What unlockable gear should there be in episodes 3 > 6?

That’s good thinking, maybe you could put some spoiler tags on those things too? Especially the ducks and things

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Not sure if couple those are from guns we already had but uploaded just in case. The sniper looks a different colour to the one in bangkok thats why i uploaded that too


Yesss I want unsilenced Silverballer!!!

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can be found at the school in A Gilded Cage. A soldier is firing it at a wall.

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Ah i see. I didn’t realise that’s why i uploaded it anyway :slight_smile:

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Other than that case (which is the Alpha) A lot of these screens are quite dated. Nice compiling them together though :slight_smile:

They are seen here

is anyone else legit concerned we wont get the suitcase at all?

Not really because at the end of the day they lose a lot more… reputation and audience appeal.

We will. It’s clear by now. Probably in Japan. Plus, on Friday’s Twitch Stream said they would love to have weapon customization on season 2. I think it became a thing.

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yeah im hoping when the briefcase comes he’ll be carrying with his left hand. opening the door for plate carrying and holstering large items like extinguishers and axes but carying it in left hand while holding pistol in right


And that’s how it used to be in the old games. You could even hold a rifle in the left hand and a pistol or small smg in the other.


I honestly feel like it is one of the major reasons the rifle case isn’t out yet. and THE ONLY reason they started working on plate carrying but didn’t finish it in Marrakesh. Because they still working on making hitman’s left hand work -_-

Oh and dual wielding being missing.

I want bubble gum so that I could choke guards while chewing bubble gum.

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If the release of No Mans Sky has taught us anything, it’s that when a dev say they would love to include/are planning to include a feature in their game, what they actually mean is “we are not including this feature, but will vaguely hint that we might and let the internet jump to its own conclusions”.

I actually respect what these guys are doing. I criticize them a LOT. But I believe they are really trying.

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What they are actually doing or what they are claiming they are doing? That is the big question! Sean Murray (Hello Games) talked a big game, but the end result turned out to be a wet fart in the bathtub of life.


oooo blackballer


at this point its briefcase or bust yall

I want more realistic smg’s. Micro uzi, scorpion, MP5, MP9, tec-9, saf smg. Gives us some IO. Or some cool assault rifles. AK-47, M4, M60, etc.

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How hard can it be to not be shit?!