What do you want with the next generations of consoles?

I decided to make this topic, which is inspired by the What I would like to see in Hitman 3 topic, so we can discuss the next generation of consoles, from both Microsoft and Sony, and what we want with them and also because I don’t think there’s a topic discussing these consoles anyway.

Here’s a list of stuff I want with the new Xbox:

  • Crossplay with all first-party titles.
    Since Microsoft release all of there first-party titles on PC now, I think it’d be awesome if all of them launched with cross-play functionality. They’re already adding cross-play to alot of their games, but it’d be great if they did it more.

  • Full mouse and keyboard support
    I’ve been playing The Sims 4 with a mouse and it works very well considering that it’s a system that isn’t designed to be used with mouse and keyboard. I’d love for all first-party games to have this kind of support for a mouse and keyboard, especially if they have cross-play. I’d also like to be able to navigate the dashboard with a mouse.

  • VR Support
    I absolutely love virtual reality games. I hope Microsoft eventually release an VR headset for Xbox, similar to what Sony done with PSVR. I’m pretty sure they said they will only release a headset if they can have it wireless, which we know is possible because of the Oculus Quest. Microsoft also already have their Mixed Reality headsets (which don’t actually do Mixed Reality) that they made with HP.

Next, you mean this upcoming at the end of the year or the second next generation?

For Microsoft? Having the choice to choose which dashboard you want.

For the next generation in general, so Microsoft and Sony. I probably should’ve made that more clear.

But yeah, it’d be cool to select which dashboard you want, but I doubt it’ll ever be a feature. The new dashboard they added isn’t that bad though, to be honest.

Yes I would really like complete keyboard&mouse compatibility and customization for all games, because I currently play hitman 2 on an Xbox and I suck at aiming on controller.

Well I am going to buy it first day for sure and with that an additional 2TB nvme ssd with it.
Now if I understood correctly the ps5 will have a slot for memory expand? Or I need to change the whole drive?
Because if so that would be great. Almost 3 tb on the start. I have a feeling games will occupy more and more space.

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I want backwards compatibility with the games I already own. While it seems more than doable with the Xbox Series X, my whole library is comprised of PS2, PS3 and PS4 games and that worries me.

I also want the immediacy they promised with the new SSDs.


I thought new additional SSDs we’re only 1TB? I mean, I’ll take anything since games are so big nowadays.

I am aware they can reach 2tb

Oh, that’s really handy. I’m pretty sure the Xboz only has 1TB additional SSDs.

If I’m not mistaken though, doesn’t the PS5 have less memory built in than the Series X?

For the console to be quiet. So sound reduction. Not sounding like a vacuum cleaner. Specs aside this is an aspect I really want.


From what I understood both consoles comes with a 1tb ssd but there is a slot to add another ssd.
Can someone confirm?

I checked a couple other sites aswell. It seems that the PS5 will only come with an 825Gb SSD but you’re right about the 1TB SSD slots.

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So you just add another ssd and it will merge with the one the ps4 comes with?

So my list if more of what I do not want.
I do not want a major push to more VR type stuff and I don’t want more movement type controllers. Call me a purist, but to me a video game involved me sitting on my couch and looking at my tv screen to play it. Other people can walk by and see what’s going on. I don’t even like rumble controllers and I always figure out how to disable that feature. I know that you can not stop progress and I have played and so enjoy VR, but to me it’s a giant leap and I don’t ever want it to become the norm.

Other than that I mostly just want a smashing awesome new hitman game.

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