What I would like to see in Hitman 3!

Hello everyone, I created this topic to share some of my ideas, which would be a great addition to the next game in the Hitman series. I’m fanatic about this franchise, I’m fascinated by games with stealth themes and strategy, for many years this has been the genre in which I have spent most of my time playing, I’m the kind of player that does not care much for competitiveness, I’m just looking for myself amuse hours and hours, doing what I please without restriction, studying hard before making every decision. Hitman to my happiness addresses all of this and even more, its thematic, mechanics and complexity, make me anxious wondering what more developers can offer us in future games. I am grateful for the work that IOI has done with Hitman, the reboot was able to fulfill its purpose, showing that this game is far beyond just a killing game, but a game where his creative freedom is the key for your fun. Well I’ve been playing hours and hours of the newly released Hitman 2, I have to admit that this game is in fact in the Top 10 games of 2018 for me, to play every element, every mechanic in an exceptional way, up to the present moment. There are defects, but even good works are flawed, I say this because I will be stressing every positive and negative element of the game, so that we can discuss which mechanics are good and which ones deserve further refinement. Finally I will divide each element of the game into topics for the best understanding, however some of these topics will be interconnected to each other, because the game itself has complex mechanics that communicate with each other and that connect to form each action of the player.

Artificial Intelligence: AI is a crucial mechanic for a good game, because through it the player will emerge in that virtual world, the smarter it would be, the more difficult and fun the game will be. The AI ​​in Hitman 1 and 2, suffers from the same problems of the thousands of games already launched in the market, in a general way this problem is “IA are dumb”, not coinciding with reality, AI has the role of simulating things from the real world as realistically as possible, many players just as I look for every new game released, a consistent and true challenge. For every dumb AI in the game, fewer players will be immersed. Hitman 2’s Artificial Intelligence in some situations are extremely dumb, I’ll cite an example to contextualize: In the initial mission “Nightcall” your goal is to collect information about an anonymous client and to murder a spy named Alma Reynard, the game offers endless ways to murder, sabotage, gunshots, throwing of objects, poisonings, accidents, etc … In my experience I decided to kill through an opportunity where the target “Alma Reynard” would be preparing to sleep, in short Alma Reynard she would sleep in bed, she would fall asleep, then there would be the option of suffocating her with a pillow, thus killing her target cleanly. But there was a problem with that plan, Alma Reynard was with a companion, they were going to sleep together, so I had to adjust to the situation and create a plan to separate them. I was able to find an opportunity to separate the escort in a non-lethal way, all I had to do was add non-lethal poison to his glass of whiskey. He would drink, get sick and go immediately to the bathroom to vomit, in the meantime I would murder Alma Reynard. Then i waited Alma Reynard and his companion go to the porch to add the poison to the drink that was on a coffee table a few meters from the bed, I add the poison, i hid and waited the companion to drink. But to my unhappiness, I ended up adding lethal poison to this man’s hahahhah drink. My mistake I know !. Anyway while Alma Reynard was on the porch smoking a cigarette before going to bed, the man went to the table to have a drink of that poisoned drink. He died in seconds, falling from the side of the table, as soon as I noticed that I had venom wrong, I was in trouble, it was then that something happened that broke all my adrenaline and immersion. Alma Reynard finishes smoking her cigarette and go back to the bedroom, she comes across the man’s body, enters into alertness and despair, runs to a security guard and notifies her of what she has seen. So far so good, what spoiled the moment was that as soon as they finished talking to each other, Alma Reynard turns around, goes back to the room quietly where the body is, lies on the bed, turns off the television. Turn off the lights and go to sleep. As she fell asleep, the security officer was bagging the body that was a few feet away, the worse that the moment he finished bagging, he turns and walks toward the hall, sits on a chair, and falls asleep too. Then I noticed that the artificial intelligence of this game would be like that of any existing game, the famous AI Auto-Amnesia, that the npcs would be generics without emotions and etc … Note was playing on the Master difficulty. Anyway, I continued playing and noting these slips by the AI, sometimes security guards stopped chasing me out of nowhere, self-amnesia and forgot their companions and blablabla. Hitman 2 created NPCs Good, one notes a great whim in several aspects, from complex dialogues to each other, unique reactions to each player’s action and etc … but he sins in relation to weak AI, who gives up easily, who does not encourages the player to study each npc around him, which does not encourage the player to be precise in his plans. Although the game offers thousands of ways to kill your targets, AI discourages the player from trying something creative and effective. Hitman is a game where you play and replay the same mission several times to have different departures in history, but because of these AI limitations, players are trying to find the simplest way, knowing that they will not be penalized for this. AI Refinement is of utmost importance for the next game.

