What I would like to see in Hitman 3!

good to know imagine he turned out to be another clone of 47 who survived.

it’s always been a theory of mine that Mr. X is the Constant. they look so similar. it’s just a matter of if the writers @ IOI can recognize the potential in a plot twist like that.


No, the likely candidate is he was apart of some organization that knew about the Cloning Experience that Ort Meyer was conducting. For all we know he could be apart of Providence given that IO does enjoy retcons and changing things. But being another clone? No.

@cake941 I assumed that too, the second they give Arthur Edwards the briefcase that Mr. X always has is the second the hardcore fans get “confirm” the identity.

the thing is, The Constant does have a brown briefcase (not the exact same, but still). it’s in his tower in Sgail. this could just be a coincidence, but who knows.

i saw this video by @Rieper1 that theorizes that Mr. X is actually Erich Soders. it’s pretty convincing, but it would be too bad if it was true, since we killed him in 2016.

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He knows alot about Ort Meyer and his cloning practice did him and Sergei steal the cctv footage?

(I’d post this joke scenario in the IOI Month. thread, but I don’t want to get too off-topic there.)

Hitman 3 – Safehouse hubs have been added as a way to let 47 relax, train, and social distance himself from the ICA.

When going out on missions, this game’s “Signature Suit” is a full-on Hazmat suit with 47’s iconic suit-and-red-tie printed on top as a cosmetic design.
Oh, and due to a global outbreak, you are no longer able to take other NPCs disguises…

At least 47 can use the sinks to wash his hands now, and not leave them running like the Wet Bandit he so craves to be!

Hitman 3: Patient Zero II


I absolutely love this

1.@MrOchoaThey should have a level inside of IO’s studio and during the time when they are making C47
2.Include a level with agent 17 inside of it

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I just want Co-Op story missions, and also duel wielded silverballers.

Co-Op in story missions would be pretty fun, I do this thing in a lot of games where I send a friend to do stealth or attack loudly around a certain area and I help them from a distance with a sniper rifle. There are hundreds of possibilities for things to do if the story mission had a co-op mode. Knight and Stone would make exceptional characters for this type of mode. The duel wield silverballers is purely for nostalgic reasons.

I would like to see Agent 47 be able to run faster, 'cos now he’s just jogging it’s pretty annoying especially when you want to get away fast.

I dunno if anyone has already mentioned something like this, but an idea I had was being able to carry around a jerrycan that can be used once to pour oil onto the floor; which can then be ignited by the usual means.

Could be made so that carrying it is considered suspicious for a lot of disguises (except for ones like handyman outfits, mechanic outfits, and guard outfits), since randomly carrying a jerrycan around with you IRL might look a bit fishy (although looking at the propane flask, maybe not). Pouring out the can would be a suspicious action for all disguises. Shooting a can on the ground will cause the oil to leak into a puddle, but it will not explode. It can also be thrown about and used as a melee weapon, but cannot be concealed.

The can would be used to set up fire accidents for unsuspecting targets to walk into. They player could shoot the can to set off the flames, or perhaps take advantage of the fact that maybe the target always smokes a cigarette in a particular spot, for example.


this is already a thing in the files, can be activated by modding. would be interesting to see it actually implemented in a map though

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Was thinking something similar with water as well some months ago, making your own water puddles, but I don’t know if the game would become too easy.

Are some of the devs aware of this thread? This could be a really useful tool for them. If not for 3, then maybe future sequels.


Let’s hope it’ll come in S3.

Unlike some cut content in Blood Money never restored, because an animation was missing or something like that, this one seems to be working fine.

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I want the starting 47 suit to have gloves.

There was the cut cremation room from the last level the names of the targets from Contracts to Blood Money being wrong maybe the production being rushed had something to do it.

I’m aware of the crematorium, the content never restored i was actually thinking of though is the Pickaxe.

This cut weapon could be brought to missions with mods, but as soon as 47 was picking it in the ICA crate, the game was crashing.

Here the Jerry Can seems to be fully functional, ready to be enabled.

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In levels where there are more than 1 target, say 3 like in Mumbai, if you kill the first of any of the 3 targets in a non-silent fashion including sniping, the other 2 targets are notified and alter their usual paths. Likewise if you non-silently kill, blow up the second target of your choosing, then the third target will again change it’s pattern and maybe go into an extreme form of lock-down.

Assassinated silently their patterns wouldn’t change, but it could create a lot of variation in gameplay if other targets’ diverted from their original patterns once notified of a threat.

I’d like to see a game that actually works! As of right now, it’s been CTD every single time I play since July. Tried everything in these forums and still can’t get it to work.