What is Constant and Zeo talking about at Janus' wake?

At Janus’ wake when ark members come to the coffin to say goodbye, Zoe and the Constant are talking. But their voice are covered by the ark members and there’s no subtitles, so I can’t figure out what they are saying. Does anyone know what they are talking about exactly?

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Zoe: You should know, people are talking.

Constant: People always are, and I am always listening.

Zoe: Cute, so, is it true? Was the old man murdered?

Constant: He died the way he lived, let’s leave it at that.

Zoe: Easy for you to say, some of these morons think Sophia and I had something to do with his death.

Constant: Now why would they think you’d be capable of a thing like that?

Zoe: Forget it, let’s get this over with.


A smoother talker there never was than Arthur Edwards.


It’s the thing that gets you to the thing