(What if) After HITMAN 3 IOI releases "Season 0"

I was thinking recently that with all threads talking about remakes of older games and IOI pretty much saying it’s not gonna happen wouldn’t it be interesting to go with compromise route and release 6 selected missions from older games remade from scratch as additional season after Providence story ends?

As for me, I would like to see:

  • The Lee Hong Assassination & Traditions of the Trade from Codename 47
  • some sort of fusion between St. Petersburg missions from Silent Assassin
  • Beldingford Manor from Contracts
  • Curtains Down & A Dance with the Devil from Blood Money

As for changes and adjustments:

For The Lee Hong Assassination I was thinking that Lee Hong should stay as single target to kill with him routing between his mansion and restaurant. For safe code to make it more interesting there should be multiple ways to aquire it: either from Agent Smith or Mei Ling. Safe location itself should be randomised like in original. Map could include mansion, restaurant and city part with some references to previous missions like park and Cheng Chau restaurant (more traditional and small like in first game) that could be potentially used in bonus missions.

With Traditions of the Trade Hotel Gallard should include closed wing from contracts, some additional shops and attractions. Franz could visit hotel’s restaurant while Fritz could have a funny dentist opportunity with 47 wanting to check his teeth. Of course we also need working metal detectors.

“St. Petersburg Trinity” as I like to call it should start with flashback cutscene showing 47 killing General Rumyantsev with sniper rifle during meeting with other Generals proceeding to briefing with Diana saying that other Generals need to be killed because of their investigations regarding assassination of fourth general. There should be 3 targets: Gen. Makarov, Bardachenko and Zhupikov with map including Kirov Park, German Embassy and Undergroung Base. Opportunities could include dressing as Igor Kubasko to meet with Makarov in private, stealing briefcase from embassy to trigger meeting between KGB Agent and Zhupikov, freeing Agent Smith to make Bardachenko change his routine.

For Beldingford Manor I was thinking about changing time of day from night to evening with guests not sleeping yet. Mansion should be bigger or there could be a smaller mansion for guests with free access for 47. 47 should be one of guests here so he won’t tresspass in second mansion and outside. I don’t have any idea how to make rescuing Giles Northcott interesting however so maybe he should be an optional target after finishing mission for the first time?

With Curtains Down we definitely need Richard Delahunt with actual route and not being glued to his chair until Alvaro D’Alvade dies. Tosca should be an triggerable opportunity instead of happening as a part of the loop.

Finally A Dance with the Devil should have elevators replaced (unless IOI adds them) with stairs. Heaven party could have a long “Stairway to Heaven” while Hell party claustrofobic descenting stairs in cave like setting. Also I think that Eve wasn’t a memorable target so maybe she could work like Maelstrom with randomised appearance.

I’m really interested with everyone opinions and ideas regarding which 6 missions should be remade and how could they be changed to work with current engine and gameplay.

Also sorry for overusing should and could, I’m not so great at English :sweat_smile:


If they go that route, I think it would make more sense for them to provide those as dlc for Hitman 2

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We don’t know yet which direction IOI will go with future content releases, but as long as it’s more content for us I’m okay with it either way.


A bonus Season with five or six classic missions would be a dream come true.

However, my choice of missions would be a bit different:

  • From Codename 47: The Setup & Meet Your Brother as one mission.
  • From Silent Assassin: The Malaysia missions as one mission. Assuming that IO is able to figure out how to add elevators. :grin:
  • From Contracts: Beldingford Manor and/or Meat King’s Party.
  • From Blood Money: Since we already got A New Life, I choose Murders of Crows instead.
  • From Absolution: The last area of Dexter Industries and Death Factory as one big mission.



I think that perhaps they could release it in a kind of Season 1 - esque way - so…
First they release the most popular Codename 47 mission
Afterwards, they release the most popular mission from SA
And they repeat this with all games excluding 2016 & 2018.

This is four missions which is more doable.

It would be released as a standalone game for those without Hitman 2, and for those who have it it would be (in the HITMAN 2 launcher) in either a different section or as a different campaign (i.e. Season 0).

They could get the results for most popular mission in a way similar to how the did it with Mark Faba.

I think that the missions could definitely be a re-imagining, rather than an exact - or almost exact - modern remake. Make it how the modern IO wants it to be and even make missions that had a good idea but were poorly executed, even removing/adding targets if needs be.

I think that a Stairway to Heaven, while it sounds nice, it would become a chore. It would be passable if you could also climb up a pipe in the lift system (ala Rangan Tower), however I believe that IO should stay away from the levels where lifts are quite important (for example, The Shark Club or the Shamal)

IO hints at the Shamal in the briefing for the Austrian sniper mission, I believe. I would love to see that, and a whole host of other levels.

