What Does Your Actual Name Mean?


Ohhhhh snap. You and me, cloves. We know what’s up.

“I’m gonna shove that bat up your ass and turn you into a popsicle!”

Real talk, my next Halloween costume I really want to be one of the Furies.


Dude you just became my new best friend!!!

Haha one of my favorite movies of all time bro!

Dude dressing up as a Baseball Fury would be awesome!

I’m so pissed, recently, the original cast met up at Coney Island to greet fans. So pissed I heard about it after the fact!!!


If I was in a fictional gang it would be a Splatterpunk from Robocop


You outta NYC m8?


You know the guy who said the “warriors come out to play” line got thrown off a ledge by Arnold in Commando


PA… about a two and half hr drive. But if I knew about it at the time, it would have definitely been worth the drive


Ahh. I got fam in NYC and might be visiting soon, was gonna PM you. I know PA is right there on the border with like, what, 3 other states? lol


Yes I do! Another one of my favorite movies actually

Arnold: “Remember when I said I’d kill you last?..I lied”

Aghhggggggggg!!! :joy:


I have always wanted to see New York. Oh shit they need to make The Warriors: The Musical.


You need to blow off some steam Bennett!


Don’t disturb my friend.

He’s dead tired


How much is a ticket from AU? It’s worth it.

There’s the clearance rack though: Chicago, Toronto.

It ain’t the same.


Haha so corny man, but I love it! Arnold is the man!!


Quinn which is from the Gaelic O’ Cuinn (descendant of Conn). The name is derived from conn (wisdom, reason, intelligence).


I have got no clue but I am in no position to travel since Uni is fast approaching plus I still live with my parents.


Okay I have a couple questions:

  1. Is your first name Quinn?

  2. Are you predominantly Irish (ethnically speaking)?


Okay I am just going to have to bring NYC to you once my internship hires my ass


You are going to mug me and jack my car stereo?


Nice try… we know who you are…



" Daniel is a masculine given name and a surname of Hebrew origin. It means, “God is my judge”, and derives from two early biblical figures, primary among them Daniel from the Book of Daniel (see also “God is my strength” cf. Gabriel)."

I’m not terribly religious, I consider myself agnostic so I suppose it is an ironic name. I do have a little bit of Jewish blood though, my great grandmother was a Lithuanian immigrant and I believe the reason for her migration was due to religious persecustion. So maybe it isn’t too inappropriate.

I actually can thank Mel Gibson for my name. He played a character called Daniel in Forever Young, my mum saw that movie when she was pregnant and thought it was a good name.