What Does Your Actual Name Mean?


before I do anything, what is this post referencing?


The stereotypical image of New York being the crime ridden hell-hole it was in the Seventies. Yes I know it is probably not like than now still…


I’m from Detroit, I’ve told you this before. But I can’t recall where in AU you’re from, which I’m sure you’ve told me. So touche, friend.

Lol I was confused because the same reasoning can be applied to Detroit


This is a terrible twist of fate


Oh there probably is still places you can be mugged in Detroit. No city is completely crime filled no matter how gentrified it becomes.

Yep I already made that joke in general news I posted the Kentucky Fried Movie scene and everything.


Well I’m recycling, alright? It’s for the environment!





Recycling bottles is good for then environment, recycling jokes is good for Amy Schumer.


Thank you?

No. No thank you. What’s with the non-answer?


Its funny because Schumer isn’t funny. But as an artist, I hope you can agree/recognize: all art recycles. no matter the medium. The human brain isn’t that creative. Whether it’s steal/copy/inspired by… its all the same.

Real Talk: I never knew you made that same initial KFM joke (I’ve never seen KFM in it’s entirety - just that ridiculous evel knievel scene where hes in the hood)


Yes I know all art is the constant but hopefully effective use of other peoples ideas in a constant cycle of innovation or artistic enhancement. Carravagi, Rock Music and many other genres and styles all take basic concepts and make things truly great.

If I felt as though all my stuff was wholly original or if I never had to rely on the works of others then I think I would fail as an artist.

“If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of giants”-Bernard of Chartres


Well, this train derailed quickly. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Well I will rerail by saying my last name is Tilley. Given my family’s history it either means bough of trees or a contraction of Matilda.



This is defeatist. I think it is this that makes pioneers or those that found new genres or styles (Picasso is a good example, as is Mozart - there are modern examples out there - Hendrix)

It’s like Hitman in a way. Take the expertise you know (which must be vast), and experiment to make it your own thing.


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I thought that is what I said? I must have not been clear. Apologies.

What I meant is that if I though all my stuff was unique and golden and above all then that would be terrible.

I believe I should know my limits and I know that I may never invent a whole new genre like Picasso, Pychon. I believe innovation is not a goal but an occurrence. Innovation comes once I know my limits and try to exceed them, it is not a thing to force


Well… :sweat: Fine.
Screw it. What’s the worst that can happen, eh?

Who am I behind this avatar?
Sullivan. Nickname: Sully.
Apparently in its original form it means “dark-eyed one”, or simply “eye”. It is derived from O’Sullivan, most likely meaning one-eyed or hawkeyed.

It’s not that common of a name, so any chance I get to hear or see it in media 'round the world, I cherish it.
So, you might easily point out characters like James P. Sullivan from Monsters Inc. or Victor ‘Goddamn’ Sullivan from the Uncharted series. Both beloved characters of mine, both regularly referred to as “Sulley/Sully”, respectively.


I think Goddamn is going to be my new middle name.


That’s goddamn right.


That’s the Goddamn Batman!