What I would like to see in Hitman 3!

It’s kinda irrelevant anyway if youre playing for SA

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That too, outside of being a nice detail there is no reason IO should put blood pools or weaponry systems behind combative targets.

Not really. It can provide some opportunities like jamming the gun so it explodes (something like Sean’s watch in Colorado). And wouldn’t it mean that they have a different AI? Especially for lockdowns and stuff like that.


I would get crucified for suggesting this, but what about a multiplayer mode (PvE and PvP) where you have to create your own ICA agent, with a huge clothing and gear assortment, and with reduced skills compared to the best ICA agent. It wouldn’t be that bad of an idea if the PvE is made to take out targets simultaneously without triggering an alarm, things Agent 47 can’t do by himself. By PvP I’m not referring to TDM or DM, heavens no, but for an improved Ghost Mode where both people don’t have to awkwardly play as 47.

It would be nice to have a weapon customization option ahead to that in Blood Money. Magazine, scopes, laser sight, ammo type, barrels, slides, full auto modifications, etc.

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I would be hooked on that like a louisiana pre marital newborn with meth. Sign me up.

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Simply put, I assume she could and would because she’s a terrifying mercenary who has most likely found enough ways round her injury that she can pose much more of a threat than the average target.

It’s a bit like suggesting that Andrew Lloyd Webber would stop composing if one of his hands got blown off. He probably wouldn’t. Music has some quite good examples of incidents where health issues interfered with ability and the individual found ways around it: Art Garfunkel and Julie Andrews, to name a couple.

Parvati may not be the pirate she was, but, given her aggressive nature, implied skill, and job in Colorado’s compound, we can expect her to be much more dangerous and skilled in combat than, say, Rocco or Silvio. :wink:

The prime antagonist behind HITMAN3 storyline.


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In real life, all highly trained shooters can fire with either hand.

Well go and tell the Maelstrom that!:joy:

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The Maelstrom doesn’t use a gun does he? Or maybe I missed something… I miss a lot of things in Hitman games… things I only learn about years after I thought I’d seen everything. :slight_smile:

Pavartis bio states that she was cast aside by the Maelstrom due to her arm loss. You should tell Wazir that she can actually fire a gun (not that she is particularly well trained we have no way of knowing how her terrorist mother and father trained her) so he won’t dump her since she could possibly fire a gun.

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The Maelstrom was always something of a weirdo. Maybe he has a bias against people with disabilities, thinks she’s a lesser person after the accident.

Or perhaps the incident that took her hand also cost the lives of other people on the team and the Maelstrom fired her for that?

Ahh that is not true because Kale is working with Shah who is obviously traumatised and deluded too the point where she think she is effectively part of the Raj. Not to mention his new gang The Crows seem to be locals and take the dregs sort of outfit. I mean he might have people who can’t read on his crew.

No she was fired at by a PMC operative you can find him in Colorado he states he personally blew off Pavarti’s arm with a grenade launcher.

The guy who did her arm is now on her team?

Wow… I missed so much story apparently.
Irony of ironies in that case.

But yeah I still think there’s probable reason for Wazir to team-kick Maya depending on what actually happened.

That event wouldn’t be the ship boarding mission mentioned in the Mumbai mission briefing would it?

It is Pavarti’s bio states it was blown off in a supertanker raid with Chinese authorities . Rangan’s prior film seems to be based off The Frances King raid (since he is pretending to be Kale and Mumbai Hero is about him taking out Shah) has a dismemberment. Pavarti is mentioned in a will she wrote up to Shah.

Yep near the entry to the demo range I think. Pavarti evens knows he is the guy who did it and tells him nice shot according to his story.

Well the World of Assassination seems to have this “foes today, friends tomorrow” vibe.

Even 47 wound up working for Providence briefly to the extent Olivia doubted if 47 could be made to turn against a paying client.

For all we know Maya planned the Frances King raid and the Maelstrom blames her for the raid’s failure or something.

Years later she finds herself in a militia which employs some people who worked for the PMC that protected the Frances King. It can work.

47, Maya, and that PMC guy all have the same excuse: “It was business. Only business.”

How about let us see these things now? In HITMAN 2? For Jesus’ sake, most of these things were there in Hitmam 2, Contract, Blood Money even Absolution!! Who do all these tricks like they are something new?

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Plot twist, Parvati’s prosthetic arm is outfitted with a shotgun

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Can you explain a bit as to why you didn’t enjoy it

And according to the movie, the loose of her arm somehow resulted in everybody starting to dance.

Rangan’s movie may not be entirely accurate. :wink:

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