What kind of missions do you want in H3?

‘Kind of mission’ is a very broad question so I don’t really mean locations. I think the actual mechanics/objectives of the level are a much bigger deal than the set dressing that is the location. So here’s what the past games have done.

In the main campaign of Hitman 2016 we got

  • 2x One Target (Training, Final Test)
  • 4x Two Targets (Paris, Marrakesh, Bangkok, Hokkaido)
  • 1x Two Targets + Objective (Sapienza)
  • 1x Four Targets (Colorado)

In additional Hitman 2016 content we got

  • 2x One Target (Icon, Landslide)
  • 1x One Target + Objective (Vector)
  • 2x Two Targets (Source, Patient Zero)
  • 2x Two Targets + Objective (AHBOS, Author)

However most of the Patient Zero missions added a new twist; the targets meet and one will leave; sniper mission; a virus can infect NPCs and make them targets.

Then Hitman 2 came along with (including main mission DLC)

  • 1x One Target (Hawkes)
  • 1x One Target + Objective (NY)
  • 1x Two Targets (Miami)
  • 2x Two Targets + Objective (Whittleton, Sgail)
  • 3x Three Targets (Santa Fortuna, Mumbai, Haven)

So Hitman 2 definitely veered from 2016’s predominantly basic two target missions. Also; Mumbai introduced a hidden target (similar to The Fugitive ET); New York introduced alternative objectives (retrieve the data from the vault or 2 additional NPCs).

The were also special assignments and sniper missions in Hitman 2

  • 3x One Target (Mumbai, Miami, Whittleton)
  • 1x One Target + Objective (Santa Fortuna)
  • 1x Two Targets (Siberia)
  • 2x Three Targets (Himmelstein, Hantu)

Though the special assignments weren’t a lot more than permanent ETs for the most part.

So the question is what do think or want from missions from Hitman 3? It’s already inferred from the Dubai trailer there will be two targets. But would seeing as this is the close of the trilogy will we hunt the Partners in one target missions?

There’s also be a lot of ETs across both games where in cases IO has tried out new mechanics. So are there any special mechanics would like to see?


I think I’d like Hitman to start of big and then with the story progress more to lower targets. So

  1. Two Targets + Objective
  2. Three Targets
  3. Two Targets
  4. Two Targets
  5. One Target + Objective
  6. One Target

But add interesting mechanics to the last two levels so they aren’t dull or short. Then with none main story DLC they can add missions with plenty of targets.

A part of me feels this is sacrificing gameplay for story but I don’t know :man_shrugging:

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I’d want the missions to be unique and memorable, and with everything in particular (gameplay, storyline, etc.) to make the missions stand out on its own. Locations like Paris or the Bank were fantastic because they were unique in gameplay and design. It’s the essential reason Hitman as a game is as popular to be still played after 2 years since launch. People always recite Hitman as “that game where you slap people with fish”, and honestly it just works because no other game has done that before.


i just hope that each level is unique somehow. the mechanics started feeling really stale when Haven came out. the 3 targets with their own personal bodyguard is just too tired for me. (3 targets in general, i dont prefer it)

i hope they will (for the most part) stick with a combination of 2 objectives. whether that be 2 targets or 1 target 1 objective. instead of adding variation through numbers, add variation through mechanics. make whichever objective you complete first actually matter. kind of like how in Sapienza, destroying the virus before killing DeSantis changes her route (although, hopefully more in-depth than a route change)


I hope to see some more variety in level tone, weather, day and night. Also smaller levels, in the same spirit of ‘Another Life’ and I could do without levels like Colorado.


im, admittedly, a bit worried about the weather / time of day of the levels. as the darkest entry in the trilogy, im expecting some darker levels. i know it’s “common” to make darker levels literally more dark, but that doesnt make it bad :smiley:
so far, what we’ve seen is mostly sunny screenshots. i think the only dark place we’ve seen so far is the cinematic Hong Kong in the trailer, and we dont even know if that’s a location.


If that was within IOI’s standards, it’s that they would use their weather / time of day adequately. Not that it would help, but I don’t think every location would be all at night or all at raining. I don’t think it’s much to worry about, and I know IOI is better than that.


