What i dislike about Hitman 2016

When i speak of Hitman 2016 or Hitman 6, i’m referring to both H16 and H2.

This list is not in any specific order except for this first issue which i consider to be the biggest one for me. I won’t elaborate much on my perceived issues in this first post. My goal is just to make a topic of my issues with H6 so i can discuss them later on in more depth.

  • Atmosphere: Hitman 6’s tone differs greatly from the previous entries which all had their own personalized mood. Unlike some say, music is not the only element in building an atmosphere for a world, so having Kyd suddenly appear in the project with his own OST would just feel out of place. Keywords for me to remember: 007, Bond, Heroic, Idealistic

  • 47’s portrayal: For the most part, i’d say for about 80% of H6, 47’s personality is in touch with his portrayal in the previous titles so this is not a big issue. But for a die hard fan who also took interest in 47’s subdued yet fascinating personality throughout the series, his slightly out of character behavior is noticeable. I’m just glad IOI didn’t do any too radical changes to 47 as a person. I know very well why this change of character design took place though.

  • Music: This is part of atmosphere, yes, but the music in Hitman 6 is so fucking horrible that i feel it deserves its own ‘‘bullet point’’. Around the time i had mastered all the locations of H6, i decided i’d mute the soundtrack for good, and so have i done.

  • 47’s model & demeanor: The apparent age (or lack thereof), the slim physique and the demeanor were minor issues for me. 47’s appearance had evolved virtually perfectly in Absolution. He looked middle-aged, he had the expected physical marks of what such lifestyle may leave on a man after over a decade of working, his physique and demeanor was intimidating. None of these traits are included in H6’s interpretation of 47 except maybe for demeanor, given his creepy, frozen and emotionless stare which i do think fits the character but i prefer his constantly scanning, cautious posture in Absolution more.

Gameplay-wise, it’s an excellent entry in the series and without a doubt the richest Hitman title in content. I really can’t think of many issues within the boundaries of gameplay itself, which says a lot about the quality. I do miss the human shield, the items you always had on default and weapon customization but there are all disposable mechanics.

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I took a look and to be honest, this thread is not very specific and comparable threads are already a year+ not used. So my answer is a clear “eh”.


What I don’t like is the NPC dialogue commenting on 47s odour. It’s weird, you have a man who wears luxury tailored suits, and remains inconspicuous in crowded areas. I would imagine he’d be somewhat clean and have a largely unnoticeable scent, rather than halitosis and B.O.

I feel it’s certainly graphically the richest of all, but then it should be because that’s a thing of tech evolution in both hardware and software.

In gameplay it does have a wealth of options, save for story missions like Guest of Honor where the pace is very forced.

For me personally, it’s hard to praise it, or should I say this new formula, as best yet. I prefer many locations and a feeling of having a story with broad scope, vs each location being a big playground to experiment with different methods.

I also feel the AI in these new games is oddly inconsistent. When I was experimenting a fair bit with Guest of Honor I found the audio and visual detection sensitivity of the very same guard I was experimenting with changing a lot.

So it seems in these new games you spend as much time if not more experimenting to figure out the game’s quirks as you do to discover different methods. There’s also strange things that happen, like a door you’re waiting for a target at closing just after they get there, yet the lethal item is tossed through it successfully because it locked on before the door closed.

I also think it goes without saying by the huge number of Hitman fans that insisted on waiting until ALL Hitman 2016 episodes were released before buying it, that they prefer a game with more content. To me the ideal Hitman would be a combination of Bloody Money, Absolution, and these new games. I guess in a way that’s the direction they’ve gone, but the content is far too minimal for me.

So much great things, but also a lot of missing things that could be added.

It feels like a great fresh start after Absolution but too empty yet of key gameplay-wise elements that were previously ingame like Human Shields, Money System or Weapon Customization.

It’s a great sequel but they definitely need to go deeper to make it as great as the previous games.

That being said, the real major thing that i dislike about those new games is the Always-Online system.

It’s supposed to be a singleplayer game first of all and almost half of the content is locked through online: no ratings, unlocks, and even some menus not accessible on offline mode.

This is a major issue for me and i hoped that they would improve this for HITMAN™ 2.

Sadly they didn’t and it remains one of my major concerns for the next titles, with the missing classic gameplay elements.

I concur wholeheartedly. While on the one hand I know this is a common trend to attempt to deal with piracy, I also feel like quality games do that best.

I had a feeling when co-op and multiplayer was first mentioned for Hitman it would destroy the game.

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