What the hell is this?

What is this ?

The system requirements of Hitman Absolution.


The worst Eurogamer endorsement ever?

It’s the Hitman 2016 storepage but what are those absolution dlcs i have never seen those.

Those were available in Absolution´s Contracts mode. Couple of suits and weapons. No use for them since the servers were shut down.

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It literally says “More from Hitman” right above it (as in the series in general, not as in for the specific title of the 2016 game or the WOA trilogy). Its literally just advertising more products from the series and IO interactive in general, including Hitman 2: Silent Assassin.

I’m guessing you aren’t that familiar with the steam store page?

Hitman Absolution had a collection of DLC Items that could be used in the defunct Contracts Mode. They’re in a long list of useless DLC’s that gradually gets bigger as services go down.

It’s a shame too since the Deus Ex crossover items are cool and I wish IO retroactively added the DLC Items in with the Campaign for the HD Collection.