What is with all this hatred for Hitman Season 2?

I just saw the SASO run of Haven Island by CJ and i know that, for whatever reasons i can’t understand (unless if it’s for the bugs, but if i’m honest, i never found so many bugs as a lot of people says, but that could be just me) he hates Hitman S2. But what i didn’t know is that a lot of people in the comments was going to agree with that statement.

That can’t be good for IO and i’m sad, because i find H2016 and H2 the best Hitmans ever, everything done before (imho) i can’t play because they feel too old or too rusty, but these two are just what i always wanted in a videogame. I just hope Season 3 finds its way through casual players, pro players and nostalgic players.


Number one: Don’t worry about a little bad press.
Number two: Is there a link to this video so we can assess what was actually said?

CJ deletes his streamings and there is where he says what i’m talking about, and i don’t want him to be bashed for any of his opinions, it would be stupid. So… sorry if this is a “not cool” thread :frowning:

I just wanted to talk about some of the bad comments i’ve seen about H2 since it came out

Well… every game… even the mega-popular ones like FORTNITE or OVERWATCH will also attract many detractors.

I recall a Japanese statement about things like this which read something like: “People can say a lot of things, but I find the future eventually takes care of itself.”

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I don’t hate Hitman 2 at all, but I definitely think that the previous game was much better in terms of gameplay balance, map and mechanics design and dollar value. So I can see where criticisms come from.


Well, people, who played 2016 a lot, really miss some key or just awesome game mechanics in 2018…shouldn’t keep you or anyone from enjoying 2018 tho :wink:

2016 was an awesome game…but 2018 has its perks too like the constant flow of new content, also the two new maps (Bank and Haven) are just amazing :blush:


I’m actually amazed that there was a lot of gameplay difference at all. I went into HITMAN 2 fully expecting that it would only be a slight evolution of what came before.

if i am being honest, then i will say that season 2 was a downgrade in many aspects. i hate how the game won’t let you get frisked at all if you are carrying something illegal. i hate how when you pick up an object while dragging a body, you stop dragging the body. i hate how you have to manually place the breaching charge on the door in order to open it. i hate how explosions in general don’t always open doors. i don’t like the new yellow view meter. i don’t like that you cannot bump into an NPC to stop them from checking out a distraction. i also feel that distractions in general are more consistent in season 1. and most of all, i fucking loathe the new electrocution phone even though i don’t have to use it, because it is literally handing the player a free kill, when the point of hitman is to use your brain and puzzle-solving skills to assassinate your target without getting caught, and this phone just fucks up that idea.

but enough of my tangent. my point is that there are lots of reasons why people think season 1 is better. i still think season 2 is great, but i feel the mechanics of season 1 were better


You’re free to read through the comments to see that OP is either confused or exaggerating.

My streams do not get deleted. They get archived in a playlist (the videos are unlisted, but the playlist is public and visible to everyone) so that they do not clutter my uploads section, and that people can find the good stuff on my channel without having to sift through a year’s worth of weekly live streams.

The last stream contains in depth discussion about all the things I am disappointed with. And is still public. I was under the impression that my rationale was pretty level headed and cited many examples to support my feelings.

I prefer Season 1 for many valid reasons. As do many of my friends who put a lot of time into season 1 to come to similar conclusions.


This one? Didn’t watch it yet, but it’s a SASO run of Haven Island by CJ. :smiley:
EDIT: Oh, CJ was faster … sigh

I actually think Hitman 2 is better gameplay wise, I don’t care for the bugs. I think the best change is that I can pick up things while running.
The UI is much cleaner and easier to read.

But I am no hardcore Hitman player like CJ, I’m just a guy who enjoyed the old Hitman games back in the day and is happy that he is able to continue playing this franchise. :slight_smile:

Just don’t use it, as you said.

Don’t care how other people play the game. If they want to use the electric-phone, let 'em use it.

Even the emetic unlocks that were integrated a few weeks back are an “easy-kill method”. I used them for Angel of Death (the remote emetic thing) and it was fun but also totally lame. Which is the reason why I won’t use it anymore at least not for ETs.

I play Hitman just with a gun, fibre-wire and coins / lockpick most of the time and rarely use the unlocks.

Let people just play the game how they want. And please don’t start your argument against me with “But the leaderboards…” :wink:


Me too. It is unfortunate that my feelings get interpreted as contempt… when they are more about disappointment and frustration.

I’m also the poster boy for being an Absolution lover, when the rest of the community has corroborated it’s the worst piece of trash in existence. I don’t see any threads about that though.

Regardless… the comment section of my video is not even remotely close to being a representation of the theme of this thread.

Literally one person said ‘H2 is better than S1.’ I responded “No it really isn’t.” 8 people thumbed up my response. But apparently this is proof of a H2 lynch mob congregating in my channel. When most other comments were from people who were just happy to see a new video from me, and who enjoyed the route. And mostly from people who genuinely enjoy the game.


Because it’s Hitman 3 beta and Hitman 2 beta despite it’s flaws was more stable

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Hitman 2 is better for most players but speed runners are obviously going to prefer a lot of the strats they grew attached to. This can’t be helped, they’re two different games after all.

I’ll always prefer H2 because it’s just H1 but with more content. However, it does make me sadface that old strats aren’t in H2 because that means CJ doesn’t play it as often. Of course some things like fire extinguishers I’m glad are nerfed for balancing reasons but breaching charges and terrorist attacks didn’t need to be changed


It has nothing to do with strats no longer being possible dude. It’s the whole gameplay as a whole. 2016 was just way smoother and more consistent, with a lot of tiny stuff just being better. Like explosions always opening doors on a consistent basis, being able to pick up stuff while dragging a body, inventory management way smoother, no dumb delays for opening a door when you just detonated something + another 1000 small things that mostly speedrunners notice.

Very little to do with strats, and far more to do with the total gameplay experience


I just played for 12 hours straight on saturday!!!

IMO Nerfed FEs don’t really balance things considering the other items that have taken their place.

Also RIP terrorist attack. That mechanic was responsible for some pretty amazing things.

Also the thing is, with all the new items they added in, speedrunning is what actually brings a challenge to the game. It’s gotten super casual. It’s a fact.

Another thing which drives me away from learning this game seriously of course is that, every single thing is always subject to change.
Oh you found cool strat, next patch and boom obsolete.

I returned to S1 one day when I had to reinstall it to get my Legacy Pack again, and have to say I don’t plan on doing that again. Season 2 feels a lot smoother and polished already, and that’s quite a feat considering its young age relative to Season 1, which is by all means a finished product. S2 will still be patched and I trust the tiny things mentioned here, which on my playthroughs I rarely notice, will still be fixed.
There was a focus on what was bad, but a lot of things have improved as well. Targets no longer counting as spotting witnesses once killed, sniping mechanics are more acceptable than before, the introdcution of the briefcase, now the sedative syringe that’s coming up. I could go on and on really.


There are hard flaws with the glacier 3 engine. Nuff said. They are just gonna keep applying bandages and it will reach a point it won’t be something appealing anymore.

It wouldn’t matter much if it probably didn’t try to be a subpar assassination mmo and we would have something we’d know for sure is worth investing our time to.

I could go on longer listing things that were better in season 1

Well relatively speaking. And tbf a lot of the stream was you talking or watching YouTube videos. Was kind of comfy.

Yeah the phone for example is just as cheap and needs to be made into an actual item and not a cheat

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