Power of investigation: Have the security guards investigate even after the attempted assassination, that is to say that they distrust and become more attentive to possible new attacks. Look for clues as to what you look like, the clothes you’re currently wearing, the last places you’ve been, interact with other npcs for information, who actually close the siege, making it harder for each player to move and not simply search the player for few minutes and forget about what happened. That also with each failed attempt of the player, npcs become increasingly difficult to fool yourself, currently when you fail to try to assassinate your target, your target is instantly taken to a safe place, where it waits a few minutes, until the securities clear around the perimeter and tell them it’s clean.

Real Feeling of player penalty and more Mission Failure opportunities: Currently in the game the only way you miss the mission is when Agent 47 dies. when you are compromised ie if you are seen to be killing or committing some crime, you will be chased “for a few seconds depending on the AI” by npcs, who will first try to dialog with you, asking for you to surrender. If you insist on ignoring the warnings, the npcs will resort to hostility, firing every arsenal at you. If you succeed in escaping by hiding, you can return normally to the mission with no penalty. If you do not succeed in the escape you will be killed by shots successfully “Failing in the mission”. It would be interesting to add escape mechanics to the targets as well. If the targets survive the attempted assassination or become very suspicious of a possible attack, have the player suffer penalties, such as an accountant appearing on the screen, indicating that the target is preparing to leave, currently when you fail to attempt to assassinate your target, your target is instantly taken to a safe place, where it waits for a few minutes, until the security guards clear the entire perimeter and tell it is clean. Just make the targets run away and the player has to run against time to killer them, a 10-minute counter would be more than enough for the players, if the target is not eliminated during that time and completes the escape, the game would have failed Mission. Give the player more options of actions in certain circumstances example: when being surprised by security guards asking to surrender, of the option to really surrender to them. Currently the only option is to pretend to surrender, forcing the player to knock out the security and starting a shower of bullets in his direction, resulting in death most of the time. Have the security guards really catch you and arrest, for example: When confronted by a security guard, giving the player the opportunity to surrender, being surrendered and handcuffed, have the security guards send you to a spread police car by the map, this would cause the player during the escort to create new opportunities for escape, giving the player more freedom of choice, this would also contribute to the failure of the mission, in case the player can not get rid of the handcuffs and escape, arriving so until the police car the mission automatically failed.

Security Cameras: Adding security cameras in the game really was a good mechanic implemented, but I think I can still refine it even more. Security cameras today only alert security if you’re doing something criminal in the camera’s field of vision. make the cameras study the player, spreading informations about player to all the security guards, about strange behavior, that the cameras really investigate its perimeter, causes that the player has to eliminate any type of evidence registered by cameras in a more complex form and that this penalize each player if he or she does not succeed, whether it is more accurate recognition by security guards even when changing clothes or even preventing full access to certain places on the map.

