What Does Your Actual Name Mean?


Just thought of a thread people may enjoy. What does your birth name mean? Where did it originate from? Did your parents ever tell you why they chose that name for you specifically?

I also figured this thread could be a GREAT opportunity to learn each others actual names, instead of just your username on the forum.

Mine is Travis.

Originally (according to my parents) my name was gonna be Thaddeus; Ted for short (dodged a bullet there! :joy:)

But there was a show my mom used to watch (some soap opera. Don’t know the name) but I remember her saying one of her favorite actors that stared in it was named Travis. So yeah lol I guess I have that guy to thank (whoever he is hahaha)




Jack a derivative of John its most prominent meaning being: man.


Kim is derived from the Welsh “Cyn” which means chief/royal/etc.


That is nice (I didn’t think you would be Kim) but does Jarbinger mean: ARCHITECT OF THE EXTINCTION OF ALL ORGANICS in Reaperish?


Yes, but partially it’s due to the ancient screen name I started on the forum with and the amusement I get from variety of ways people try to pronounce it since J can be pronounced a J, a Y, a H, or a W.


So your names Kim? Where are you from? Here in the states, Kim is more common of a girls name.

Although, My daughters name is Alexis, and in Greece, I once heard that Its very uncommon for a girl to be named that. It’s considered more of a boys name there.


Dude Warbinger sounds like a much more awesome name.


Could be related to the name Kimble.


Kimble you say?


Ah… Hehehe I see what you’re trying to do… Fool me into giving out my first name!

I ain’t falling for that. Not yet at least… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

But hey, I can give you my middle name.
James. It means “supplanter” or ‘one who follows’… That’s pretty accurate to me, actually.

Fun fact that I decided to look up just now: the Irish (Er, Gaelic) variant of the name would be Séamus. That’s pretty cool.


He’s from North Korea obviously


Rural Australia. I’m named after a book by Rudyard Kipling. The character in the book is “Kimball” but my birth certificate just has “Kim” on it.

I used to work in an online casino helpdesk where the help chat and emails just put my first name, and I had the overwhelming majority of native English speakers assume I was female (specifically “Kimberly”) but the majority of Scandinavians assume I was male (specifically “Joachim”)


I’m not going to share my birthname, but google says it means “Supreme Lord”

@Jarbinger, you may want to watch out

My mother, however, tells me it means “Holy Man”

Either way, I am a devout Atheist.


I think you’re actually Kim Jong Un


Silly rabbit rural Australia belongs to China and India. Especially when the Libs are in charge.


Huh… interesting. Well hey, it’s good to put a name to the face, Kim :slightly_smiling_face: Never heard of the book but seems it may be up my alley. I’ll probably check that out sometime.

But yeah, it’s pretty funny (depending where you’re from) how certain names people automatically assume a certain sex.

Cool stuff. Glad I made this thread, especially considering members here are literally from all around the world.

@TheChicken oh, come on now. Don’t be bashful lol what’s your name? We won’t bite :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m gonna make a side note; I’d like to name my kids after characters from Greek mythology (i.e. Apollo, Ajax) but my girlfriend is not about that. It’d take some convincing just to name our dog that


Dude I love that name! Sounds so badass! Haha I especially like it because the character Ajax in the 1979 film “The Warriors” if you haven’t seen it and are into “gang movies” I highly recommend it! It’s a classic.


my name is rolanda

just kidding my name is gnome and you’ve been gnomed