What Does Your Actual Name Mean?


Hold up. You gotta earn it, pal.


Awwwww, don’t be mad, friend! I’m just asking you to answer the thread without being solely observatory. You’re not required, of course, but as I said, that looks a certain way. So give us a name, then? Surname or whatever, and what does it mean?’’

I didn’t share my name, but I did share what it meant. At least contribute in that way.

No ill will meant, lol don’t get pissed off. It’s notable that I like to use offensive language in a non-offensive way as well, although that doesn’t apply here.


My first name possibly means gift or wealth. But all my friends/ personal acquaintances refer to me by a nickname of my middle name. Please excuse my secretiveness.

Yet, if I had no name, who would I be? Martin Freeland? (That’s not my name.)


My real name is Daniel, and it was named after my dad’s dad, who is now dead. I actually never met him, and my parents have never really talked about him, so he’s a mystery to me.


At least give us the nickname? perhaps a nickname for the nickname?

lol Tetrafish you solved my Slam Dunk Challenge dilemma for me and I will never forget it. I must address you properly with respect!


It’s a dark subject, but do you have any ‘artifacts’ from his life? like writings, photos, possessions? If you’re really curious, you oughta grill your dad on it one night.


My surname means soft and/or delicate. This is funny because nobody in my family is this way, outside of perhaps my sister. If you don’t get on her bad side :).


Mads is the Short version of Mathias and comes from the name Matthæus which means god’s gift/Master’s gift.


Ok so I will tell you I share my name with famous Nintendo character


Is your name Mario Mario? Or is it Luigi Mario? Perhaps Wario Wairo? Or The Artist Formerly Known As Waluigi?


I will tell you that it may be one of those or may not be. I will neither confirm nor deny these allegations.



It is a simple question! Have you been collaborating with Putin and is your name The Artist Formerly Known As Waluigi?!!!


Vladimir is a personal friend of mine. I mean, wouldn’t it be great if we could get along with Russia?


You say that sarcastically but I really would like it if Russia could get along with us.


Listen, they tell me I “colluded” with Russia. But what is collusion? That’s not a word! Collusion isn’t a word, I know all the words, I have the best words, and I’ve never heard of that word!


He knows the short words those are the best ones but sometimes he likes to show off that is when he uses the yuge words, really big words. Sometimes he even pronounces them correctly and sometimes he even uses the words correctly and in the very best context.


You absolutely nailed it


Well thank you. Passive Mode Trump is the Trump I am best at writing.


We should probably not derail this thread any longer lol.

My initials are M.M. Yeah. Take that as you will.


So it is Mario Mario! I knew it!