What is your favorite mission in Blood Money

i prefer welcome to hope.

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Murder of Crows due to random target placement and having a time limit to deal with, and House of Cards due to being able to pretend I’m Neil McCauley killing Waingro.

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the one i like less is the one i have the record: flatline… but the best idk, changes from time to time. anl, cd, adwtd…

A new Life … HAHAHAHAh

I like ´´A House of Cards´´ the most :smiley:


It’s really hard to choose blood money had some really nice levels.

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ADWD and YBWO (1st place and 2nd, respectively)

A Dance With The Devil was my favourite. What an amazing contrast and unique level design! Go to heaven for the climate and hell for the company :wink:

Then, in order:

You Better Watch Out
A New life
A Vintage Year

Actually they were all pretty fun, because if you played them right they were hard as nails for the first few playthroughs.

I really liked that stuff happened whether or not you were there…I really miss that. THAT was a living, breathing world.

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As opposed to what we have now? Because, apart from a few triggered scripts, it pretty much blows all other previous entries when it comes to a “living, breathing world”

That’s what I was getting at. Triggered events detract from a living, breathing world. When you put in triggered scripts, it becomes a scripted, triggered world.

There aren’t that many and I don’t find them relevant enough to take me out of the immersion. I’ve been a bit p*ssed with triggered events, but I can’t say I find Blood Money more of a “living, breathing world” than this one - even with triggers weighting on the decision

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I think that was the joke :stuck_out_tongue:

Till death do us part: most humor, Easter eggs, and ways to kill the targets.

I’m definitely doing a run through of blood money tomorrow even if it’s just a quick one.

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My favourite was always The Murder of Crows, and after 11 years I finally uploaded a video of the mission! This seems like the only kind of appropriate place to post.

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Curtains Down is definitely the one I remember the most.

I’d swap out the prop gun for a real one so the actor does the job on target #1 for you while you watch from the back of the audience and wait for the other target to come running down towards the stage and then you push the detonator to drop the chandelier on target #2 and quietly walk out the front door. Silent assassin with two accident kills.

Would LOVE if IO decided to remake this level in Hitman 2 or pretty much any of the Blood Money levels!

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Murder of Crows, man!

I’d always take the waiter’s room as my own in the hotel, and you gotta get that extra suitcase full of cash!

Flippin Mardis Gras, silly bird costumes.

Unforgettable atmosphere

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A tie between Death on the Mississippi and New Life.

Hard for me to choose really. Pretty much every mission has something about it that makes it great.

My personal favorites would probably include A Vintage Year, The Murder of Crows, You Better Watch Out, Till Death Do Us Part, A House of Cards, A Dance with the Devil, and Ammendment XXV.

A Vintage Year I’ll always hold a special place for being my first real Hitman mission I’ve played. I remember feeling intimidated by how large the level was and how seemingly heavily guarded it was. I kept thinking “How am I going to get into that house?” “How am I going to get that disguise?” ect. Coming back to it, I can do it with relative ease now. It’s a great mission to show how far you’ve come as a player.

The Murder of Crows is when I really got into the game. The stakes were higher than they ever were before and I was essentially under an invisible timer. I wasn’t sure if the assassins were going to try anything drastic even after I intercepted the briefcase, so I had to be quick and decisive. It was the first mission to really push me out of my initial nervousness and hesitation and play like a confident Hitman.

You Better Watch Out felt like a cool down mission after The Murder of Crows. The tension and adrenaline from that mission gets replaced with a relative calm and serenity as I’m placed in a Christmas party looking for a way to get to my targets. It was at this point, I felt like I finally understood the game and was able to get through it without too much trouble. Plus I love the general feel and atmosphere of the place.

Till Death Do Us Part just has this special spot for me as well. Perhaps being it’s because I’m a romantic at heart and enjoy the idea of ruining some asshole’s big day. Plus there’s so many different ways to tackle this mission as well. For me, I remember taking my sniper rifle up to the attic and waiting for the bride and groom to get to the altar, I watched as 47 puts together his rifle as he’s bathed by the light of the sunset pouring into the attic, and then (after a few failed attempts) taking the shot and then bolting out of there.

House of Cards is another level that I really like. Lots of different ways of tackling the objectives, disguising yourself as Schmutz and beating down and killing the sheikh, calling him from the scientist’s room and sniping him, or sneaking into Schmutz’s room and rigging his DNA briefcase and blowing them both up. It’s very elaborately designed.

A Dance with the Devil. Such a gorgeous level. The contrast between the Heaven and Hell parties, the multiple approaches to going in, killing your targets, and having to deal with other assassins as well. The fact that if you time everything right, your targets practically come to you is oddly satisfying. Really drives home the fact that 47 is both a social chameleon and an experienced killer.

Ammendment XXV is a level that is a bit more linear in comparison to most of the other missions, but I love the general atmosphere, getting to kill the Vice President (whether it be my first time where I sniped him towards the end of the mission, or killing him first by ambushing him after he came back from his walk), and of course getting to chase Parchezzi while running through hallways filled with panicking FBI agents and employees with the sprinkler system on was a visual treat.

I’d probably also add Requiem on the list as it’s a pretty great way of finishing the game, but I don’t really consider it a regular mission. Just a nice little send off both thematically and mechanically for the game. I love how the objective is to essentially kill everyone. Leave no witnesses behind.

It’s interesting to add how one of the said witnesses happens to be a priest. Which after playing through Silent Assassin, makes the mission a bit more impactful. Despite 47’s previous friendship with Vittorio, he doesn’t hesitate to kill another man of the Church. It kind of shows how far 47 has gone down the path he’s chosen and it does make me think about what would happen if he had made a different decision at some point.


I have to agree with you. So many great levels in Blood Money! It’s hard to choose a favorite!