What’s your default loadout for each location?

As suggested by @HungaryHippoe I’m making a thread for us to partake in one of my favourite little Hitman habits - where I make location-specific loadouts that I think fit best with that location. You can post yours below but as you’ll see when I list off mine I like to keep it with the default suit and some variation of what I feel is the ‘signature’ loadout:

Suit - Tuxedo with Gloves
On 47’s person - The Silverballer, a gold coin and measuring tape
Why? - I feel like with the consideration this is a very expensive and exclusive fashion show 47 would bring a little flair to his loadout with a shiny piece of cash. I don’t think the patrons of Paris would go for a dull looking coin. The measuring tape is to fit with the fashion show going on in Paris, of course the fibre wire is legal but I feel 47 would pick something that’d blend in and he could use while in disguise to go along with the fashion theme of The Palais De Walewska.

Suit - Italian Suit
On 47’s person - Silverballer, classic coin and fishing line
Why? - I don’t choose the gloves variant by default because I don’t want sunglasses on in the night missions. Fishing line is pretty self explanatory for a coastal town, folk will just think 47 likes to fish. I chose the ordinary coin, originally I had the classic as it’s just a regular town really and it has regular coins, same with Marrakesh. It’s not an event filled with rich people like Paris. That’s why I chose it.

Suit - Summer Suit with Gloves
On 47’s person - Silverballer, coin and fibre wire.
Why? - Nothing we’ve unlocked of the coins and garrottes so far really speaks to me as being indicative of Marrakesh as a location. Bronze coin is close but I also might want to do the fortune teller Easter Egg so I don’t pick that as I want to keep track of what coins I have easier.

Suit - Casual Suit with Gloves (when I get it)
On 47’s person - Silverballer, gold coin and white earphones (when I get them)
Why? - Originally I had ordinary wire for Blood Money vibes but the level doesn’t really have BM vibes so I’ll replace it with white earphones. These fit the theme of not only a hotel where you’d take them to use while relaxing but also the fact there’s a rock band there. Gold coins for the same reason as Paris, it’s a very well to do hotel.

Suit - Tactical Gear
On 47’s person - Silverballer, bronze coin and fibre wire.
Why? - I use the Tactical Gear as default as like with sunglasses it changes the outfit a lot to have the hat there, I have to be in the mood for wearing the hat so to speak. The bronze coin fits I feel because it’s a very muddy place, having a coin that resembles the damp dinginess with its browner colours makes sense in my book.

Suit - VIP Patient
On 47’s person - Silverballer, gold coin and QuickDraw.
Why? - The QuickDraw came as part of the winter sports pack and as we only have one snowy sandbox so far it only fits on Hokkaido, and vice versa. The VIP Patient is because the Yukata changes the default suit too much, as always.

Hawke’s Bay
Suit - Tactical Wetsuit
On 47’s person - Goldballer (when I get it), bronze coin and fibre wire.
Why? - I used to have the silver coin and all that to make up a very silver loadout, which made sense what with the suit. However, with the Goldballer coming out I changed it to a bronze coin to fit with it being a militia infiltration aka Colorado. I guess then it’ll be a Gold, Silver, Bronze loadout. I plan to use the Goldballer for all the H2 locations because I like the idea of using one kind of Silverballer for the H1 locations and then when I reach H2 it’s another baller when I’m doing my occasional story marathon.

Suit - Florida Fit
On 47’s person - Goldballer (when I get it), Classic Coin and fishing line.
Why? - Florida Fit with no gloves is in case there’s a night mission. Originally I had the ordinary coin because I felt like I couldn’t figure out whether it’d be rich poor or inbetween but then I chose classic coin because F1’s audience is neither poor nor rich, this seems like an equivalent event and thus it would defy class. Fishing line is because it’s got a very fishy theme and that’s where you unlock the weapon.

Santa Fortuna
Suit - Casual Tourist with Gloves
On 47’s person - Goldballer (when I get it), bronze coin and fibre wire.
Why? - Santa Fortuna is clearly a very poor town, so I think locals would definitely go for any coin regardless so I brought the bronze one. Fibre wire for Blood Money vibes.

