What is rule deadline for reply?

If I making post. Is mandatory require for me replying fast away? What if I replying after couple week? Maybe after couple months? Asking because a admin thinking I intention make post for locking when is not true. So many bias. So is written some where have deadline by for reply on own topic? What if I busy? What if having death of love one? Seem some staff member is not deserve for being staff member. Cannot be assume a member intention. Is wrong like hate crime. Note here I will be reply. Going for work now.

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Don’t exactly know what you mean but if you mean your threads get removed after a certain amount of time: that’s because they’re unnecessary.

Any of your posts, threads won’t be deleted, as long as you stay within the rules.
As for replying to something, you can take your time; as much as you need to.

If that’s happening in your life then a closed thread should be the least of your concerns.


If you are talking about our conversation we are having in a PM, then we haven’t touched on that subject. Also I’m not a staff member. I’m a member with regular status and all members with that status can move topics to purgatory.

There is no hate crime towards you or personal vendetta. The reason why a lot of your topic gets locked is because of their nature, often odd, silly and redundant. It often seems like trolling. It might not be the case, but that is how a lot of people see it.

Many of your threads can often fit into already existing threads, use the already existing threads instead of creating a topic for each thought that pops into your head.

It makes it easier for you and the rest of us. Also do yourself a favour and read the forum guidelines and learn to navigate the forum. It will make a lot of things easier.

Edit: I have reopened this thread, to give @Glacius a chance to read the replies. So we might get somewhere.


As again you seeing, some member edit title to be stupid because they thinking my intention for be troll, being useless thread mention. But since now I am possible for reply, what about my machine robot Hitman thread also have being lock? Was lock but members having good input seeing my view on topic. Is why only staffing should be allow for edit. Not regular member. Should be having consequence also for member abusing consequence privilege. Seeming like I am only one for being singled out. I am hav sure other member who intention for purpose troll has not be lock. Seeming like Hitman forum is not for fair posting. If posting also mine fitting for other thread, cannot just move it but instead locking it? Many time I taking careful time for typing up post, sometime all day, but see post only getting lock later? Is frustrat me. Only remember be posting 2 silly post. But after I thinking many post after by me is positive. But member abuse their edit privilege. I believe they need banning or I need reporting them but I haven’t know.


But seeming like is lock for no reason sometime because member is be unprofessional or abuse forum capability. These kind member need being watch also.

Isn’t seem the case so. I feel I making post and member giving positive feedback but I experience rascal member just locking thread cuz judging me wrong. Hitman forum is only place I get lock. No forum else place member have donthis for me. Cuz member other forum game not have capability to edit also locking other member post!

@Glacius you need to understand that this is forum where members are encourage to self regulate. Regular Members have the option to move threads into purgatory, because it lightens the burden for the admins and owner. This isn’t their livelihood and they can’t tackle everything at all given times.

You keep fixating on you being singled out, this is far from the truth. You are not being singled out.

As I have said countless of times, it’s due to the nature of your posts. They are often silly, like 47 fighting his way out of a bathroom with pants, feeling guilty for killing targets because they are “hot”, 47 on Valentines day, 47 theme park or that you want to see Mai Ling recreated because she’s eye candy.

The problem with a lot these threads are that they redundant and doesn’t really invite to any kind of discussion. Many of your threads could easily be a post inside an existing thread, they end up just as clutter.

Read the forum guidelines that I have already linked, learn to navigate the forum and how it works. It will help you a lot and save all of us from a lot of frustration.

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47 theme park I am be serious. Like adult only have theme park. Idea is because new star war area at Disney place galaxy edge. But what have ever. People is not get me fmy perspective. So I just only sticking to general discussion until I feeling is time for Hitman discussion again. Maybe something wrong my brain or I having unique view for topic.

There’s nothing wrong with your brain, your ideas just seem to be out of place, but that’s perfectly fine. Nobody truly thinks the same, so there’s no reason for you to stop talking about Hitman in a forum that’s about Hitman.
Just stick to already existing threads instead of making new ones for every new idea you have, but never stop being yourself :+1:t2:

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Agree :slight_smile: I would suggest that you (@Glacius ) post your interesting questions in this thread. People are open and will listen to whatever you have in mind :grinning:

I knew it! Hitman forum is only forum I experiencing abusive power issue. Is sad. Other forum for gaming I not see this kind abuse. Is sad also unfair. I also see other members is feel the same from when I doing research this forum. Is very mess up forum. What is point for posting anymore. Forum is corrup.


Don’t take advises from Dilbert. He’s a racist troll who been banned countless times… for all kinds of crap. His only goal is to create trouble. He’s not your friend, he’s playing on your emotions.

The reason many of your threads have been moved have been explained many times. You are not a victim, you just need to learn how this forum operates.


You shouldn’t take it so personal.

Many of my posts were also purged in the beginning but that was becauase I didnt know the rules and kept posting nonsense. Like Mads said, follow the rules and guidelines and everything will be fine :slight_smile:

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Ha ha, the irony!

He’s banned now in case you’re wondering.