What happened to the lighting system in Legacy pack?


Hitman 2 looks so much worse on these screens. That’s really a shame. Why did not they ask the person who had done PZ lighting to do the new one? It was beautiful there. Hopefully, there will be a patch with an expansion like there was one with PZ that will change it for the better.


they ruined sapienza, sad


Hopefully there is more to Sapienza then the lighting system. Hell I would go out on a limb and claim that you could just install H16 if you wanted to experience the vanilla version of the level.


I think a part of the issue with lighting in general is the application of the bloom/glare effect, even if readjusted maps H2 like Sapienza have a darker tint going on (itself I don’t mind). Either needs to be toned down or there being an option to toggle it off.

It’s far too intense in multiple instances, reminds me of its poor use in Battlefield 1 after the botched HDR patch:

It the lighting’s baked into the individual objects, then bummer, but I don’t think so.


But then you lose both the not so new mechanics and the progress for your account in H2.

Even assuming you’re being serious it wouldn’t make any sense as there are many other suits and disguise that don’t feature them.

Indeed, but it’s the logical and only solution to the problem, if new lighting system “ruins” the level as he so dramatically puts it. Which is ofcourse rubbish and an over dramatic reaction, I hope that he’s joking :wink:

The change in lighting could be due to Nvidias new DLSS system that H2 also uses. It might look different on RTX cards like the 2070 and 80.


These comments are baffling. Everyone hated how GOTY Sapienza looks and now that they’ve de-over-saturated it now the previous version was good?


It wasn’t good. It was better than this one.


You sure about that? I saw pics in another thread and it basically just looks like pre-GOTY lighting but with a green tint.

Except it doesn’t. The skybox is different, it is much more contrasting in terms of dark/light areas and the green tint is not as small of a change as you put it.


Oh wow such horror. I totally prefer the GOTY lighting where I legit had to wear sunglasses because it burned my retinas.

That isn’t true. It wasn’t that bad. And I can say the same about the new gloom and blur.

FYI DLSS is only for Anti-Aliasing, has nothing to do with Lighting.

Am I the only one who prefers the new Sapienza look? LOL


It was that bad. The GOTY lighting will live in infamy forever.

This is going nowhere so whatever you say. Both of them are not good though. The original one is not perfect either, imo.

Have you guys forgotten Absolution and how it went insane with its bloom effects?


It wasn’t great either but worked fine for the grindhouse aesthetic they were going for.