What Elusive Targets have their own "mission stories"?

I was thinking about all of the elusive targets that were ever introduced, and I was also thinking which ones also had their own “mission stories” (for example: Mark Faba and the meeting, Joanne Bayswater and the business card, Bartholomew Argus and tampering with the set, etc…). Does anyone know any ET that had its own kind of assassination?

To be honest, I don’t think any of Elusive Target has it’s own kill method.
It’s just a few of them are in the right place in the right moment.
Everything other is just up to the player and his creativity

Really only those three that I mentioned had their own “mission stories”.
The Food Critic had an opportunity to have you become the chef, poison the food, and deliver it to Wen Ts’ai, but no, he just sits in a hostile area without a care in the world.
One last thing: did the undercover agent in The Gunrunner have any meaning? I have not seen any significance for the agent.

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I don’t think he has any meaning.
I wonder if anybody even knows who that agent is.
Diana says that he can be killed, but it’s not the best way of completing the contract.
At least because you lose Silent Assassin rating for eliminating non-targets.
I never tried, but with that given, I assume, Diana will say something when you do kill the agent