What do you think of Sgail without robes?

Well here we go I for one hate sgail i really think its my least favorite mission main reason is SO you cant use most of the important places in your suit my first playthrough i loved it cause i didnt see how little possibilities you had the level looks amazing has multiple entrances ledges dungeons pretty much a very good MAP but man does everything else suck in comparison to the level the targets boring the mision oportunities barely have putting things in motion , different ways to complete them , or even different kills on them i mean when i watched a tutorial on how SASO master it i litterally couldnt believe how cheap tactics and kills are viable for them doing this mision SO feels like a Hard ET

but anyway the main reason for this post is my biggest complaint about the map : Well expect the shitty feats is all the disguise requirements mision stories? all need a special disguise some less special than others but still get even remotely in range of the very small area the targets ? nope disguise needed .
ok maybe rule them out with a mision story no disguise again ? enter the fn castle? disguise or have fun holding on to the ledges and few places you can sneak into THIS all could be fixed by ditching the robes and replacing them with passes and invitations well obviously without robes you can sneak into the castle in a suit and blend in the high class party like missisipi in BM but ditching the disguises whould also make a lot of the mision oportunities much more flexible i think it whould make the map somewhat better than it is right now

  • Ditch the robes
  • Keep the robes
  • ya have shitty grammar
  • this post is a mess

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Obviously very unlikely it will happen but it will stay in my wet dreams forever

we could keep the robes. but make it so 47 can access more areas in his suit, but add some suit enforcers so it doesn’t make the robes useless

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Keep the robes. The map is about the Ark Society, a secret club of the super-rich. Can’t have a secret club without fancy robes and outfits.

Besides not every map has to be suit-friendly. After all SASO is supposed to be one of the hardest challenges.


I do agree that there isn’t many places 47 can be whilst in his suit: docks, courtyard: place where the effigy is and that’s literally it. But the Robes are what made it unique. It’s similar to Hokkaido that there isn’t the usual systems for key cards and invitations.

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