Suit - Imperial Classic with Gloves (when I get it)
On 47’s person - Goldballer (when I get it) ordinary coin and measuring tape.
Why? - Measuring tape makes sense seeing this is the only level to include it for some reason. Ordinary coin is to keep track of what coins I have easier especially with Mumbai’s opportunities to buy taxis or cloth around the level for specific purposes.

Whittleton Creek
Suit - Imperial Classic
On 47’s person - Goldballer (when I get it), fibre wire and ordinary coin.
Why? - I don’t plan on using the inferior version of the suit when on this level. Vanilla loadout out instead of fishing line or gold/silver coin because unlike Bangkok this level actually has strong Blood Money vibes and so having the loadout not specific to the middle class creek theme actually makes sense.

Isle of Sgail
Suit - Tuxedo Mask with Gloves
On 47’s person - Goldballer (when I get it), gold coin and fibre wire.
Why? - Like with Paris this place is filled with super rich people.

New York
Suit - New Yorker with Gloves
On 47’s person - Goldballer (when I get it, gold coin and fibre wire.
Why? - Of course 47 is going to bring coins with the most monetary value to a bank.

Haven Island
Suit - Default, maybe with Gloves depending on the status of sunglasses.
On 47’s person - Goldballer, that eroded coin from the leaks and black earphones.
Why? - Makes sense to largely use a loadout of what you unlock from the Resort. Black earphones is because The Resort seems even more of a luxury relaxation spot and it would make sense to have an even cooler set of earphones to be taken there by 47 to fit with that.

So that’s my current load outs for each locations. If the Blackballer comes out I plan for that to be my H3 gun, if a Bronzeballer comes out I think I’ll restructure my current gun loadout system and have bronze for H1, silver for H2, then gold for H3. Meaning I can bring back some old loadouts like Hawke’s Bay since I’ll have an all silver again.


Nice idea, but what’s with all the coins?

Interesting. I’m not going to write as much as that, though.

I tend to use the “with gloves” version of a suit or the signature suit with gloves. I do vary a bit, though.

Loadout is usually similar, for some reason my head has taken the approach of a basic load-out for all maps. I think it is a bit of role-playing that drives it. Silverballer (not mark 2), lockpick (not classic or mark 2), fibre-wire, coins. I’ll vary it if I’m bothering to try and get a high score.

Another thing I do is pick up tools to make sure I can make leaks, puncture drums and such, so screwdriver, wrench and (less useful) crowbar. That helps with smacking people over the head.

I use the Silverballer usually, but on darker maps (Take Paris, Sgail, Anything Nighttime) I use the Black Lilly, which is being treated by IO as 47’s new signature pistol.

Litterally default with the normal suits, and I’d possible with gloves. Only ETs get saved in advance so I can easily start the level.


I can customize my load out from there as I have a different play style most of the time.

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I’d probably use the Black Lilly but it doesn’t have the steady aim even though it looks like it should have that.

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I don’t really have unique loadouts for different maps. The first go I use the default, then I usually use silverballer (for accuracy mode), lockpick and coins. Smuggle item I save for challenge pack style stuff, but I can replace coins with another item if needed (like if there’s a challenge requiring multiple poisons for example).

Bummer for me is I really like the idea of the concealable baton, makes me think of the old Thief games. Unfortunately it makes zero sense to bring it since non-lethal melee items are everywhere in every level.

Pretty much always silverballer, coins and lockpick (sometimes scramblers, for example, in Hokkaido). I might change the lockpick to the fiber wire if wan’t things to be a bit more complicated. The suit I choose changes pretty much every time.

It’s part of the default loadout so all my load outs are just a variant with the exception of the Silverballer which is the most versatile gun in the game

I just choose the 47 signature suit with gloves or the undying look
Loadouts include silverballer,classic lockpick,classic coins and smuggled in the sieger 300 ghost or advanced

I hope this thread gets more attention, would be nice to even challenge each other with special loadout runs.

