What Does Your Actual Name Mean?


My real name is Michele, from rhe ancient jewish. It means “Who is like God?”. The father of my mother was called Michele, so I took his name.


I ain’t gonna say my real name but it means “Emperor of East”


My real name is David


Not gonna share my name, only the reason my parents picked it: They liked that name, bc it doesn’t have many diminutives and also only small amount of derogatory variations, so the other kids would have less material to cuss me out with. Rational people. Guess they saw my future quite brightly :woman_shrugging:


cake day more like gayke day



Mine’s Oliver, I was named after a cat my parents had before I was born. Exciting story, I know


I was named after my grandfather who fought the Vichy French in North Africa by setting up explosive charges and cleared out Japanese tunnel bases in Borneo. The town my family is from have his service medals on display.

Sorry I love telling how I got my name. Only reason I take my name in stride.


Well, I mean… the cat was reeeally fluffy… totally not grasping at straws


My grandfather was named after HIS grandfather who fought in Gallipoli (yes that Gallipoli the first grand amphibious assault since the Persian attack on Marathon our nations birth throw), fought in Karithia, crawled for seven kilometers with a gut shot and carved his name into a Great Pyramid with his service knife


Yeah, but… his meow was reeeally cute and… and stuff…


MY cat fought in nam! fucking cat millennials and their safe spaces


You know I think brother’s first name is my granduncle’s middle name. He also fought the Japanese he was captured by the Japanese he survived two months in a POW camp and died building the Thai-Burma Railway. My granduncle might have literally built A Bridge Over The River Kwai.


Even I can’t beat that. You win, sir stupid fucking cat


No I am not a sir but I have this granduncle named Donald and he was this cricketer… (this one is a joke I think)

But everything else is true at least in terms of military service. Might have the names mixed up but still…


Mine is David, a Hebrew name meaning ‘beloved’. I was going to be James, but my parents decided i “didn’t look like a James”, so that became my middle name, and David switched from my middle name to my first name.


My name is Aditya which means the sun :smiley:


Mine was going to be Alexander… I could have been great. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


You also would have died at 32. Just saying all of those victorious battles and Alexander loses his Battle With Alcoholism


Not really. I mean I seen one picture of him, and that was it. I have talk to my dad about, but he also doesn’t know much about him. He apparently died when my dad was 4, so my great grandpa had to raise him.


My name is Matthias. It means “gift of God”.
I’m living up to that name really well.