What is your favorite mission in Blood Money

I’d imagine most people are gonna say A New Life. If your favorite mission is A New Life, then what is your second favorite?

My favorite is Flatline. Here’s my speedrun of it https://youtu.be/IxWGXYRVjvw

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The Murder Of Crows.


A House of Cards. It’s always felt so very classy and Hitman-esque to me. And such a wide range of ways to kill the targets and play different roles.


A vintage year is the mission I prefer

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A dance with the devil. The whole eyes wide shut theme

Murder of crows and curtains down. Both create a great atmosphere.


You better watch out… Nothing beats assassinating people as Santa.

Curtains Down is a personal favourite


A New Life, just to speedrun. So hard to choose haha.

House of cards
20 characters:/

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A New Life. Don’t know why. It was very fun to play

Curtains Down has a nice atmosphere, but it’s very limited in the opportunities to kill the targets, shame.

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A Dance with the Devil. A spectacular mix of both types of evil worlds hitman lives in… the high society big shots, evil in the spotlight and gritty and dirty ends below, where evil lurks in shadows.


Beautiful description. Also, the shark death is one of the most cruel accident kills in the series.


You better watch out or a vintage year

It’s a tie between “You better watch out” and “A dance with the devil” just for the themes.

I love party themed levels in games going way back to Duke Nukem 3D (still one of my fave games for pure level design) and I also like snowy levels for the soft colours.

A tough one. I remember loving A Murder of Crows because at the time I was blown away by the huge number of NPCs. It really felt like you were actually a hitman blending into the crowd. When you had to follow the courier with the suitcase, for once it really felt plausible because there were so many people on the level. And it was a great twist that you also had to foil an assassination.

And Dance with the Devil and You Better Watch Out because both added a bit of sex and glamour to the Hitman universe. I love the gall of having a level basically at the Playboy Mansion, and as mentioned above, the hedonistic, behind closed doors nature of Dance With the Devil.

And although the execution wasn’t perfect (too linear), I thought Amendment 25 was conceptually a great end level.

As you probably figured from my avatar, my favorite is Dance with the Devil. It’s just so over the top and surreal, but also fun as hell. My second favorite is House of Cards. Vegas suits the Hitman series well, I think.

A New Life because I love to kill @Vinnie_Sinistra


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