Real Coop Mode: Although I have enjoyed the ghost mode and find it interesting how it was implemented in the game, I still prefer singleplayer mode, as I mentioned at the beginning of the post, I’m not very competitive, I do not mind being the fastest killer I just want a coop where I can share tasks with a friend, whether to create distractions, to create joint sabotage, to create meticulous plans, all in cooperation, not for mere competitiveness, just to share ideas and laughter. The addition of a good and real Coop would not only provide me, but to many people a lot hours of laughter and fun.
Bring Dual handguns again, even if it’s unrealistic or does not fit profile of the game, just bring for the old times pls.
Hitman 2 has very complex mechanics that communicate with each other in an exceptional way, in summary, most of the ideas arise around AI, refine the AI and improves practically 90% of the game. New mechanics and new elements, only the future will say. Let me know your ideas of what can or should not be worked on the next Hitman 3.

Other great ideas proposed by the user : elijah786s1

elijah786s1 : - I know that not much will change in hitman 3… But some of my suggestions.

Wish list: (High priority)

  1. Dual Wielding.

  2. Weapon Customization/Attachments (Be able to attach/detach suppressor like absolution).
    i) Maybe a currency system, Where you buy attachments, skins and different types of
    ammo for weapons that are unlocked via mastery.

  3. Blood pool/trail detection.

  4. Arrest/hostage situation (As the lead designer said).

  5. More and secret ratings, this will increase replay value and will encourage different play

  6. Better sniper assemble/disassemble animation.

Other stuff/ideas: (Small, big and average)

  1. Unique weapons and not too many explosives/grenades. (Big)

  2. Injecting syringe option on unconscious npc/target, count as accident. (Small)

  3. New animations for subduing/injecting/executing when a target/npc is sitting on a chair or ground. (Average)

  4. Buttoned up variant for every suit or Custom suit option (Picking a different coat/tie etc). (Average)

  5. A new layer of suspicion where a) You are spotted for doing something illegal and b) You are spotted for doing something goofy/weird, if you keep on doing it (Like crouching, a difficulty specific thing, it should not count against SA, only for a touch of realism) (Small)

  6. Scope zoom option for weapons like the TAC-4. (Average)

  7. Fiber wire working like a subdue mechanic + two or three believable animations, and stretching fiber wire in both hands by holding Q key, This is just a personal preference. (Average)

  8. Improved and believable animations. (Average)

  9. Disarm npcs, and hostage situation when gun is pointed on an unarmed npc/target. (Average)

  10. Guards getting a little concerned about a missing (subdued) guard who is dragged away, a difficulty specific thing, only for guards that are near. (Small)

  11. Being able to refill syringes with rat poison or any other poison lying around. (Small)

  12. Different briefcase skins, like a flower box etc. (Small)

  13. “47 hiding a pistol behind his back” actually having a meaning. (Small)

  14. Small and large briefcase sizes, Fully or semi assembled sniper rifle carried in a large briefcase. (Average)

  15. 47 having “blend in dialogue” after getting spotted, this is so that 47 can get away with some small things through line of dialogue instead of running away like maniac, just for a touch of realism because running away would cause more suspicion. (Average)
    Example: Spotted sabotaging a gas cylinder then covering it up by saying “It was leaking,
    just needed a little fix”. Enforcers/elites might still spot you.

  16. Hitting/knocking npcs with pistol/rifle stock instead of going into hand to hand.

A new “Realistic” difficulty suggestion:

  1. Buying holsters and straps. (No strap = weapons not sticking on back but are carried in the left hand like blood money)

  2. Not able to conceal infinite amount of items and large items.

  3. Visible and concealed weapons/holsters based on different outfits (Concealed on a suit like signature suit but visible on casual outfits).

  4. Coins and other small stuff in pockets. (Limited)

  5. Only two challenges for this difficulty
    a) Completing all levels.
    b) Completing all levels with SA.

  6. All of the “difficulty specific” stuff from the previous “Other stuff/ideas” exclusive for this difficulty.

  7. Npcs/target getting injured if shot in the leg/arm and lie on ground. A guard applying first aid bandage to prevent bleeding and telling the injured npc that medics will arrive soon. Npc/target bleeding to death if not noticed by a guard/npc.

