What should constitute the SA rating?

Hello everyone,

The Silent Assassin rating’s requirements have changed throughout almost each entry in the Hitman series. Among all these nuances, which combination would be your favorite?

Or perhaps there’s something new you’d like to add?

I’m sure we’ve all got varying opinions, and I’d like to hear them.

For me, I like how it is now in 2018, minus the spotted glitch. If you’re caught trespassing at all, that should negate it too, in my opinion. Also, any information a target receives should be nullified (as they will be dead at the end of the mission), given they do not share said information. IO tried to implement some of this with no longer nullifying SA when the target sees you kill them. To me, this should apply to bodies found as well, and any information they acquire provided they do not share it with anyone before you kill them.

I also think poison kills should have their victim’s bodies count as found. Because its not really an accident. People opposed say this nullifies the poison kill. But that’s just for SA rating. Loud pistol kill is also nullified in the same way. You can still hide the body if you’re quick, in both cases.

What does everyone else think?

Disagree with poison kills, but other thoughts I will support


current way is fine (pre-broke state). but i do wish “accidental KOs” (fire extinguishers, KO zone of propane tanks/lamps/ovens) didn’t compromise SA


I agree on the other things but poison kills should definitely stay SA. Changing that would ruin the whole point of poisoning since almost every time the body is found in cases of consumed poison. Also getting SA is everything unless you go on a rampage.

This is also a good idea I wished was a thing too. I don’t really want to go for explosion kills anymore because of the knockout-radius, which means that other NPC:s are more likely to be affected by the explosion.


So, to the whole poison thing, let me say that the reason I thought of it is because it’s way too easy.

Also, in BM it was this way, but I still always poisoned De Havilland’s dog and Skip Muldoon (for SA).

It doesn’t ruin poison, just makes it more specialized instead of easy peasy elusive target kill every time.

Can you elaborate? If they are KOed at all you lose SA? or just if someone sees the KO body?

if NPCs are KO’d by accidental explosions, you do NOT lose SA.

So what you have a problem with is their bodies being found afterwards negating SA?

Obviously only if they’re found, which is very likely since an explosion attracts NPC:s almost anywhere.

yeah. currently, all explosions have a KO range. for NPCs KO’d by accident explosions, their bodies should not give you a 0 for body found

Yeah, alright. I’m on board with this

I may add for caught trespassing is fine the way it works right now.
Except of its’ broken state.
I mean I think if you’ve been seen trespassing it shouldn’t cause panic, fight, compromised statuses.
NPCs may give you chance to go out of trespassing zone as it works right now.
But if you staying in restricted area more than certain amount of time, you should be compromised and as following hunted, so to avoid situations like in Paris’ kitchen or Sgail’s copter

I do value realism, and to that I would say that NPC would remember you if this happened. Just restart and don’t go there lol

Ok. Remember is fine. But not compromised.
If you would been seen by this person repeatedly, than you should be comprimised.
Something like this

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I wouldn’t mind that @misterkiller

I am no big fan of the “No Noticed Kill” bonus because I cannot imagine how you can make a kill noticed and not have the body found. It is redundant. And it causes bugs. Scrapping it makes the rating easier to understand and we could include new ideas without making the rating harder to understand than now.

I would also like to have “No Bodies Found” being rephrased into “No Victims Found”. So KOs caused by accidents (falling through low windows or getting hit by explosions) or sedative poison (if we are able to loot tranquilizer arrows) are allowed.


100% with you here Urben


To give you a sense of progress if you get 4 instead of 3 stars?

From that perspective it makes sense. If it just would work more flawlessly.

But noticed kill and body found are pretty similar. Can’t have noticed kill without body found

Also, THIS:

I get your point but it’s redundancy doesn’t make the bugs it can cause worth it.

Killing someone without anyone witnessing but the body being found later is not so much better than killing someone with a witness and having the body found. You shouldn’t be rewarded for “hey, at least you fibered the guy when his body guard was looking away”

Body found, you fucked up. It’s simpler and less bugs