram: Poisoned soup

Bradley Paine and Infected Soldiers: Any accident triggered with sniper rifle

Owen Cage: Remote flamethrowers

Klaus Liebleid: Remote flamethrowers

Penelope Graves: Poisoned drink -OR- pushed into the slurry pit

Maya Parvati: Battering ram

Ezra Berg: Exploding canister -OR- poison syringe

Sean Rose: Exploding safe -OR- exploding watch -OR- drowning

Yuki Yamazaki: Fugu fish -OR- sauna heat

Eric Soders: Heart attack -OR- stabbed with arms -OR- blood drained -OR- electrocution -OR- heart destroyed

Alma Reynard: Poisoned air vent -OR- shot through skylight

Sierra Knox: Car tire loosened

Robert Knox: Shot by android

Jorge Franco: Poisoned cocaine -OR- cocaine machine -OR- pushed off cliff

Andrea Martinez: Thrown off balcony

Rico Delgado: Tattoo drill -OR- fed to hippo -OR- submarine dropped on him

The Malestrom: Throat cut with straight razor -OR- run over by a train

Vanya Shah: Strangled with measuring tape -OR- pool blown up -OR- shot by sniper -OR- run over by train

Dawood Rangan: Blown off roof by fan -OR- shot by sniper

Nolan Cassidy: Blown up in basement

Janus: Smothered with pillow

Zoe Washington: Stabbed with dagger -OR- burned in fire ceremony

Sophia Washington: Shoved in iron maiden -OR- strangled with necklace


Kalvin Ritter 1: Garrote
Kalvin Ritter 2: Safe boat on his head (just to change)
Jasper Knight: Ejector seat
Harry Bagnato: Snapping neck
Marv Gonif: garrote (or viceversa, It’s just to change and not to kill both in the same way)
Dino Bosco: robot teeth
Marco Abiatti: church spire
Mathieu Mendola: Crystal ball
Kong Tuo Kwang: electrocuted in the pool
Viktor Novikov: Crushed by Dalia Margolis
Dalia Margolis: Pushed onto Viktor Novikov
Silvio Caruso: killed during psychological session
Francesca De Santis: killed with virus in the lab
Reza Zaydan: pushed in the printing machine
Claus Hugo Strandberg: shoot by the tank (I don’t care about Silent Assassin, I like it and soldiers deserve to die)
Ken Morgan: pushed down by Jordan Cross
Jordan Cross: electrocuted with the microphone
Penelope Graves: pushed down in the shit pool
Maya Parvati: killed during military exercise, with that machine crashing with the car
Sean Rose: making him kill himself while he’s trying the bombs
Yuki Yamazaki: Sauna assassination
Eric Soders: stabbed with arms
Oybek Nabazov: burned during demonstration
Sister Yulduz: stabbed
Brother Akram: Pushed into the sea
Craig Black: pen in the eye
Bradley Paine and infected soldiers: sniped and hidden (not so much things to do)
Owen Cage and Klaus Liebleid: burned in the lab
Scott Sarno: killed with an axe
Gary Lunn: killed with a stalactite
Walter Menard: garroted
John Stubbs: killed with coconut
Patrick Morgan: sniped
Taheiji Koyama: killed with a katana tu simulate a seppuku
Dorian Lang, Doris Lee and Guillame Maison: killed with the big candelabrum
Guards: sniped and one of them killed with the statue
Alma Reynard: electrocuted in the bathroom
Sierra Knox: killed in the car crash
Robert Knox: shot by the robot
Rico Delgado: eaten by the Hyppo
Andrea Martinez: eaten by piranhas
Jorge Franco: killed in the drug machine
Dawood Rangan: shot by kashmirian
Vania Shawn: shot by kashmirian
Maelstrom: stabbed in his room after the meeting with the kashmiriam, to make guards think he is the killer (I like to think then guards kill him to revenge)
Janus: poisoned medicines
Nolan Cassidy: killed with the laser in the safe room
Zoe Washington: stabbed while disguised as Janus, after funeral
Sophia: pushed in spiked coffin


Kalvin Ritter- fiber wired during meeting

Jasper Knight- Ejector Seat

Viktor Novikov - Light Rig

Dalia Margolis - poisened after meeting

Silvio Caruso - killed in therapy

Francessca De Santis - poisened on date

Virus - heated up

Reza Zaydan - prisoner neck snap

Claus Strandberg - Moose drop

Jordan Cross- killed during confrontation

Ken Morgan- Tuk Tuk

Sean Rose - watch bomb

Penelope Graves - slurry pit

Maya Parvatti- ram

Ezra Berg - gas explosion

Yuki Yamazaki- Yoga

Erich Soders - KAI malfunction

Dino Bosco - killed by teeth

Marco Abbiati - pushed on church spire

Kong tuo Kwang- electrocuted in pool

Matthieu Mendola- fortune teller kill

Oybeck Nabazov - burned

Sister Yulduz - drowned

Craig Black - pen through eye

Brother Akram - fiber wire

(All targets killed in accidents on the vector)

