What is some hidden dialogue that you discovered recently?

I just found out that the two bodyguards in Hokkaido guarding the heart have a conversation

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didnt discover recently, but i really like the dialogue in Sgail where they talk about Dance with the Devil (blood money)


Where exactly is that? Never heard it, (or at least can’t recall) I’d like to check it out.

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I second this.

Lord @cake941, speak

it’s right when you enter the castle gates, to the right. i think there’s a waiter and a guest leaning against a pillar, they’re talking.


Cool. Thanks bro, going to go find that now. I absolutely love when they intertwine the games together like that. Just like how they mentioned the Shamal Casino in the briefing in the one sniper map. Awesome stuff!

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Some time ago I discovered a little conversation between lady who is infected first in Patient Zero mission and one of the guards.
I still haven’t a chance to listen all the variants of dialogue, but there are minimum two variations of their dialogue