What happened to immadummee?

What exactly happened to immadummee47?
Does anyone know?
He has erased all his online presence including twitter, youtube, hmf. And he privatized his reddit and ps accounts.
Apparently his twitch channel is the only thing which is still not taken down. He never uploaded anything on ot though and might have forgotten about that.
But why delete everything for?

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He decided to end his gaming life to focus on other things and asked Jarbinger to delete everything he did in the forum to leave no traces.

Good for him I guess.
But why erase your past to define your future?
When did this happened.
When I last noticed his absence from forum his accounts were still up.

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Because he’s not proud of his past. It’s his choice, and we should all respect it.

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Some of his videos were masterpieces. Shame he deleted everything.
Anyway, that was his choice. Hope he’s alright.


You can actually do that? Is it commonplace?

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We can delete all posts or anonymise accounts. There are various reasons why people may request this, and it’s an easy thing to do.

I say it happens a few times a year.


Thank you for telling me, it’s worth bearing in mind.

Ironic that the OP is suspended for 1000 years :joy:

Lucky for you :wink:

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Well I’ve considered leaving without a trace. It’s nice to know the option is there.

You just gonna ghost us, brah? Damn.

We’re keeping your sweaters.

I probably shouldn’t have given you any warning :stuck_out_tongue: I’ll leave behind my Charlotte Courtois post, because that took about 15 minutes of date-checking.

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