Claus Liebleid- icinerator

Owen Cage - incinerator

Alma Reynard - smothered in sleep

Sierra Knox - sniped in race car

Robert Knox - Shot by PAMAS

Rico Delgado - tattoo kill

Andrea Martinez - pushed into pihrannas

Jorje Franco - poisened cocaine

Maelstrom - barber

Dawood Rangan - killed by rival sniper

Vanya Shah - train kill

Nolan Cassidy - security system

Janus - killed by carer

Sophia Washington - effigy

Zoe Washington - strangled by necklace

Holiday Hoarders- double gas bomb

Hokkaido Festival- icicle


Kalvin Ritter Shot in the back of the head during his meeting with Terry Norfolk (as the training mission instructs)
Jasper Knight Sent flying by the ejector seat (seems to be the most plausibly accidental)

Viktor Novikov Light rig (come on, it’s one of the coolest kills in the game)
Dalia Margolis Shot in the head from the opposite attic window while she is in the bathroom speaking with Ezra Berg

Silvio Caruso Posioned with his soup (ties into how ominous Chef Marcello’s conversation with a member of house staff is)
Francessca De Santis Shot in the head from the safe-code room while the guard in Silvio’s office has his back turned (similar to how isolated Margolis is)
Virus Stalactite through the roof

Reza Zaydan Poisoned lunch
Claus Strandberg Escape-tunnel booby trap

Jordan Cross Shot by 47 in the coolest kill opportunity in the game
Ken Morgan Shot in the head in the linen room

Sean Rose Shot in the head in his bedroom
Penelope Graves Old Axe to the head, dumped into slurry pit
Maya Parvatti Hay bale “accident”
Ezra Berg Shot in the back of the head while he checks on his now-unconscious prisoner

Yuki Yamazaki Fugu fish
Erich Soders Heart destroyed, then stabbed repeatedly by the robotic arms

Dino Bosco Eliminated in his trailer

Marco Abbiati Piss electrocution (it’s such a funny assassination)

Kong Tuo-Kwang* Shot in the head with a semi-auto rifle/sniper rifle as he leaves for his meeting with Mendola
Matthieu Mendola Lured into the small carpet storage area, then stabbed to death

Oybeck Nabazov Burned to death during show
Sistee Yulduz Sniper through the presentations

Craig Black Led into the churches shed by 47 as Akram, then subsequently stabbed to death
Brother Akram Lured to his front door by the doorbell, then subsequently shot between the eyes

"The Vector" Either killed accidentally or shot into hiding places

Klaus Liebleid Incineration
Owen Cage Incineration

Alma Reynard Smothered in her sleep

Sierra Knox Blown up by her father
Robert Knox Pushed over the balcony after he kills his daughter

Rico Delgado Fed to El Mijo
Andrea Martinez Thrown to pirahnas
Jorge Franco Kicked off of cliff

Maelstrom Shot in the back of the head while he changes up on the Hill
Dawood Rangan Sniped by the Kashmirian
Vanya Shah Drowned in her special sink

Nolan Cassidy Sniped from the Wilson’s house
Janus Sniped from the Wilson’s house

Zoe Washington Burned alive inside of the effigy
Sophia Washington Kicked off of the castle walls after her meeting with the Constant

Harry and Marv Both poisoned during their “job well done” meeting"

Dmitri Fedorov Blown up and off of the mountain


You’ve mixed up the Washington sisters.

And I’ve gotta say, I disagree with a lot of that.


Mine would be:

Kalvin Ritter: Garrotted during Norfolk meeting.

Jasper Knight: Ejector seat “malfunction”.

Viktor Novikov: Neck broken and dumped in the Seine River after meeting Decker.

Dalia Margolis: Drink poisoned by 47 as Helmut Krüger.

Silvio Caruso: Killed by Therapist 47.

Francesca De Santis: Drinking poisoned wine while meeting Golf Coach 47.

Virus: Heated up.

Claus Hugo Strandberg: Killed by Masseuse 47.

General Reza Zaydan: Neck snapped by Prisoner 47.

Jordan Cross: Killed by 47 after blackmail broadcast.

Ken Morgan: Killed by Jordan Cross.

Sean Rose: Exploding watch.

Penelope Graves: Slurry drowning.

Ezra Berg: Experiment gone wrong.

Maya Pravati: Training accident.

Yuki Yamazaki: Killed by 47 during Yoga session.

Erich Soders: Killed by the Surgeon.

Alma Reynard: Smothered in bed.

Sierra Knox: Poisoned trophy.

Robert Knox: Shot down by PALLAS.

Rico Delgado: Stabbed by Tattooist 47.

Andrea Martinez: Thrown off balcony while reading love letter.

Jorge Franco: “Dr. Livingstone? Excuse me.”.

Dawood Rangan: Shot by Kashmirian.

Vanya Shah: Shot by Kashmirian.

The Maelstrom: Strangled by 47 disguised as Kashmirian.

Janus: Smothered by Nurse 47.

Nolan Cassidy: Blown up in vault by Real Estate Agent 47.

Zoe Washington: Electrocuted during Initiate interrogation.

Sophia Washington: Kicked off Constant’s tower.


These are just how I’d play it, I couldn’t begin to start making a list of what i think the lore canonical kills are


Okay, that makes sense