What does IO stand for?

After reading old IO interviews all the way from late 1990s to early 2000s, it hit my mind ''What do the company’s initials stand for anyway? Naturally, the employees and members of any given company change over time, so i wouldn’t be surprised if none of the current IO devs knew the answer.

I suppose the best way to get an answer to this would be to contact Codename 47’s writers, Peter Koch and Morten Iversen, or the original founder of IO, Jesper Jørgensen.

I recall there being maybe 1 or 2 topics concerning this matter in the old Hitman Forum. But other than that, fans have seldom cared.

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You know what happen to the last employee who asked?


From my understanding Io-Interactive’s acronym is a play on 101 / one O one. However it’s just speculation, and therefore hard to say I’d there is a deeper meaning or multiple.

Do you think that is how IO treats employees who genuinely think the IO stands for something?

Uh…no, I thought the joke would be obvious. Now Konami on the other hand…


Huh I thought the joke I made was obvious. But now I can’t stop picturing the guy designing pachinko machines going “What does Konami stand for” and the whole room goes silent as they blankly stare at him.

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You always bring things to attention that are extremely interesting but ultimately have dead ends. Like your recent Max Payne main menu free camera video. I don’t know why god has blessed you in this manner but your like the hero we deserve but not the one we need right now. You played the manhunt theme in your kitchen with your keyboard, and as awesome as it was what is the ultimate meaning of your actions, I simply don’t know. Here’s to you HSRGV.


I heard it stands for “Innovative Online Industry”…

Alright jk. Both actual and fictional companies have interesting names.


Io Interactive Shirai


IOI stands for Innovative Online Industries of course.


I remember when Ready Player One came out, they changed their name on Twitter to Innovative Online Industries.

Sounds good, I vote for Innovative Online Industries, even if it’s an evil organization :ok_man:


Funny thing is IOI gets many requests and complains when players fail to complete an ET mission, then Oasis must receive a shit load of complain mail and phone call because of permadeath.

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That’s not the only thing IOI is screwing up:

For people who remember my endless posts about getting IO Interactive to sign away 47’s suits, watches, guns, and everything else to product placement… believe you me… this particular scene made me grin from ear to ear. :smiley:

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Turn On/Off of course


Indigo Orangutan Interactive

I always thought it meant Input Output Interactive

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“Please IOI give me another chance…” whether in the real world or the world of Ready Player One… hahaha. :laughing:

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Is it wrong that I have some sympathy for IOI’s goals in that movie? I mean from what I heard of their plan, it would actually bring people back into a reality they neglected by medicating themselves with digital media.

But isn’t IOI blamed by public for their distribution center? I found it strange that such a big company need many slaves to earn in-game resources, when they can just purchase them with their wealth via microtransaction.