What should I play next?

Alright so I’m been playing the hell out of hitman 2. At this point, all I have left is some lame challenges that I don’t want to complete, Illusions of the Grandeur, and just experimenting a little with some of the maps. I feel like I’ve done just about everything in this game and I feel a little worn out from it. Like whenever I open the game I’m like “oh what should I do now?” And I look over the locations and I just decide that I don’t want to do much anymore because really—there isn’t much left for me to do.
So the games I’ve played—
2016–Loved it, the first one I played. Big fan of sapienza and Hokkaido, thought Paris and Marrakesh were great, thought Colorado was ok, and despised Bangkok. I had a ton of fun with it, but I don’t like it as much as
2018—as if I wasn’t blown away enough my 2016 this one floored me. Better mechanics, better design, and the best maps. Loved Mumbai, Sgail, and Miami. Thought Colombia and Hawkes were great and thought whittleton was ok. Honestly one of my favorite games ever it’s just I’m pretty much done with it—after 8 months.
Absolution—it’s really really bad. The only level (not map, not location) that I liked was the king of china town and that was just ok.
Blood Money—I’ve talked about this in a thread I made, but I’m not the biggest fan. It just feels a little outdated.

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I keep myself busy at Hitman by playing with the mechanics, trying to make things work that are not intended by the devs. If that is not your thing then I guess the game can only offer you so much.

What do you like in general?


Couple games I’ve been playing

Far Cry 5
Red Dead Redemption 2
Detroit Become Human

All of these are incredible experiences I couldn’t recommend more

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A Dead Rising game, a Batman: Arkham game, A Silent Hill game, Grand Theft Auto, Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey, Resident Evil VII, Portal, the list goes on.

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Oh yeah I’ve played both portal games they were great! Currently playing ac odyssey. And Batman Arkham knight is in game pass so I’m thinking I’ll pick it up

ghost recon: wildlands has a fantastic immersive permadeath mode that forces you to play tactically if you want to live, it’s great

Brother, I finished that. I can recommend the game but with permadeath? Save your sanity and go play it in normal

Hearts of Iron 4, EU4, or Imperator Rome

bruh I’ve been playing it all day (yes on the easiest difficulty because I’m not that much of a sadist) and it’s great, has really forced me to play with a new perspective

plus the exoskeleton is sexy

Honestly, it’s the enemy patrols that will be the biggest threat. I have spent literally an hour once just crawling through some jungle just to avoid the roads :smile:

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Hmm ghost recon sounds great! Would I be better off getting the new one when it comes out though?

Nah, Wildlands is better I think.

From what I’ve seen, shooting at drones looks real repetitive and boring

If your looking for an immersive stealth experience in a region which ranges from deserts to ice plains to mountains to jungles and swamps, this is the game for you!


Awwwww yeah big up Wildlands :heart:

I’m sooooo sick of the random unidad choppers I have to dive for every 5 minutes

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Ah yes Wildlands, the only game where Diana Burnwood shows her real identity as Karen Bowman



You can get Wildlands for very cheap atm and the next game probably will have lots of bugs when it comes out so just get Wildlands, its a great game. Plus, its the closest thing to an open world Hitman game.

Another thumbs up here for Wildlands. Story is shit but the gameplay is top notch. Huge open world. Awesome for coop play. That said, imho, game is actually a little easier playing solo than coop.

Unless you coop with these guys…


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Play Hitman: Codename 47.


Eh, Contracts covers most of C47 but is much much better.

As for the OP, have you tried your hand at contract creation? I spent a lot of time in Hitman coming up with a sniper contract for every level, it was so fun coming up with good ones, making a cool promo shot for them with Ansel, posting them on Reddit and later HMF, watching the play count go up, then competing with nerds to get the fastest time. Not everyone’s made for contract creation but if you haven’t done it yet then give it a play around; maybe you can make it ur liaf goal to make a contract that gets featured.

Otherwise dedicate your time to finding the best actually good custom contracts out there to play. Set yourself some homework, pretend that IO’s going to message you and be like "We’re doing curated contracts and it’s your shot this month, what is da best 10 contracts that exist?’. There’s a lot of crap out there, but usually the contracts thread here will give you a better chance than just browsing randomly. Urben makes puzzle contracts that can be good, I made da sniper contracts, other people make whatever contracts.

I know custom contracts aren’t the most amazing, not until they give us way more options like Required Start, Forced Loadout, Unsilenced weapons only, etc etc (aka Escalation complications), but hey, it’s possible to have fun with some of them