What " role " would you like to see 47 take on in future titles?

Could also lure her to the managers office for an discreet takedown! She should have the soccer mom haircut.


“The ad says $15.49, but the sign is $15.99!!!”


Another one, it would be so dumb that it could be great:
Producer on the set of some reality TV show, Bachelorette style (don’t judge my trashy guilty pleasures). Trying to take down some contestant or producer, possible kill opportunities could include manipulation, setting up conflicts amongst contestants or exploiting the sensationalism of the producers.

Kinda like they did on UnREAL, so suicides, possible kill outsourcing by jealous contestant, drugs, accidents on set or during the challenges… All while trying to keep that pleasant gentlemany TV facade. And even 47 disguising as other contestants could work without it being a problem bc of cameras, since the fact that the guys in these shows all look the same is already a running joke.

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A Clown
20 clown 47s

Yeah as you are no doubt aware I have decided to not take this seriously. So here is another list.

The Amazing 47-o! the Master of Illusion



Dragon Trainer

International Man of Mastery

Gary Busey’s Long Lost Twin Brother

47 Was Mark Faba The Whole Time!:open_mouth:


Dinosaur Cloning Expert.

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I fully support this idea as long as we get David Bateson recording a voiceover line saying, “Did you see that? He French Fried when he should have Pizza’ed. If you French Fry when you Pizza you’re gonna have a bad time.”


You spelt it wrong it should be “baaaaad time”.


This makes me think there could be a personal shopper opportunity. Show them some nice outfits then sneak into the changing room and game over.

Well… To set this up, we’d first need a Circus mission.

So, the roles could include…

Ring Master
Animal Trainer (leave cages unlocked so dangerous animals could escape, or plant raw meat on targets)
Clown (not Corky, but something more… elaborate)
A member of the Set or Prop team (opportunities involve sabotaging equipment used by the performers)
Concession Stand worker (poison food and drinks)

These things aren’t necessarily what I’d like to see 47 do, but I think they could be interesting.

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Uh I have more that I want to see implemented.

Metal Guru

One-Eyed, One-Horned Flying Purple People-Eater

Conductor of The Choir Invisible

A Hyper-Intelligent Shade Of Blue

A Whiter Shade Of Pale

King Of Pain

The Sixth Beatle

Kaiju Costume Actor

Transvestite Street

I had quite a few in my Created Bonus Missions run:

Roles featured:
-47 as Bank Executive Maxwell Hausen
-47 as a Swan Lake ballet performer

Roles featured:
-47 as a deranged Michael Myers-like psychotic killer

Roles featured:
-47 as a IAGO assassin (Helmut Kruger)

Roles featured:
-47 as Thrash the guitar-playing rock god.
-47 as the Axe Kicker, hardest metal musician in all Europe

Roles featured:
-47 as KGB director Ormov Grodinkel (friend of Arkadij Jegorov who is not a target this time)

Roles featured:
-47 as Richard Freeman (aka: The Chameleon, aka: ET No. 16 from Season 1)

Roles featured:
-47 as hostage negotiator
-47 as overambitious TV News anchor

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Those are some abstract professions there but none of them will ever match the weirdness of what I can come up with.

Sounds familiar!
Hitchhiker’s guide? Or some old school adventure game?

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The first one. The Hoodovoo I am not sure of the spelling but the points the same. Also Hitchhiker’s was also an old school adventure game. It was text based and really hard they say.

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I can’t handle the cuteness that would be 47 in a rubber Godzille-esque outfit, stomping around a tiny model city :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Exactly why I put it on the list despite being the most rational occupation I have listed aside from apiarist.

I rather not see 47 take the role of a character which stands out. (Like Ted Mendez, Sheikh Salman Al-Ghazali, Salvatore Bravuomo etc.) Litterly people which the target knows and should recognize when you show up as them. Makes zero sense. Taking the role of Helmut Kruger, Oscar Lafayette and Jason Portman however is cool because 47 looks like him and almost no one will notice. This leads to funny situations.

In my opinion there should be more over the top kills connected to regular disguises. The bigger, cinematic kills in the current game are almost all linked to special characters. Simpler disguises could also cause extreme kills. Like a technician/plumber guy turning open multiple gas pipe’s causing a whole room to blow out of it’s joints when the target lights a sigarette. Or, like in Miami, a docter who injects poison in the targets blood. Or, like in Sapienza, a flower delivery dude who puts the target in a woodchipper machine. I don’t think we need more ‘special roles’ to be fulfilled to get cool cinematic kills.

Actually no-one at Kronstadt ever saw Ted. Knox called off his initial meeting with Mendez and in return Mendez is now making Robert fetch him. Makes sense to me.

Oh the fun that could be had in a circus location, I highly endorse this idea.

47 could be one of those dog trainers who train and sell dogs for security or protection etc. He’d give his demonstration of the dogs attack capabilities ending with him ordering the dog to maul his target. Would make sense for the kind of people 47 kills to be buying trained dogs.


Reverend (street preacher)- can preach in public to blend in
Politician-can stop people in the street and alter their path
Athlete-people will follow can lure them

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