That is an harder ‘no’ than I was prepared for.


I’m still against remakes. But to be fully honest, if they did a remake of any kind is still buy it. It’s my only game franchise. The only game I still play. They could make a game called “hitman the early days,” where all you do is colour in between the lines as the 3 year old 47… id play it.

I am aware about this comment, but it basically answers questions about remaking WHOLE older games, so MAYBE there is a small chance with remaking selected missions, who knows.

I kinda like it though. I love the older games (well, 3 of them) as much as anybody, but I feel like the current team at IOI have made it clear that they are focussed on their HITMAN, and not the past. I think a lot of people see IOI as this big unchanging thing that created all these games, but as we know, the lineup changes all the time, even between Hitman 2016 and H2. I can appreciate that the current team has reverence for the old games, no doubt about that, but those were the babies of a different generation.


My favortie topic, again.
Sometimes Im wondering myself, why people are not so open for a dlc that contains classic missions.

But here we go.

C47: Origins dlc

  1. Mission: “Escape” from the asylum (lvl 10 mastery)
  2. Mission: Sandbox Hong Kong (lvl 20 mastery)
  3. Mission: Sandbox Columbia (lvl 20 mastery)
  4. Mission: Traditions of the Trade (lvl 15 master)
  5. Mission: Sandbox Rotterdam (lvl 20 master)
  6. Mission: The Asylum: Infiltrate, kill Dr. Ort-Meyer and escape (lvl 15 mastery)

Thats actually the best idea; one mission from each hitman game from codename 47 until absolution, like the one and only true legacy dlc pack!

My pick would be;

C47: The Setup with Meet Your Brother. As much as I want to say Traditions of the Trade, we need a romania/asylum mission in such a dlc pack, and nothing would be better than The Setup, Meet Your Brother and Asylum Aftermath (from Contracts) all in one sandbox mission.

Silent Assassin: Invitation to a Party. For me, the best Hitman game out there, with many many great missions like Death of Hannelore or Tracking Hayamoto, but Invitiation to a Party is my all times favorite.

Contracts: The Meat King’s Party. Again, hard to decide. Great missions like Beldingfort Manor or Bjarkhov Bomb, but Meat King is a must have.

Blood Money: A Dance with a Devil. Especially Requiem would be great, but its small and limited, and A House of Cards would be nice aswell, but nothing beats this unique mission.

Absolution: A Personal Contract. Missions like Attack of the Saints, Blackwater Park or Absolution, my favorite mission from the game, could be fun in a sandbox location, I think nothing could come close to a sandbox mission where we can kill Diana. All faked, of course, but still, I’d love that.


Do people really want remakes of those old missions over new ones? We already killed Lee Hong. Twice. I think that’s more than enough. If Hitman 3 receives some additional locations after the story is wrapped up, those could be just a brand new standalone missions.

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I can only speak for myself, but for me, its because hitman has drastically changed from what it previously was, and it would be great to experience content I already enjoyed in a even better gameplay environment. We are talking about locations where some are older than 18 years at this point.


Remaking old levels into new games is a very interesting and exciting idea :+1:

However i’m afraid that remaking these levels into this new engine would drastically change the experience and might ruin the original concept :confused:

The best option would be to remake (again) the HD Collection for next-gen consoles and PC instead and keep the original concept and experience intact:


it’s not that simple,remember that todo that they need to change their engine to do that




The best 3 from the 3 games. Well done sir!

  1. Traditions of the Trade
  2. Invitation to a Party
  3. Beldingford Manor
  4. Curtains Down

I’m not a game developer but wouldn’t remaking a couple old levels cost less and be lower effort than say a whole new season?

They have most of the enemy placements, designs, assassinations, and briefings taken care of etc. Still not easy obviously as it would be a complete remake but for those 4 levels I would easily pay 40$

EDIT: Or they can go the Patient Zero route and just change the time of day in Season 2 maps and come up with something new. Would probably be much cheaper to do.

If they decide to go for it, I would much rather have a complete remake of Codename 47.

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One thing I wish we had in the old games is the mission stories we now have in the new ones. The embassy in Invitation To A Party, Hospital Island, the Villa Borghese, Rotterdam Harbour, Kowloon, the Beldingford Manor! Imagine the kind of extra intel we could get from those missions, on our targets, and maybe even hints at Providence.
There is nothing I would love more than a Season 0 as you’ve described it. But in my heart of hearts, I also know that such a thing will never happen :frowning: so do we fantasize and pretend? Or will that make reality more bitter still, when we have to eventually - reluctantly - return to it?