When I am new to a map, I use the lockpick, because many locations have locked doors. ICA19, for cameras or kills, default suit for said location and bring the concealable knife with me. I can throw it and make noise, or distract a guard with it when I throw it next to them, and its a lethal item I can smuggle past frisk situations.


On every map, I have a saved load out which consists of the Silverballer, fiber wire and three gold coins, as well as the gloved variant of that map’s specific suit, if available.

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Silverballer, Lockpick, Coins

The holy trinity. Fibre wire instead of coins when I know there are some nearby or instead of Lockpick when I go in with a clear plan that doesn’t involve locked doors.

Hokkaido is an exception since I take a scrambler instead of the lockpick.

Signature suit with gloves.


i mean my default loadout is pretty boring. i just leave it as it is and swap the default coins for the ica, gold, or classic coins. my suits vary though. for locations where i am not using 47’s iconic suit, i swap the fibre wire with another strangulation weapon.

paris-tuxedo (& fish wire)
sapienza-blood money suit
marrakesh-signature suit with gloves
bangkok-signature suit
colorado-absolution suit
hokkaido-white yakuta (& quickdraw)

miami-absolution suit
columbia-blood money suit
mumbai-signature suit with gloves
whittleton creek-suburban suit
isle of sgail-tuxedo w/ mask (& fish wire). if i am not starting in the default location and i am starting in a restricted area with the suit, i like to take the blood money suit instead.

new york-winter suit
maldives-it’s probably going to be the resort suit and the new earphones.

(only reason why i leave the fibre wire and coins as the default is because i use a different loadout everytime and i don’t usually know what i will bring. sometime’s it’s the remote explosive duck, sometime’s it’s the lethal syringe, sometimes it’s the disposable scrambler…)


i’ve changed my suit defaults ever since i earned the suburban suit with driving gloves. i still use the fibre wire and coins for every map

paris: tuxedo
sapienza: requiem suit
marrakesh: signature suit w/ gloves
bangkok: signature suit
colorado: terminus suit
hokkaido: white yakuta

hawke’s bay: tactical wetsuit
miami: absolution suit
santa fortuna: blood money suit
mumbai: suburban suit with driving gloves
whittleton creek: suburban suit
isle of sgail: tuxedo with mask
new york: winter suit
haven island: midnight black suit

I usually do the following styles:

“Classic 47”
-Signature Suit, or Absolution Suit
-Coins (usually Outstanding Achievement Coins)
-Fibre Wire or Lock Pick.

“Her Majesty’s 47”
-All Classic Black Suit, or Paris Tuxedo Suit
-Custom 5mm
-EMP Charge
-In Suitcase: Breaching Charge, or Taser, Gas Device, Audio Distraction

“47 is The Man With A Golden Gun”
-Requiem Suit
-.22 Krugermeier
-Pale Duck
-In Suitcase: Breaching Charge

“Tourist 47”
-Varies, but usually the Floral Shirt with Hat suit
-HWK-21 (Covert or stock) or .22 Krugermeier
-Wrench or any Rubber Duck
-In Suitcase: Li’l Flashy or EMP Charge or Breaching Charge or Tasers or Gas Device

“Joker 47”
-Clown Suit
-Rude Ruby
-Combat Knife or Baton
-In Suitcase: CX Explosive or Gas Device or Tasers or EMP Charge

“47th Echelon”
-Hawke’s Bay Military Suit
-HWK21 Covert, or SMG, or Concept9, or F/A 19
-Grenades, CX Explosives, Audio or Explosive Devices
-In Suitcase: Jaeger 7 Tuatara, or Shotguns, or Assault Rifles

“Specialist 47”
-Miami Suit or Sapienza Suit
-El Matador or Striker
-EMP Charge
-In Suitcase: Breaching Charge or Remote Taser or CX Explosive or Laser Trip Mine

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I have an irrational love for the concealable baton. I take it with me whenever I possibly can, usually at the expense of the earlier mentioned coins or fibre wire.

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My nephew loves it too. :slight_smile: