What Does Your Actual Name Mean?


Really? The same thing was about to happen to me. They just ended up making it my middle name.


Mario: derives from the Latin name Marius, which itself derives from the Roman god of war Mars.

And my surname, Martinović, means “son of Martin”.


Where does “SeanBernowicz” come from, then?


I wasn’t really comfortable with sharing my real name when I didn’t know you guys.

But I did get the nickname “Sean” when I used to live in Ireland, because I was usually the only non-Irish person there. Yes I know, hilarious.


Ah, okay. I was always under the impression that Mario was a strictly Italian name (iirc, you’ve said before that you’re Polish by birth?)


Polish mother, Croatian father.

And Mario isn’t just an Italian name, it’s just much more prevalent there. It’s used in Spain, Croatia, and Bulgaria. One of the most popular Croatian football players is named Mario.


I wasn’t aware of that, thanks :smile:

I’ve always liked Poland, I think it’s the names. They just sound cool, imo


They are hard to pronounce though (if you aren’t Polish)


As a non-Polish person, I couldn’t agree more :smile:


I’ve taken the train over that bridge and up to the mountain cut that those prisoners made in Thailand. Took an audio tour down what was left of the line. A lot of Brits and Aussie’s had left trinkets and flags and stuff all along it. Humbling experience.


Also, I have four names. Yes. Let’s take a moment to thank the airport security for having immense patience.

I prefer to goby my middle name


My Name is Battal. It is an arabic name and it means Hero & Fighter. But I’m not arabic, I am turkish and I was born in Germany.