(What if) After HITMAN 3 IOI releases "Season 0"

Exactly they did blood money so now they just need silent assassin and contracts :+1:

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I don’t know, I’d love a daytime Isle of Sgail, where it was a historical castle. And there are tour guides, ancient displays, reuse a lot of stuff in a new context. Think it could work well

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I like it, but I don’t think the canon would work, because of how old the Ark Society is. [Just did some Googling], the Ark Society was set up in 1991 and so 47 would still be in the asylum when the castle was more innocuous. That said, it could just be non-canon :slight_smile:

Is it ever stated Isle of Sgail has always been the Ark meeting place?

I don’t think that’s been mentioned no, I’m just assuming it has been since Janus set it up. It could have moved there since its 1991 formation. Maybe check the background of the photo from the very first gathering?

What if Sgail is being used only once per year for Ark meetings and as museum and monument for the rest of year as additional means of income?
I mean they do need a lot of money for their “End of the World” scenarios. :stuck_out_tongue:

They’re billionaires, I don’t think they have those worries :stuck_out_tongue: there is logic in your words, though. With the global financial crisis, even the wealthy are having to make sacrifices. I always thought if the Beldingford Manor level was set in the modern day, a whole wing of the building would be dedicated to weddings and corporate events, just to pay for the roof repairs on their ancient ancestral home - something that would have been pocket change back in the good years.
The Sgail castle could be a museum the rest of the year, but with the Ark Society offices and their storage of secret devices hidden behind a velvet rope. Not even Batman can get passed those! But am I right in thinking that the Constant also had an office in the castle, despite not being an Ark member? I can’t really remember the arrangement but can you imagine a tour group going around the museum and he just appears through a side door from the private area?

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Much rather have them create brand new maps, instead of remaking the older ones. The latter would be lazy, uncreative and would even take some of the magic away from those older maps. And from the players side it’s just a strong case of nostalgia.

The new maps like Paris and Sapienza are so much better than any older map it’s not even funny anymore.


I believe nostalgia maps expanded in size and content would be Great. Those would be as good as any new maps if not any better because of nostalgia. These maps would be carrying theme and some major structures from old missions.
This would be a cannon series where 47 remember his past just like in contracts, mission by mission.
I would pay double for these types of maps than any new maps. Take my money IO right now and start working on the penultimate hitman missions everyone in gaming industry would consider best of the franchise.

Haha no, not even close

That is just lazy and uncreative.


How is it lazy ifmaps are multiple in size with additional content that wasn’t there in original missions. Target routes npc routes everything could be new, with little hunt of old ones.

How do you know at this stage?

Because it’s just taking an old concept, and improve it here and there. Creator is still very limited in its creative freedom compared to a brand new map. And 47 remembering his past like in contracts is just that: re-using an idea that they have already done, instead of something new -> lazy and uncreative.

Because the level design in the new games is far superior to any map in the older games, it’s not even close. So unless they completely redesign everything (at which point it would be much better to just go for brand new maps, since the artistic freedom won’t be so limited), it won’t hold a candle to the new maps.

Paris & Sapienza >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> All the older maps

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Creators can choose to apply freedom and open thinking. Only targets are given, everything else has to be built new. I am not talking about remastered or porting.

And that idea is what made contracts “Contracts”. Using same idea is not necessarily lazy or uncreative. Why do you think so? It’s rather innovative approach than regular story of s1,2,3.

Exactly. Everything will be redone retaining the feel and nostalgia. That is what made hitman stand out.

I am not arguing which maps are better here. No doubt Paris and sapienza are top tier in the series. That does not mean IOI can’t top that.

It would have to somewhat resemble the old maps aswell, hence limited creative freedom.

And contracts is just meh. Got nothing on the new games

Using the same idea is not innovative my dude

The gameplay is what made hitman stand out.

I’m not stating they can’t, allthough they would have to put some crazy effort to surpass Paris. But if they want to do so, they need brand new maps. Not revisiting old maps because for some fans the nostalgia is simply too strong.

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Although I believe the new games are a more consistent, enjoyable , refined experience. One thing Contracts definitely has over the new games is atmosphere. I like niels bye nielsen, i really do, but his riffs are nothing compared to the cold clammy disturbing tunes we got in Contracts. Kyds music alongside the dark imagery and tension of the kill is certainly a unique experience.

Sure, but i only care about gameplay

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Yes I agree gameplay is more important , but its always nice to have an immersive & captivating ost accompany the gameplay to give it that seamless experience. Also how do I pronounce your name? Is it 47 with a lisp or For-The-Seven or Forthe-seven? That always confused me lol.

Forty, forthe, frote, everyone pronounces it differently. Just pick one

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Ok so I’ve been doing a bit of thinking. Any remakes of older missions from Blood Money would be a waste of time and pretty redundant because they have been remade in a way.

The Paris map in the new Hitman is very similar to Curtains Down, anybody could see the influence and inspiration they pulled from a Vintage Year for the Colombia missions in Hitman 2, Hokkaido reminds me of a Japanese Flat Line even has agent Smith, Ark Society is similar to Dance with the Devil… I can keep going but a remake of blood money levels is very unneccesary.