What is the most difficult kill condition?

So in Contracts Mode you can specify a kill condition.


  • Any Accident
  • Fire
  • Drown
  • Fall
  • Falling Object
  • Electrocution
  • Explosion


  • Consumed Poison
  • Injected Poison


  • Pistol
  • SMG
  • Shotgun
  • Assault Rifle
  • Sniper Rifle


  • Any Melee
  • Specific Weapon Melee (concealable)
  • Specific Weapon Melee (non-concealable)


  • Any Thrown
  • Specific Weapon Thrown (concealable)
  • Specific Weapon Thrown (non-concealable)


  • Unarmed
  • Fibre Wire
  • Explosive Device

The question is, which of these are very easy to execute and which are much harder?

(Obviously it’s very subjective but I’m curious to see what people think)

Depends on map (items) and target. Too much to make a general statement. When you are alone with a target anything is easy.

Yeah I wasn’t very specific in my wording, fair enough

Yeah, if you pacify the target and drag them to the barrel OR cheese distractions to get them there

Unconcealable loud ballistic weapon seems to rule out most of the things that can make a kill easier, with a close second for unconcealable melee.
I guess everything can be cheesed, but a no pacification requirement on the side can of course spice things up further.

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I do mean it as a general statement. Basically this was a discussion going on on an ET thread so I decided to make a new one for this discussion.

In my opinion fire kills are generally the most difficult due to the fact they are non-portable (only other like that are Drowning, Fall, Falling Object, Consumed Poison) and of that lot I think Fire is hardest because

  • Drowning is easily achieved with all the emetic items now

  • Fall opportunities are everywhere

  • Falling objects are slightly harder but I still think more prevalent than Gasoline Barrels

  • Consumed Poison is also v. difficult depending on the target and they must be conscious so it is a strong contender

You can’t always be alone with a target for these, you have to pacify the entire area around which is in and of itself difficult.

What ballistic weapons are unconcealable?

You don’t have to, just place a breaching charge at the oil drum and ignite it this way once the target is there. Or shoot it from afar.

In contrast all other kills besides, gas, oil or poison require you doing a suspicious act right at the target. They can’t be done with witnesses.

But how do you get the target to the oil drum? Not all targets have routing near them

Dragging, luring. The same way for everything else, it is just a longer path usually.

Like I said, general statements can’t be done because it heavily depends on maps and targets. Oil drums may be generally rare, but some targets get close usually. Often even in a scripted way. That can make fire accidents easier than any non-accident kill.

In Mumbai, there are more fire drums than watered toilets. It is also easier to kill Bosco with fire than with fall.

Drowning can be hard when NPCs are mostly going for trash cans to puke instead of a toilet.
These days I found out NPCs will even go to the Hippo in Santa Fortuna to puke on his lake, lol

Consumed poison can be tricky when it’s a heavily populated area when doing it suit-only without a proper disguise.

I think the only safe thing to say: (not exactly answering the specific question because it’s not Contract related, but) the most difficult kill conditions are in not-at-all-practical special challenges, such as throwing the Washington Sisters off the penthouse balcony, dumping all Colorado targets in the slurry pit, the three Santa Fortuna targets to the hippo and so on.
Since there’s no practical way of luring all of them to around those areas, it’s very challenging to complete it and requires a lot of KO’s or civillian kills.

But maybe it’d be interesting to be able to set up these kinds of extreme challenges on contract mode!


Just easy in general

This is hilarious.XD

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It looks like I am the first one to say electrocution is the easiest.Why?Because of the electrocution phone. :slightly_smiling_face:

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But before it appeared?

We are not talking about that time.:slightly_smiling_face:
But ok.Then it could be kalmer+pistol or something else.(You can distract people in a specific place or blind them and do this kill).

I see you get used to new items.
But there were times when it wasn’t any phones, except explosive, wasn’t any Kalmers and other new items that appeared let’s say before Easter or shortly after it.
I wonder how you were killing targets back then :slight_smile:

Kalmer exists before Easter.But if you really want something older,well with a little knowledge of the map I can find propane flasks to eliminate my targets(and if necessary distractions can be used) and if you really want to go back in time I say this:fire extinguisher.

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Is there any melee weapon that cannot be out in the briefcase and is illegal when held? If so, probably that

Cannot be put into I assume? Then yes, the fire axe and maybe the Katana I think.

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Then that . (Assuming suit only contract, anyways)