  8. Guards noticing/looking at damaged cameras and getting in alert situation after they find two or three cameras in the same condition.

  9. Destroying recording works differently, 47 still getting spotted by cameras (since an npc is looking at the monitor), so destroying cameras or monitors is also a must.

  10. Guards/npc/target going into a permanent lockdown situation when a target/guard/npc is found dead due to a gun shot wound etc. A backup may also arrive.

  11. Dramatic interaction between 47 and his targets.


Most of it is either too complex for the budget and time they have or just not that good for replayablitiy and freedom of approach.

I’ll read this later, but …

How about the ability to go back to the menu or skip the cut-scenes before they begin when playing story missions? I’m annoyed in Hitman 2 when I finish replaying a level, and I have to start the next cut-scene, exit out of it, and then exit out of the next level screen as well. I don’t seem to remember this being an issue in Hitman 2016, although maybe i’m misremembering. Either way it’s annoying.

Interesting ideas… but it reminds me of a racing game made back in the mid 90’s that had superb AI, real physics, tyre pressures, camber changes, and so on… so realistic for the time.

The problem? It wasn’t fun anymore because it felt like actual work. :wink:


Hey, mate, I suggest you use bolding to get your points across. e.g. ** text **

I personally would like to see female bodyguards or guards in Season 3. Spice things up, make it more challenging.


Please no more randomness. It’s already annoying as it is.

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Sounds like you want a crash course in the art of assassination. That’s not exact what Hitman is supposed to be…

Could not disagree more. Smart and realistic AI has NO place in a game where stealth is an important aspect. They just don’t go together.


i agree. also, if the guard AI is as intelligent as security in real life, it would be so difficult that it won’t be fun to play, and new players will struggle

I always forget to mention this … but …

Why, for the love of god, are agency pickups and starting locations not given the option of seeing their location on the map in the menus! I have to GUESS where the agency pickups are in correlation to my starting position, and while that’s kind of cool for some maps, in others it flat out stinks!

Sorry if this is already a feature and I don’t know about it … :smile:


I want an airport mission.


I agree. I think that depth would add a layer of realism to the take downs. Cant wear those clothes but still needed to get her out of the way.

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Plus 1. ammo capacity written in the guns menu
2. Armed target / fighting back


Why delete this post. It was pretty good.

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Well i think that they are not going change much (i assume).

  1. More weather systems. Rain, heavy snowfall, windy environment, arid dessert etc.
  2. Better inventory management and limit on how much stuff you can carry.
  3. Targets like Zaydan, should fight back and pose a threat.
  4. Better blood pool detection and blood trail mechanics.
    5 Better combat and stealth animations. Hitman 2 certainly has a lot of new animation additions but takedowns, lethal and non lethal are not diverse.
  5. Better weapon variety or more differentiated weapons, not just the looks but actual gameplay difference as well.
  6. Using all the suits in various missions, not just stuck with the glove variant of a particular location specific suit.

maybe not zaydan. it’s been revealed by some guards that he’s not really a soldier. but someone like maya parvati should, logically, fight back


I’m not going to lie, I think the gameplay in the new games is the best it’s ever been. It’s faithful to the original, but feels a lot fairer - and, above all, more fun, more like a playground where the player can experiment with different approaches.
So honestly, in regards to what I want, I’d have to say better level locations. I always wanted Vatican City, for instance, or another level set in England - maybe the Houses of Parliament?
I just want that feeling we got in Blood Money when we were sneaking into the White House. That feeling of 47 moving the cogs of history was incredible in that mission, I would love to feel that again.


This is my favorite hitman to date. Please keep it up IO


Wait how can Pavarti fight back? What is she going to do throw her prosthesis at 47? It seems to me like her shooting arm was what was blown off in the Frances King raid. Sean should fight back though. The problems is that many targets do not have a reason to or ability to fight back.