What do you think are the canon kills for each target in 2016-H2?


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For this list, when there’s an -OR-, it means I couldn’t make up my mind because all the listed options are too good to choose and any one of them might be canon. Also, I have not yet achieved all possible kills in the latest game, so some others might be added or substituted in the future.

Calvin Ritter: Garrote

Jasper Knight: Ejector seat

Harry and Marv: Exploding propane tank

Dino Bosco: Shredded in robot teeth

Kong Tuo Kwang: Electrocuted with light rig and pool

Matthieu Mendola: Fortuneteller crystal ball

Marco Abiatti: Electrocuted on stage -OR- pushed onto church spire

Viktor Novikov: Crushed by Dalia Margolis

Dalia Margolis: Pushed onto Viktor Novikov

Silvio Caruso: Stabbed with amputation knife while watching slides as Plague Doctor

Francesca De Santis: DNA specific virus vial shattered near her work station

Reza Zaydan: Toilet kicked onto his head -OR- pushed into printing press -OR- neck snapped as prisoner

Claus Strandberg: Electrocuted with second floor railing -OR- neck snapped during massage

Ken Morgan: Garrote in basement -OR- pushed out window by Jordan Cross -OR- exploding tuk tuk

Jordan Cross: Shot in the heart with Silverballer -OR- thrown off roof -OR- faulty microphone

Sister Yulduz: Drowned in toilet -OR- garrote

Oybek Nabazov: Fire during demonstration

Craig Black: Pen through the eye

Brother Akram: Poisoned soup

Bradley Paine and Infected Soldiers: Any accident triggered with sniper rifle

Owen Cage: Remote flamethrowers

Klaus Liebleid: Remote flamethrowers

Penelope Graves: Poisoned drink -OR- pushed into the slurry pit

Maya Parvati: Battering ram

Ezra Berg: Exploding canister -OR- poison syringe

Sean Rose: Exploding safe -OR- exploding watch -OR- drowning

Yuki Yamazaki: Fugu fish -OR- sauna heat

Eric Soders: Heart attack -OR- stabbed with arms -OR- blood drained -OR- electrocution -OR- heart destroyed

Alma Reynard: Poisoned air vent -OR- shot through skylight

Sierra Knox: Car tire loosened

Robert Knox: Shot by android

Jorge Franco: Poisoned cocaine -OR- cocaine machine -OR- pushed off cliff

Andrea Martinez: Thrown off balcony

Rico Delgado: Tattoo drill -OR- fed to hippo -OR- submarine dropped on him

The Malestrom: Throat cut with straight razor -OR- run over by a train

Vanya Shah: Strangled with measuring tape -OR- pool blown up -OR- shot by sniper -OR- run over by train

Dawood Rangan: Blown off roof by fan -OR- shot by sniper

Nolan Cassidy: Blown up in basement

Janus: Smothered with pillow

Zoe Washington: Stabbed with dagger -OR- burned in fire ceremony

Sophia Washington: Shoved in iron maiden -OR- strangled with necklace