What levels would you bring back from the first 4 Hitman Games

If there was a level remake expansion pass what levels would you guys want to bring back from the old games for me id have

  1. Invitation to a party (Silent Assassin is great but hasn’t aged well IMO)
  2. Dance with the devil (My fav hitman mission)
  3. Meat kings party or Beldingford Manor (Love the dark vibe of contracts)
  4. Traditions of the trade (Amazing level and the legacy cinematic makes me want it back)
  5. St petersburg stakeout (love the level and Russia hasn’t been explored in the new games)
    Edit: Forgot to add the Malaysia levels from SA id love them combined into one

If I don’t get to see a remastered A Vintage Year then fuck me


Codename 47’ s Colombian levels and Hitman 2 Silent Assassin’s Japan missions.


Beldingford Manor, You Better Watch Out, Any of the Vegas levels, (I know absolution isn’t apart of this, but) Streets Of Hope or “Something Something” Park. Probably the first level of SA.

The older hitman games (C47, SA, Contracts) have acquired tastes to them, but that is solely from the unforgiving difficulty and mechanics. But regardless with how primitive they are now, I love them.

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Belidngford manor , A murder of Crows , House of Cards, Traditions of the trade and one of the asylum levels could be fun remastered as a flashback maybe?


Invitation to a Party
Basement Killing
Beldingford Manor
The Lee Hong Assassination (it was the deepest and most complex level in Contracts for better or worse)
A Vintage Year
A New Life
House of Cards


Oh yea and Traditions of the Trade

Without a doubt, Beldingford Manor. It’s surprisingly similar to the design of current Hitman levels.


It’d have to be Hidden Valley for me

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St Petersburg Stakeout
Meat Kings Party
Beldingford Manor
The Murder of Crows
A Dance with the Devil

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I actually want to see death on the Mississippi remade. It could be like a giant cruise ship or something with at least five targets, no mission stories and few challenges for each of them—it’s mostly about the player making their own methods and improvising

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St Petersberg but with all missions combined into one map. The embassy and party at one end, kirov Park at the other, and tube way torpedo base underneath it all. Sergei meeting the first general at stakeout in the middle.

One large mission, four targets.

Also Malaysia, but with the towers as one combined level. Finally get that skyscraper level!


Are we talking full on remakes or merely a reimagining? Because I don’t think the first one would work all that well. But I would certainly like to see some of the older concepts get a new life. Murder of Crows comes to mind. Counter assassination carried out in a highly public location with semi randomized targets would should work really well. Plus, including a sniper target would require a map with a lot of good sniping positions.

Love the OPs selection.
Just realised how “Invitation to a Party” feels like a prehistoric Showstopper. Makes me love the thing even more!

Anyway, my selection:

The Lee Hong Assassination
Say Hello to My Little Friend
Traditions of the Trade
Plutonium Runs Loose
Meet Your Brother


First (and third) Game: The Setup, Meet Your Brother and Asylum Aftermath combined into one mission.

Could be a flashback mission that explains 47’s backstory to new players, who’ve entered the franchise after Blood Money. Obviously there wouldn’t be a mandatory gun fight in the basement. Instead the 48 Clones could serve as the guards of the area. There would also be multiple ways to kill Ort-Meyer. Why not sabotage his equipment so that he electrocutes himself when he’s ranting over the loudspeaker? Another way to kill him, would be similar to how it happened in the original with 47 pretending to be a 48 and then snapping his neck.

Second Game: Basement Killing, The Graveyard Shift & The Jacuzzi Job

What can I say, I want a skyscraper level? :wink: The Malaysia mission were very memorable to me. Especially the first area with the business lobby and the second one, where you had to sneak through the office. Obviously not going to happen because Hitman can’t into elevators, but one can dream.

Third Game: The Meat King’s Party & Beldingford Manor

Both very atmospheric levels with a lot of potential. Especially Meat King’s Party because it would be a really dark level we haven’t seen in a while. Unlike others I don’t think Hitman is too bright or clean, but an (evillllllllllllll) S&M party in a slaughterhouse is something very unique. Unfortunately Hitman also can’t into rain, but at least it would be night.

Fourth Game: A New Life (wait, never mind :wink:) & The Murder of Crows

I’ve picked The Murder of Crows because of the festival atmosphere. Could be a fun map with better graphics and more stuff happening inside the level.


Damn, this is like choosing between your parents or kids.


Is it too much to ask for the classic ‘Yame’ alert to make a modern day appearance?
Goosebumps just thinking about it :grinning:


No love for You Better watch Out?

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The heaven and hell party one

I want them all, dammit. Well, I guess I should make choice after all.


  • Plutonium Runs Loose. You think I’m insane? Well, it’s my favourite mission in game and one of most favourites in the series. No kidding
  • Traditions of the Trade.
  • Lee Hong Assassination.


  • Invitation to the Party.
  • Basement Killing.
  • Jacuzzi Job.
  • Terminal Hospitality.


  • Deadly Cargo.


  • The Murder of Crows. Already filled with opportunities, it has a lot of potential
  • House of Cards.
  • Flatline.
  • A Vintage Year.
  • A New Life.