What is some hidden dialogue that you discovered recently?

I just found out that the two bodyguards in Hokkaido guarding the heart have a conversation


didnt discover recently, but i really like the dialogue in Sgail where they talk about Dance with the Devil (blood money)


Where exactly is that? Never heard it, (or at least can’t recall) I’d like to check it out.


I second this.

Lord @cake941, speak

it’s right when you enter the castle gates, to the right. i think there’s a waiter and a guest leaning against a pillar, they’re talking.


Cool. Thanks bro, going to go find that now. I absolutely love when they intertwine the games together like that. Just like how they mentioned the Shamal Casino in the briefing in the one sniper map. Awesome stuff!


Some time ago I discovered a little conversation between lady who is infected first in Patient Zero mission and one of the guards.
I still haven’t a chance to listen all the variants of dialogue, but there are minimum two variations of their dialogue

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I’ve dug around in Hitman 2’s cutscenes, and I found that there is a very very early audio file that 47 was supposed to read. There is no sound for it unfortunately. All I can get is the subtitle text. But it reads “It’s summer - about mid day. The people here are dependent, pious, and gullible. Going through the garden shed, I’ve put my past down to come back home. This calm life I may have wished i was created into. A troubled soul and skilled hands has found a sanctuary here in Gontranno. It’s about time I head on over to the church


I heard that in his voice from that game, speaking like he does in the confessional :slight_smile:

I wonder what he meant by ‘home’?

That gives even more meaning to the mission name “Gontranno Sanctuary”

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If i have time, I will post screenshots of the subtitle text.

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Credit to @bourbonade for starting and @Rimland for finishing the hunt. Here is Grey’s Informant dialogue:


Well done!

So in order for the pre-Sgail cutscene to make sense, this guy has to relay the existence of the kill switches to Grey but somehow Diana ends up learning about it first. This has some juicy implications.

  1. Diana answers the phone and Guard Guy reports to her? Seems unlikely. Why would he tell her anything? Grey doesn’t seem the type to have an assistant or a girlfriend, and it would be unreasonably reckless to tell anyone less than Grey himself about something this sensitive. Given that this dialogue won’t even trigger if the other guard is in the room, he’s clearly got an interest in keeping his dealings confidential.

  2. Guard Guy calls/texts/emails Grey and Diana is in a position to both know there’s a message incoming and how to check it. We don’t know much about what Diana’s job entails beyond “knowing the enemy” but it seems safe to assume that getting into a potential target’s communications would be very handy. But presumably Grey would still have to be out of the room at least for this to happen, or his instincts would snap to her doing something sneaky. Which means he trusts her enough to leave his phone/tablet/laptop alone with her but she has clearly kept her guard up. Clever girl…


Or maybe that guard told him and Grey was like “yeah thanks, I already know about the killswitch, dumbass” and that’s why that guy has to find some more informations to pay his depts?

I don’t think so. He specifically mentions reporting in earlier we don’t have any other suspects for who the contact on the island is. The information that Zoe is trying to find out who sent the instructions and that the switches arrived that morning seems kind of trivial, not something that would count as repaying a debt in and of itself.


I just watched the briefing again. Diana says “our source on the island just made a critical discovery…” So maybe he isn’t just Greys informant? And so maybe Diana answered the call from the informant first, telling Grey and 47 what he said. So maybe she really has access to Greys phone.

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not really secret but something worth sharing if you go up to the guard in whittelton creek either guarding the gate construction site or the one at nolan cassidy’s house
he will sometimes say this:“sorry sir can’t go through here ya know orders,a_hole you will never get through here as long as im alive now get the F___ out of my face” in other words,he’s rude

Massive thanks to @Generickillz for the hints on the guy´s location (even if the second one was hampered by a memory glitch :grin: ). Without them, I/we would still be running around Sgail like lunatics :joy:

Further on the topic of this thread, I´ve only recently “discovered”:

  • Cassidy´s dialogue with the politician
  • Sierra´s post-race phone calls concerning Khandanyang and Grace Miller´s investigation (which also mentions Francesca de Santis´s death)
  • Robert Knox´s (rather hilarious) thoughts on the future of Kronstadt
  • Andrea Martínez´s conversation with the foreman about the true nature of the water treatment plant
  • Rico Delgado´s phone calls with Grey

Some of these are not exactly hidden, but it made me realize how little time I´ve actually spent stalking the targets in H2…


Good catch with that little briefing ´inconsistency´! The information could´ve also been reported to Olivia electronically (as it´s likely she´s on the receiving end of intel for Grey either way), in which case it´s possible she informed Diana first cause Grey was not there at the moment. As @Mini points out, the briefing says our source, so even though it´s technically Grey´s informant, the info he provides is made accessible to other relevant people (i.e. Olivia/Diana). Or it may be an oversight…

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agent 17? is that you!!!???

Haha, I also imagined Diana using Greys phone like

Grey: “I need to use the bathroom” (leaves the room)
Greys phone rings
Diana picks it up without hesitating
Diana: “Hello?”
Guard: “I need to speak with Grey”
Diana: “Who are you?“
Guard: “Who are you?“
Diana(intimidatingly): “I asked first!”

If I were the guard I would tell her everything now at the latest :sweat_smile: