What is the best amount of targets for a mission?

Feel free to discuss this and provide examples/reasons for why you feel that way. While I think different maps work best with different targets, I think the best amount is probably two.
While some maps like Mumbai handle three targets really well by having them interact with each other and having a ton of kills for each target, others like Colombia drop the ball a bit by not having any of these. Haven was a bit of a mix.
Two targets offer multiple opportunities for interaction and give lots of kills for each target. I can really only think of three exceptions to this—Ken Morgan is pretty weak as a target and so are the Washington’s. And while Yamazaki and Soders have zero interaction in game, they both have lots of kills and are two very different types of targets.
So what are your favorite number of targets and why does it work the best for you and for certain maps?


It’s not just the number of targets that matters, but also how the targets are positioned and the general map layout.

Colorado is a pretty good example. Sure, there are 4 targets. But 3 targets enter the house at some part of their loop, and the fourth (Parvati) can be killed from the house too by shooting hay bale in the distance. Alternatively all 4 can be killed from water tower with sniper accidents.

A lot of targets is okay as long as multiple targets go to the same area either through player intervention or on their own. Alternatively, if long range (SA possible) kills are available, this can also help on a map with many targets.

For the record, the biggest problem with Santa Fortuna is how random Jorge Franco is. Franco can randomly cough, look at his tablet, or pick a flower at any given time. Makes it really hard to plan for his route. Terrible design choice, hope they don’t do it again for Hitman 3 campaign targets.

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Seriously I would say 2 or 3. Four if you really space them out and develop their routes but it would have to be a large level.


I think it depends on the targets, how easy or hard they are to access on the map, and what the kill method/s might be. I can’t help but to usually have 5 targets in any contracts I make. Not that I’ve made a lot of contracts. Mission wise… Probably 2.

i think 1-2 Targets + 1 Objective is perfect.

Kill Lee Hong + get the Jade Figurine
Kill Ochoa + blow up the Laboratory
Kill the Fuchs Brothers + get the Bomb
Kill Boris + defuse the Nuke



Oh I forgot about optional objectives. If that is the case then I suggest an objective every two levels or so, especially if they are simple “Press X and Do a Thing” type objectives". If you want to do more objectives then I think you should make them more involved.

No, fuck objectives other than killing a dude.

It’s not just that he is random, also his area is pretty lacklustre


Did make for some good contracts/escalations/challenge pack.
As far as the main mission it’s best to just go in and out as quickly as possible because the only thing it has to offer is Franco, who’s a pretty lackluster target anyways.