Yeah same, I was quite surprised by Haven tbh because the Bank tried to mix things up with it a little and I expected the same from Haven. But it ended up being almost identical to Santa Fortuna (in terms of large flat level with 3 targets; 2 in private areas and 1 as a roamer)


two targets and one target missions are my fav. I prefer only one target over two. I do like the variety though. I even like the variety of objectives here and there. Anything is fun once. I just hope they don’t load up targets and objectives in all the maps. I find myself playing landslide, showstopper and whatever Miami is called the most. I can’t say how I’d like the break down of the next game bc there are far more things that go into making a level good or not than simply how many targets it has. AHBOS for example is a great level but it has 2 targets and a usually simple objective. World of Tomorrow is a great level with 2 targets and a usually more complicated objective, but is largely saved by the map and the depth of the targets and ways to approach them.

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One time with Contracts was enough. Don´t get me wrong, I enjoy the atmosphere of that game as much as the next person, but still prefer variety. Anyways, here´s hoping for a proper snow level to finally put all that winter gear into use…


I’m hoping for at least 1 single target mission in a solid level, its partly why i adore New York, and why I find Colombia tiring and long.

Whilst Colombia is the bigger, arguably better designed level, I have spent considerably more time at the bank than santa fortuna, partly because the level is so tight, if that makes any sense.

I look at Colombia, and see a long and somewhat tedious mission, I look at new York and see guaranteed fun.

I hope this made some sense :upside_down_face:


I hope if there any objective, it’s not static or boring.

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How I’d split the objectives


  • Whittleton Creek Clues
  • Sapienza Virus
  • Blair Reddington’s Notebook
  • The Maelstrom


  • Bank data
  • Author Virus
  • Sgail’s Constant (tho could’ve been better utilised)

Tbf tho, boring objectives can be interesting on the first playthrough and then ignored using contracts mode later so :man_shrugging:


I think the players perception of interesting vs not interesting objectives is really impacted by if it’s tedious or not.

You have the author virus as interesting and earlier I said AHBOS was a great level even though it has the objective. The virus and the plans are really the same though. You must either go to where the target died to pick them up, or you can subdue the target and kill them later. We don’t find this tedious so we like it. World of Tomorrow virus, by comparison, is more tedious. It’s in a spot separate from the targets. You have 3 ways to destroy it, but 1 is very time consuming, one can be or not depending on the difficulty level, and the other is probably not intended by the devs (shoot it from the elevated part of the cave). In all cases you must travel to this spot. Clues in Vermont and clues in Colorado are the same “you must travel to a spot or spots.” The Sgail thing is 1) optional and 2) can be collected at the feet of a dead target. The bank is a specific place, but you also have the option of getting it off the 3 dead (or subdued) bodies so people tend to not hate it.


Hmm that’s a really good point. In concept I think I prefer the idea of collecting a thing in a static location (like the Sapeinza Virus) so I’m not sure why I dislike it in the actual game

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Kinda agree with what @cake941 said. I hope most of the missions stick with 2 targets. 3 is cool if it works, but if it isn’t necessary then don’t do it. 2 targets also makes for a more relaxed player experience from my perspective. You can just chill out and focus all your time on what you’ve got without worrying you’ll waste hours planning to kill 3 - 4 targets without being spotted, and making your plan work.

Also, I would like sort of ‘retrieve briefcase’ objective. Wether this contains something valuable or a bomb is up to IOI.


How about retrieve certain Jade Figurine in the Hong Kong Mission?


I mean a item wouldn’t be bad either. The implementation of the Jade figurine in Hitman C(47) was executed quite well imo. Making it spawn in one of many safes, and changing its spawnpoint, was pretty unique and challenging. Something like that would be cool, if it makes sense.


like dat ting in C47 and Contracts when dat mofokin statue was all randomized n shiiet. Dat ting cud spawn anywhere so there wuz sum RNG element in deez gaems and shiiet, dawg.

Colorado is a pretty nice mission, considering the size of the map, 4 targets actually makes sense here, no long runnings across one edge of the map to the other, and an amount of targets that matches pretty nicely the size of the map.

Also, Ezra Berg is one of the easiest targets in the 2 games, so the mission isn’t that horrible imo as others think it is, it’s alot of fun imo, and one of the best missions.