What if Hitman 2 was a service?

What if they just kept adding levels to Hitman 2, instead of releasing a whole new Hitman 3? They did a great job with the legacy pack and I’m not sure if there is a need for a new game. What if they kept adding more levels on top of the levels we already have?

Do you mean like an episodic system? Or DLCs?

Episodic, I suppose. I’m just thinking if they add maps on top of the ones we already have, paid or not.

at least you didn’t mean a real life service . . . I don’t know what I make of that idea really, I suppose the way it’s set up kind-of lends itself to an ongoing thing

Of course, new maps means they need funding. Those maps wouldn’t be free, and another expansion pass might not pay enough. So they might just make a Hitman 3 after all. I just found it amazing to be able to play the Legacy maps and the Hitman 2 maps all in one package, it’d be great if they managed to keep that going.

Hitman, in an episodic format? Is such a thing possible?

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Yeah, it’s called HITMAN from 2016.
Possible and very well done. :slight_smile:

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The engine is already starting to feel dated, it’s not going to hold up in three years. A new game with a new engine would be best imo.

The only way this would really work is something like this:

-IOI hosted Streaming Access to ALL Hitman series entries.
-Missions from HITMAN and after now absorbed into “World of Assassination” flagship title.
-5.00 USD per month in perpetuity
-No more DLC. These are implemented as free service updates.
-Engine now centralized can be maintained and updated by IOI including graphical makeovers etc.
-Buying all of Hitman has never been easier! Just sign up!

I don’t think anybody likes subscription games. If the engine is that dated they’ll probably move onto a Hitman 3 of sorts, but probably keep the same gameplay elements from the last two games and eventually expand more on them.

Whatever they’ll do I’ll fully support IOI

I believe marketing a new game would sell more, like they did with Hitman 2.

I shouldn’t expect a new engine, and I shouldn’t expect much changes to it, tbh.

Well, I kind of do. If we’re assuming that Hitman 3 comes out on next gen consoles than it absolutely needs an engine upgrade, if it’s released on current-gen then they could get away with the current engine but it will feel dated.

If they make it on a different engine I assume carrying over legacy locations will be out of the question?

That was the idea with HITMAN™ but the split with Square Enix ruined everything :cry:

It would’ve been a perfect next-gen platform:

  • Game Engine updated regularly (including new features and graphics but on the same system)

  • Monthly updates, content and levels (episodic/dlc setup)

  • A final trilogy with over 20 levels in one game, fully upgraded.

But because of the split and technical problems they were unable to achieve that dream system so instead they made multiple sequels each time different (even if the previous levels are implemented into each new game) which ruined the whole concept of ONE PLATFORM as a whole, aka HITMAN™ :confused:

I’m so sad it didn’t worked, that would’ve been awesome! What a real waste :sob:

That being said, i’m AGAINST trying to force the concept into HITMAN™ 2:

  • Because it’s not the first one, a.k.a the original game
  • Because some new features could simply not work into it (like Human Shields, Dual Pistols, Elevators…)
  • Because graphics and gameplay need to be enhanced into the next level.

I am opposed to games as a service, mainly because it has been done so poorly. I prefer the current style for HITMAN.

As for HITMAN 3 vs. More HITMAN 2 levels “in perpetuity” question, I believe going with HITMAN 3 is the better option. However I’d be stoked if HITMAN 3 included a H1 & H2 Legacy maps, so we could play all the content in one game overall…


If we have to get all the challenges and items again like Hitman 2 legacy, that’d be annoying


This was just asked elsewhere and I’ll say the same thing: it would be marketing malpractice to do that. A new game would get ten times the coverage in the press and on forums than a new DLC pack would.